Fancy Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Fancy Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Milena Kukurekovic

In older times: tables were considered just as a seating place. But, in the present era, tables are more than just a seating place for your guests. Tables are art pieces of any event, and if used with the appropriate decoration, they can bring the best out of everything present in the scene.   

At your wedding, every detail matters, from the entryway where your guests will set their feet on the venue to the tables where they will sit and interact with most things. 

To help you have spectacular wedding table decor for your wedding party, we have handpicked some of the best decor table decor ideas. Read on to find out how you should be decorating your table at the wedding party.

Long Wedding Table Decor

Long table decors are ideal when you are expecting a large crowd at your wedding. They are the best way to serve a long list of guests with a pleasing environment of table decor. Also, with the long table, you will set a few of them. Where long tables offer practical benefits to serve a large crowd, they also bring the fashion statement to the wedding parties as they are very trendy these days. 

Table Cloth

For long wedding tables, spread out the white linens on their top. Cooperate the white linen with the accents colors to make the decoration vibrant and stand out at the party. 

However, with the advent of spring, bright colors for the table decor create the best combination with the greenery and flowers. So, go for the table’s cloth with the bright colors and try to correspond the table decor with the accent colors. 


For the appealing look of your party table, it requires a focal point to make everything communicate formally on the table. Consider placing the centerpiece for a more polished profile of your table. 

For the long table, you get the opportunity to lay down the long centerpiece that will go through the runner. For spring, a centerpiece made of flowers, branches, and greenery can make a big difference in your table’s decor.

Lay down some moss and white asylum on the long tables to elevate decor. Also, you can use the vases to hold the flowers on the top of the table.


With the long tables, chairs go side by side and can be used to play with their decor. Get some elegant and fancy chairs covers and get your chairs covered to provide the finishing touches to your table decor. Take note that your chairs covers are cooperating with the table’s theme. 

Play with the Lights

If the wedding party is going to start in the evening, take advantage of low lighting and add some warm hues to your wedding party decoration. Lights can make a huge difference to your party. Wrap up the trees with fairy lights and on top of the tables, hang chandeliers of colors that cooperate with the table’s decor. 

Add Lanterns

If you want to give your table’s a vintage touch, then lanterns can be a great choice. They look adorable and provide a nostalgic feel, making them the perfect centerpiece for vintage table settings. Even if you are on a budget tight, pair them with the candle and flowers your table is ready to be the hit of the entire event. 

Round Wedding Table Decorations

Round tables are one of the most traditional table settings used for formal events. Round tables can be an ultimate source of fun and gossip for your guests in round table settings. Make sure to leave ample space for the guests to move in and out if they have to take the washroom break.

Table Cloth

Spread out some elegant table cloth on the tabletop to provide it with an elegant touch. For the rustic look, you can skip the table cloth idea and let it be the way it is and cooperate the color of your table with the flatware. Such settings are getting popular for weddings, parties, and special events. 

Centerpiece Ideas

In the case of round tables, you will need plenty of centerpieces as you can’t spread one white asylum on an entire table like long tables. If you have enough time and you are throwing the party in your backyard, be creative and have some DIY projects for your table decor. 

There are plenty of easy, simple yet attractive centerpiece ideas on Pinterest. Surf a bit through it and unleash your creative instinct. Also, you can just skip the DIY projects and use the tulips placed in the glossy vases as a centerpiece. 


Lighting candles will add aesthetic touches to your table’s space. Consider placing tall candles on your table’s top along with the centerpiece. Use the scented candles to add the “WOW” factor to your table’s decor. Scented candles will completely alter the feel of your venue and will turn it into a mesmerizing atmosphere. 

Serving Wares

Don’t forget that serving wares are also a part of your table’s decor. Make sure your serving wares are stylish, hold a fashion statement, and cooperate with the table decor. Get plastic dinnerware sets for weddings from the “Smarty had the Party”. 

We have a wide variety of disposable dinnerware for weddings that comes in a variety of designs and styles. You get to choose from a wide variety, making it easier to find the best serving ware for your wedding party. 

Add Foliage 

If you are a couple who love nature and its colors that alter with time. For a more fresh look and feel, consider adding foliage to your table decor. You can add the foliage either on the top of the table as a centerpiece or above the table. 

Both work best for outdoor table settings. However, it depends on your budget. If you want your party to be budget-friendly, consider adding the foliage as a table centerpiece. And, for making your wedding talk of the town, add foliage above the tables. 


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