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Something special for your night in the land of Smarty’s tablecloths and chair covers

We know that you spend months, a year, or sometimes even years, planning your perfect party. The one thing important to you is for every little thing to be flawless and perfect. Your venue, your lighting, your music, and of course, your table setting. Nothing can ruin your plans.

For this reason, Smarty’s study book has a record of every single idea ever thought of, because your party is Smarty’s mission. By the time you’ve already chosen your dinnerware - plates, glasses, flatware etc. it comes to the time to choose a beautiful and stylish tablecloth to place them on. Therefore, this page has everything you may need.

Smarty’s Tablecovers Collection offers you many choices and possibilities to place the most amazing basis to your table setting. You can choose any of the round tablecloths, linen tablecloths, polyester tablecloths, plastic tablecloths and folding chair covers all disposable.

You’re having your lovely wedding, everything shines so bright, so you need a set of beautiful white tablecloths to go with your perfect white bridal dress. You are organising a gala? Don’t you worry. Smarty has some amazing ivory rectangle tablecloths for your cocktail food. Birthday party or anniversary? Take a look at these stylish and modern black tablecloths to go with your little black dress.

And how can you leave your chairs uncovered with all this beauty around? One doesn’t go without the other, so pick your favorite out of the Smarty white, ivory or black folding or banquet chair covers.

These tablecloths are always in style. They will match any table, any venue and any idea that you may have when you visualize your once in a lifetime party.

Fancy Disposable Tablecovers

The Fanciest, Stylish Disposable Wedding and Party Tablecovers