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It's the little changes that we make as a world that count. Small eco-friendly changes also make us aware of our footprint on our precious Earth, though many of us don't always think of it that way. So why not do your part to make your party or event much greener by looking specifically at eco-friendly party supplies? It's one of the industries that most deals with single-use plastic, so do your part to organize a better world of...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse my eco-friendly plates?

You can reuse them, as they are designed not to disintegrate or buckle. However, any liquid-rich heavy plates should be inspected carefully before reusing. It is natural for liquids to seep into the grain over time, so they may not last weeks or months after the initial use!

Why is each plate different?

When you buy a matching set, you expect your pieces to be, well, matching. However, since every one of Smarty's eco-friendly plates is made from palm leaves and sealed carefully, no two are entirely the same. Nevertheless, it's a great detail you can use as a conversation topic if people ask!

Are eco-friendly plates appropriate for my wedding reception?

Yes! They are appropriate in their look and feel and are also effective ways to throw a party responsibly as far as reducing single-use waste, even for these significant and important events where every detail matters. Your guests will appreciate the touch of texture as much as you will!

Can I have my choice of shape and size?

Yes! Like any other Smarty's line, you can choose shape and diameter so that every place setting will be perfect! So take a careful look through the list and see just how much room there is for exploration here for the ideal tablescape each time, from one event to the next!

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