Creating the Perfect Wedding Table

Creating the Perfect Wedding Table

Milena Kukurekovic

As the day of your wedding comes closer, you are most likely to fasten your preparations and focus on the ones that need to be done on the final day. But, of course, creating a perfect wedding table is also one of the tasks on the list you'll have to do. 

It's your big day, and you shouldn't miss any details in the decor. It's essential to make your selection appropriate and to demand to create the perfect wedding table. You should consider plenty of things when setting up a wedding table. 

Here's an extensive guide and creative tips to help create the perfect wedding table that reflects your style and personality. 

Look for Inspiration 

When planning to create a wedding table, the first step is to come up with something that really excites and you truly love. In other words, look for something that inspires you. Brainstorming is key to coming up with such ideas that you'll want to implement in detail. 

If you can't come up with many ideas, look no further than Pinterest to have a glance at some epic, rustic and classic wedding theme ideas. Choose different table ideas that inspire and then figure out which would be the best according to your venue and wedding events.

Create Statement Installations

It should have a focal point when setting up a perfect wedding table or any table for a special event. Many ideas can work out to add a focal point to the table. However, what we are talking about here is; installing the foliage over the head of the table.

It's not just the modern way to add a focal point to the table but also a great way to have intimate wedding table settings. Whether you have a large venue with a smaller crowd to join you or want a mesmerizing scene at your table. Adding the lights, greenery, and foliage is a perfect way. 

Have Bold Tablecloth

The tablecloth isn't just there to prevent your table from getting dirty; it acts as a background for the rest of the things you'll place on the table's top. Of course, the most popular tablecloth is the bold ones, with dark colors. 

The dark tablecloth will make a statement whether you use the bold colors of serving ware and other decors or have a classic neutral tablescape color scheme. Choose an appropriate bold tablecloth with a darker tone to give your table an attractive background. 

Add Table Runner

When setting up a formal table, a table runner can make a huge difference to the elegance of your table. Table runners with a brighter color scheme on dark table linens will make an epic combination. 

Have a tablecloth of your choice and create contrast or match it with the table runner. You can even add the greenery garland running throughout the center of the table. Floral table runners are the most popular and work almost most table themes. 

Don't Neglect Furniture.

While setting up the table, the furniture also comes under its umbrella, as it's where your guests would sit and relax. So don't skip the furniture and its decor. There are plenty of things you can do with it. 

For instance, if you use the dark color scheme in your tablescape, consider popping up the colors in the chairs by having bright chair covers with fancy vibrant ribbons. Using the transparent chairs is also a perfect way to add elegance and a ghost element to the scene. 

Just try to create the contrast between the chair and table decor, and you'll come up with a perfect tablescape that your guests would recall when remembering your wedding memories. 

Play with the Elegance of Plates

Plates, centerpieces, and table cloth will significantly create a mesmerizing and attractive display of your tablescape. The plates are also your canvas to play with and creatively incorporate elegance into your wedding tablescape. 

Play with the colors of the wedding plates and their design. Incorporate your wedding color scheme throughout the plates to coordinate the decor. Consider having elegant disposable plates for weddings, as there isn't any limitation of colors.

You can find any designs, styles, and colors in the plastic plate sets for weddings. Also, plastic plates for weddings are cheaper, so you won't be budget constrained while implementing your imagination on your tablescape. 

Get a fancy disposable wedding plate set at a fraction of the cost at "Smarty Had a Party. " We offer various disposable plates for weddings in various shapes and designs. Look around and get the best ones that help you incorporate your imagination to the table. 

There are also eco-friendly plates with a wooden texture that can be ideal for rustic table ideas. 

Incorporate Beauty with Elegant Flatware 

Flatware is often neglected, or its elegance is underestimated while setting up the table. However, a lot can be done with the flatware to bring elegance and beauty to the tablescape. 

It is blooming at its peak if you are having your wedding in the spring. Incorporate vibrant colors into your flatware. You can create contrast or match your table theme.

You might face difficulty while sourcing colorful silverware flatware. Instead, consider using plastic flatware as they are available in various colors and can be sourced easily. The Internet is the place to look for any flatware design and color to buy. 


Candles are always classy and can immediately add elegance and aesthetics to any table setting. The candles add an elegant element to any table setting, especially for wedding tables; they are a hit.

Consider having classy candles with giant candle holders as the table's centerpieces. You can also play with the color palette of the candles and mix and match them with the color scheme of your tablescape. 

Having scented candles would add a boom to your aesthetic and the table settings by contaminating the environment with refreshing and romantic fragrances that'll set the mood. 

Can't find the scented candles for the wedding? Google up! You'll find plenty of stores selling them. Ensure to read their reviews to eliminate the chances of getting the undesired ones. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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