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Milena Kukurekovic
Setting the table is one of the main elements of the hall's interior and is of great importance for creating a good mood among the guests. The main requirements for setting the table at this time are simplicity, practicality, compliance with the interior of the hall, and compliance with the food served. In addition, great attention is paid to the aesthetic orientation of the table layout: shape, color, design of dishes; tablecloth and napkin color; compliance with its service theme, use of national characteristics, etc.
A beautifully decorated table will improve the impression of the dish served, but it is also essential for the overall image of the ambiance. Table decoration is not just a choice of tablecloths, plates, and cutlery. It also requires some imagination and creativity to leave your mark.
Different occasions require custom table decorations, so if you are running out of inspiration, check out this short guide where you can find many ideas. Beautiful plates decorate every table and can be found in different shapes and materials. Usually, white dishes are trendy because they do not fade, are easy to replace, and fit most decors. However, if you have a dining room in neutral colors, brightly colored dishes will be a lovely accent on the table. In addition, the food you serve should look nice on a plate. So to complement the colors of the interior and decor, pay attention to the color of the food. What kind of plates you will choose for arranging the table depends on whether you will use them every day or only for celebrations and parties. Plates for everyday use are usually firmer, and festive dishes are more delicate and often have appropriate motifs.
With the help of ceremonial candles, romanticism and solemnity are ensured. But, fear not; candles look beautiful on a festive table for any occasion. Here, it is crucial to pay attention to the color of the candles. The choice should be such that they are in line with the tablecloth and dishes. The arrangement of candles on the table depends on the will of the hostess.

Fall kicks off all the best celebrations of the year. So naturally, everybody gets most excited about decorating for them, especially when decorating a tablescape for an elegant fall wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, or holiday feast. But, whichever occasion is on the horizon, when it comes to dressing up - The Products Make the Party. Your guests may not remember the songs that were played or the menu you chose, but they'll never forget a beautiful tablescape. After all, table decorations are quintessential to make your event magical and a celebration to last a lifetime. So, to make your table decor as chic as possible, the most crucial step to set things in motion is choosing the perfect partyware.

Be the Smartest Host and use Smarty Had A Party Plasticware!

Smarty Had A Party has prepared spectacular tablescape looks to get you inspired and enhance your decoration skills above the standards. And here's a bonus: with Smartyware, you can impress your guests by doing less with no mess! Using disposable plastic tableware is not only more affordable but less fussy and stressful, which is, what I believe, most of us appreciate during the cray holiday season. So let's party, Smarties, and design your dream party! 

To boost your tablescape decor game to a higher level, playing around with different hues and creating a unique color palette for your decor is a great way to create striking dinner party tablescapes that are chic and bang on-trend. In addition, mix-and-match disposable china is here and more versatile than ever. Mix and match your heart's contents your way: Bold & Chic, Cool Minimalism, or Modern Elegance...The possibilities are endless! 

Bold & Chic

What you need for a Bold & Chic Look:  

For a grand and gracious tablescape that impresses your guests, go bold by choosing gorgeous White with Red and Gold Chord Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value Set and Classic Gold Cutlery Plastic Silverware Set. These tableware pieces impart a time-honored elegance to elevate any meal with style. A beautiful tablescape not only sparks oohs and aahs, but it inspires lively conversation and sets the tone for the occasion.

Cool Minimalism

The Cool Minimalism Tablescape is perfect for brides and brunch-goers who want an elegant, timeless look. Good basics never go out of style, and this minimalist look always feels festive, making it the perfect go-to for a celebratory dinner. For this look, we use White with Gold Edge Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value SetClassic Gold Cutlery Plastic Flatware SetClear Disposable Plastic Mini Wine Carafes, and Black Square Plastic Coffee Mugs. The versatile look is ideal for indoor or outdoor events and can be used for daytime or evening events.  

Modern Elegance

For hosts who have a hard time choosing between classic elegance and modern flair, we give you this black Modern Elegance Tablescape Look. This fabulous look blends elegant gold and streamlined, modern black style to create a sophisticated yet surprisingly approachable table. We love the hint of refined drama brought in through contrast, with moody Black with Gold Modern Round Disposable Plastic Dinnerware Value SetClassic Gold Disposable Plastic Cutlery SetElegant Wine Glasses, and Stylish Plastic Champagne Flutes. This look is simply fantastic.


Set the Table with these Beauties - Smarty's Plates

White with Red and Gold Chord Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value Set White with Gold Edge Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value Set Black with Gold Modern Disposable Plastic Dinnerware Value Set


Complementary Smarty Products:

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