How To Put Together a Party at the Last Minute

How To Put Together a Party at the Last Minute

Everyone loves a surprise party. A party that comes as a surprise to its planners, on the other hand, is another matter. Whether it’s because of breaking news that you need to celebrate as quickly as possible, a kid who springs party-planning responsibilities upon you on very short notice, or any other situation, you need to be ready. When advance preparation isn’t a possibility, consider this guide. Here’s how to put together a party at the last minute.

Send Invitations Through Email

The best-planned parties always send out the best stationery. However, if you don’t have enough time to send invitations through the mail, you may have to shelve the stationery this time around and make the most of digital invites. Fret not, you can still design aesthetically pleasing works of miniature art in your invitations.

Last-Minute Dessert? It’s No Piece of Cake

“If I’d known you were coming, I’d have baked a cake,” the old song goes. Well, you didn’t know anyone was coming, so you can’t bake a cake. Instead, you can try other sweet treats that your guests will like just as much. An ice cream cake is a terrific ready-made solution. People love ice cream. There’s nothing to worry about here except picking one out of the freezer.

Potluck: Offloading Responsibilities Has Never Tasted This Good

You certainly don’t have time to bake a cake. How do you have time to cook dinner? Planning a whole meal by yourself for this party is out of the question. Forget about the slow cooker, and don’t bother firing up the grill. If you can’t shell out for catering, you may have to improvise a potluck dinner, contributing the snacks and dessert on your end while you deputize your guests into dinner duty. With a well-distributed workload, no one should mind.

Stay Prepared With Single-Use Plates

No one wants to bust out the nice dinner plates on short notice. Hoping you have enough everyday dinnerware to get you through the event is no romp, either. Having a store of disposable plastic party plates on hand will help you with planning a party at the last minute. Smarty Had a Party offers an array of single-use dinnerware with attractive patterns and biodegradable construction, which you can keep in your kitchen until someone springs last-minute party-hosting responsibilities on you. You’ll be ready, and post-party cleanup will be low pressure, too.

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