Eco-Friendly Wedding Dinnerware and Supplies

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dinnerware and Supplies

Milena Kukurekovic

Today, many people have started to realize the importance of the environment and how dependent we are on it. This realization has motivated people to find ways to protect and preserve it for future generations to a greater extent. Being mindful of the environment has made human beings embrace an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to their lifestyle. While there's a difference between being eco-friendly and following a sustainable lifestyle, one could argue that the two go hand in hand. Sustainability focuses on minimizing the negative impacts caused by humans on Earth. And being mindful of not causing harm to the environment and preventing damage while living in the said environment is considered eco-friendly.

Making Your Wedding Green

Smarties, are your wedding bells going to ring soon, and are you looking for some sustainable ideas for your table settings? Well, it's time for you to chill out and leave the rest to us. We have the most sustainable biodegradable tableware that makes your wedding events greener.

Plan a nature-inspired venue, and select your entertainment, food, and flowers for the event. Then let us help you throw your wedding most sustainably. So what made us design our eco-friendly tableware? The idea behind making our biodegradable tableware is that you can enjoy your events with full enthusiasm without depriving future generations of having fun. Here are some of our eco-friendly utensils that you can use to make your wedding event grand. 

What is so special about our biodegradable tableware that it is worth buying?

Our eco-friendly tableware is not limited only to weddings. They are suitable for every occasion.

Disposable Leaf Plates

Palm leaf plates are the top choice for any sustainable celebration. They are made from the most natural Areca Palm leaves that dry and fall naturally. The reason for using naturally fallen trees is that we don't cut any trees to make our disposable leaf plates because that will dilute the aim of sustainability. Being 100% natural makes these disposable plates biodegradable. Our Biodegradable wedding plates won't feel like they will bend or mold. These plates are durable and microwavable too. The natural, rustic look makes our palm leaf plates fit in any theme or venue. The beautiful finish and texture will surely stay in the memory of your guests.

Do we only make palm leaf plates? No. 

Trays made of Leaves

Plates are not the only utensils that can be made from palm leaves. Palm leaves can be processed to be given any desired shape and form. Our trays are a perfect example of that. We have provided our trays cute shapes to look beautiful when put side by side with other biodegradable wedding plates and bowls. They include frog-shaped palm leaf trays and boat-shaped and fish-shaped trays made of leaves. We've also got the cute-looking 9" Bear Natural Palm Leaf Trays to make your wedding table decor reach new heights. 

Palm Leaf Bowls

Do you love the idea of bowls that are sustainable and equally aesthetic? That sounds like a deal, right? Palm leaf bowls serve precisely the same with their chicness. We use 100% natural raw materials to make our palm-leaf bowls. We don't add any chemicals to our products in the manufacturing process. It will keep everyone's health in check. Also, your desserts look extra flavorful when served in our palm-leaf bowls. We are very sure because there is something in wooden-looking bowls people can't take their eyes off. 

Do we make other dining table necessities with biodegradable products? Yes.

Eco-Friendly Cutlery

Flatware is another tableware item we can't imagine our events without. Forks, spoons, and knives have to be robust and compact. Only then can the people enjoy the delicious food. Unlike other silverware, our eco-friendly cutlery is not flimsy. Our spoons, knives, and forks have the perfect weight and thickness. Even the sharpness of the cutlery is admirable.

What do we use to make our biodegradable cutlery? They are made from birchwood, palm leaves, or sugarcane bagasse. Birchwood cutlery, however, is our recommendation and the most convenient option. Its beautiful wooden look makes it unique, aesthetic, and perfect for your wedding tables.

Eco-Friendly Serving Ware

Take your sustainable weddings to another level with our biodegradable tableware. Serve the wedding meals in our eco serving-ware and enjoy sustainability at its best. They make food presentations easy and captivating.

What else can you do at your wedding to protect the environment?

Use cloth tablecloths and napkins that can be washed and reused or donated. After choosing the perfect cutlery and crockery, tablecloths and napkins are the following components that make any event of yours to the next level. You can select your napkins and tablecloths from elegant colors like white, ivory, black, etc., to compliment your party, dinner date, or wedding brunch setting.

Instead of disposable single-serving packets, you can use refillable condiment bottles at buffet stations. Unlike the single-serving packs, you can control the amount of condiment when serving. In addition, because the bottles are refillable, you can use them for a long time and different sauces while reducing the amount of polythene released into the environment.

Providing reusable recycling bins for plastic, aluminum, bottles, and paper to be collected for recycling throughout the event is a suggestion you should implement. The guests or attendees will dispose of their garbage in the respective bins. The staff has more minor to clean this way, plus you can choose which waste can be recycled. 

You can try to include plant seeds in your wedding favors. Giving your guests plants and seeds is a win-win situation. If you give them flowering plants, it will help the bees in that area. The guests will also think of you whenever they look at the plant. 

You are just a click away from playing a huge part in preserving Earth's natural resources. So be kind to Mother Nature with our pure, health-friendly, and sustainable eco-plates for weddings.


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