Colorful Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Colorful Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Milena Kukurekovic

This celebration is held just before the baby is born, that is, before the birth. So the festival is on the mother's part, but above all on the part of the newborn. That's why everything should be in the colors of the baby's gender. It is also famous that everything is in blue/pink, and that the name is highlighted on all the details of the party decoration.

This celebration is conceived as typically female. The mother's relatives and friends are present, preparing adequate gifts for her. These gifts should be supplies for the baby, and there may be room for the mother.

These are most often dolls of various types, suits, blankets, diapers, towels, and even jewelry for the newly arrived little creature. Of course, jewelry is always a good gift for a mom, but since they go with different conditions, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections, there are some cosmetics for pregnant women.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

When it comes to a baby shower, a colorful party setting is the first that pops up in mind. The overall décor of a baby shower is incomplete without combinations of different colors. Baby showers are made enjoyable to make them a memorable part of the rest of your life. And since your family is finally growing, everything needs to be perfect and according to plan. 

There are a lot of different colorful baby shower theme ideas that you can try to make your baby shower gloom. And we're here with some of the most attractive and fun-to-arrange baby shower ideas for you.

It is popular to find a topic close to the mother and the future baby, based on which the location, decoration, and food are then added… Inspiration can be related to a book, story, fairy tale, movie, song, or city; it is essential to be imaginative and personal. If it coincides with a holiday nearby, such as Easter or Christmas, the theme of the celebration can always be added to that.

Bright Tropic Vibe

The baby showers are always decorated with bright colors. You can also use lots of balloons to create a unique rainbow on any of your walls. The giant colorful spectrum on your wall would look mesmerizing, and it will give your baby shower a bright tropical vibe. You can do a lot of customization with colorful balloons. 

You can inflate them and leave them on the floor. Placing colorful balloons in the hallway and around the wreath will let you welcome your guests more impressively.

Rainy Theme

Baby showers can be decorated with colorful umbrellas hung from the roof. You can also create giant raindrops with blue blooms or chart paper and umbrellas. You can recreate your roof with hundreds of other ideas to follow the rain theme baby shower. Moreover, you can also add some fresh flowers to the table to spread the floral aroma in the air.

Floating Umbrella Theme

This trendy setting is a great way to bring fun to your baby shower celebration. The U-Shaped umbrellas for baby showers keep them floating throughout the party. You can also place the glowing LEDs in the umbrellas, and they'll look mesmerizing. 

For late-night baby shower settings, putting self-glowing LEDs in floating umbrellas will give your pool-themed baby shower party a look quite elegant and attractive.

Blue Skies Theme

There are many different ways to use your umbrellas to decorate your baby shower setting. For example, you can hang white umbrellas above each table to give your table setting a more pronounced look. Moreover, you can also add some blue ribbons or blue linens to the sides of the umbrellas.

Contact Event Planner

If you're not satisfied with any of the mentioned above baby shower themes, you can contact your event planner to arrange the best theme for you within your budget.

Best Baby Shower Dinnerware Items

Finally, decorate your table with some hassle-free plastic dinnerware items so once the party is over, you won't have to worry about doing the dishes afterward. Our plastic dinnerware sets include fancy disposable platesnapkins, plastic flatware, plastic cutlery sets, and premium plastic charger plates.

We also offer the Shop by the Color option to let you assist in the shopping of your choice. Our colorful plastic plates hold unique designs that eventually allow you to follow your preferred party theme.

Baby Shower Gifts

The gift opening ritual is the most essential part of the gathering and celebration. Everyone remembers and watches with anticipation the future mother who opens the gift one by one, followed by reactions of general admiration and enthusiasm. As you might expect, gifts are primarily intended for babies, so it is convenient to give rattles, toys, wardrobe, portico, baths, cradle decorations, booklets, pacifiers, bottles, and other valuable gadgets… Especially in this case, it is more than welcome any personal stamp and message. 

Baby Shower Cake

Baby day shower cake should be modest but also decorative. It is best to choose white or cake in pastel colors. Depending on the gender of the child, select the color of the cake. The cake can be in blue or green tones or in harmony with the clothes for a boy. For girls, cakes in pink shades are a great choice.


It is best to choose a cake that is not too big for this day because it is just one addition to the whole celebration. Of course, the taste depends on individual preferences, but serving the cake in light colors will always be pleasant. 

This type of celebration is very convenient for announcing a baby's gender. Instead of telling everyone individually, make some decorative detail or another trick at the party, indicating whether a boy or a girl is coming. If this is not the first baby shower, and you are preparing for a mother who already has one, two, or more children, you should make sure that the party looks different from previous occasions.


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