Impressive Garden Party Tablescape

Impressive Garden Party Tablescape

Milena Kukurekovic

Summer is the party season that allows you endless parties outdoors without any hurdles. Though the sun is scorching the heat over the heads, if you plan to find a way like a garden, no one can stop you from having an epic party. 

When it comes to the parties, the tables are the focal point that should reflect the event's true purpose and, of course, the host's personality style. Regarding creativity, a party table is like a canvas for the host to play the art. 

And, if you want to be an artist at your next party, we have got you covered with impressive garden party tablescape ideas, from casual gatherings with friends and family to an upscale affair where you bring out the best china you have in stock. 

Choose the Color for your Table's Theme

First, you may want to start by choosing the perfect color for your table's theme. Since it's a garden party, you should stick to the colors that'll complement the surroundings, the party's theme, and the concept of the party. 

For instance, there would be a lot of greenery around the garden where you would set up your table. A white theme would be perfect for popping the other colors on the table. You can add a white color to the table by adding white flowers. 

Pelargoniums are an excellent choice to incorporate the white color into your table. Also, you can place a small plant in each place settings for personalized touches. Finally, you can play with the napkin colors to make the place settings look even more attractive and gorgeous. 

Incorporate the Best Tableware You have

Hosting a formal party simply means pulling out your best and putting it together to create an epic scene that looks gorgeous and mesmerizing to the guests and makes them feel relaxed and welcomed. 

Whether it's about a particular event or just a casual gathering with friends and family for dinner or lunch, pulling out the best in class will always be appreciated by everyone. So opt for the best tableware, linens, napkins, drinkware, and cutlery that'll coordinate with your tablescape. 

Create enchanting centerpieces with florals and fresh blooms from your garden. Get generous with the flowers and create variations with the flower settings throughout the table. 

Bring Indoors Outside

Bringing indoors outside is a great way to dress up your tablescape for a garden party. If you aren't a pro at outdoor table settings, it's an excellent idea for you to bring whatever you plan for indoors to the outdoors.

Embellish your tablescape with enchanting centerpieces, vases, and furniture. We decorate the vases with flowers for indoor table settings. However, they can also be used for outdoor settings to add vibrancy to the table decor. 

If you don't have enough time to buy flowers from the local market, cut the green branches of trees from your garden and use them to fill the vases. The foliage from the olive trees is an appropriate way to implement it in your outdoor tablescape decor. 

Beatify your Table with Elegant Servingware

When setting up the party table, the serving ware plays a big part in shaping your table's look. Consider investing in high-quality fancy and elegant serving ware to elevate your table's decor. The vibrant and bold patterned plates will create a gorgeous scene at the garden party. 

Spread the white tablecloth on the tabletop and make the patterned plates pop up. You can even choose different and unique patterned plates for each place setting to create variations and add personalized touches. 

Can't determine where to buy the best serving wares for the party table? Get the fancy plastic party supplies for Smarty Had a Party. We have a great variety of disposable plastic serving ware, from patterned plates to drinkware, classic cutlery, and elegant charger plates.

The best part is you can get plastic party supplies in bulk, so you don't have to waste time buying them whenever you are throwing a party. Look around and get disposable serving ware that'll make the after-party cleanup more effortless for you to manage.

Add Aesthetics with Lights

Regarding the party, lights play an essential role in adding aesthetics. Appropriate lights can transform the entire look of your table scene. If you are setting up the party table beneath the patio, consider elevating its decor by playing with the decor. 

You set the scene of the outdoor tablescape by setting up lights by the theme of the party table. For instance, you can play with the colors of the lights. The warm colors are the best colors for the party tables, as studies say it makes us feel hungry. 

Style up with Napkins

Napkins can add a special personalized touch to any table settings. They can instantly elevate the decor of individual place settings. Consider folding napkins into different shapes instead of conventionally presenting them on the table. 

Plenty of techniques to fold napkins to transform the look of your tables, such as rose, lotus, star, tree, pumpkin, and a lot more. Search out the internet to learn different napkin folding styles. Understanding and creating stylish napkins that instantly elevate your table decor wouldn't take much time. 

You can place the folded napkins on the charter plates or even wrap up the cutlery and present them elegantly on the table. 

Place Botanical Vases

Botanical vases are an ideal way to add a botanical theme if you want to incorporate the botanical theme into your tablescape. They look simple yet elegant and sophisticated. Have a few of them as the centerpiece, make them hold the indoor place, and fill them up with water. 

Extra Tip: How to Choose Theme Color for Your Table

When setting up the party table, choosing the colors is the first step toward creating a uniform tablescape. However, when selecting a theme color for your table, the general rule is that you should have three colors; Primary, secondary, and accent groups.

For instance, the blue tablecloth for the table will be the primary color, and the crisp white will act as a secondary color. While adding a centerpiece of fruits such as lemons will act as an accent color.


Credits: Lori Goldman

IG account: @pop_of_gold

Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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