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Smarty’s mini partyware for maximum party time

Smarty is aware that small things make our world a better place. All of these little decorations that we put around for ourselves in our living room, in the office, at the desk create a visually more spectacular view of space and life. And it’s the same when it comes to party. So let us introduce to you the Smarty Mini Partyware.

Your lovely wedding dinner is delicious. Your tablecloths are a brand new plain white. Your dishes are perfectly placed and polished and your glasses shining and just waiting for your guests to sit and enjoy the lovely food. But what if you would break this white-beige monotony with a few beautiful little plastic fruit plates, tumblers or cube cups? Your guests might need a small plastic disposable spoon to eat their dessert with. Maybe a mini tulip dessert cup next to their plate just for decoration?

This is where Smarty is a Smarty Pants again!

Take a look at our wide range of parfait dishes, tureens, shooters, cups, plates and bowls which bring the essence to the whole idea of your perfect evening. Smarty offers you many disposable mini cocktail glasses, mini asian soup spoons, shot glasses and plastic coffee/tea cups from which you can choose your favorite little decorations to place on your table.

Your event has a kids table? No problem. With this amazing mini collection you can have your child guests have their meal from the mini plastic plates, with very cute, yet stylish and elegant, shiny little forks and spoons, and have their soda, water or fresh fruit juice from a small and nice martini cups, so that they do feel like little ladies and gentlemen.

And of course, after dinner, you can always put a few little square mini plates filled with nuts to go with a wonderful chat and laughter between friends.

Here’s our Smarty Pants Mini Partyware.

Elegant Mini Partyware

Smarty's Disposable Mini Partyware to Give The Maximum Potential to Your Wedding or Party