DIY Paper Halloween Pomanders

Milena Kukurekovic

DIY Paper Pomanders for an Edgar Allan Poe Theme Halloween Party

Are you the one hosting this year's Halloween dinner party for your friends and family but are short on ideas for your Halloween table decor? Don't fret because Smarty's Disposable Plasticware and fantastic DIY projects have covered you! Smarty Had A Party arrange a spooktacular Halloween tablescape that is stylish and ghoulishly delightful to help you elevate your Halloween decorating game to the next level! 

DIY paper pomanders are so popular and super simple to create yourself! For an Edgar Allan Poe theme Halloween Party, it's all about the quotes and writing, so what better way to decorate than with book pages? Just take pages from any old book you can find. The more yellowed the pages are, the more festive your Halloween poms will be!

What you need:

  • A book to pull old-looking pages from (or any paper of your choice)
  • A cup to trace around that's about 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Hot glue gun
  • A pen
  • Scissors
Supplies to make DIY paper poms


Step 1: Trace circles around the cup's pages and cut them out.
    What your need to make DIY paper poms

    Step 2: Hot glue the center of each paper circle to the styrofoam ball one by one and continue until the ball is covered.

      Step 3: Place paper pomanders on candlestick holders or your table as part of your centerpiece. You could also add a string to your paper poms and hang them over your table.

      DIY Paper Party Poms

      We also have set up an eerily elegant Halloween party table to follow your Edgar Allan Poe Halloween Theme. Because we were looking to impart a glorious Edgar Allan Poe flair, there was not even a doubt that our preference was to use dinnerware that featured both black and silver hues. We picked some of our best Disposable Party Dinnerware SetsDisposable Flatware, and Elegant Plastic Drinkware to set a sophisticated yet ghoulish tablescape. Do you like the sound of a mysterious yet sophisticated Edgar Allan Poe Halloween spread? Oh, we are sure you will love it!

      Creatives who use Halloween as an excuse to redecorate and decorate their house with scary, DIY decorations can put away their paper and pencil because we're moving into their territory. Wall decorations are a hit on the Internet, and the famous "wall art" is an indispensable interior trick for all who want to decorate their home in imitation of apartments from magazines.
      We suggest you make your own "display wall" that will look great in your apartment or house even after Halloween has passed. Find a rectangular piece of untreated wood that you can repaint or leave natural. With a slightly thicker paint brush and acrylic paint on the wood, paint "Zoinks," the famous exclamation of Scooby and Shaggy when they see something scary and creepy. Wrap the wood with a coarse string and hang it on the wall. Of course, you can do this with any word or sentence you can think of, and it's also a good idea to make a signpost to one of the creepy places from the movie world. Salem, Sleepy Valley, Transylvania...
      You can also hang the sign on the front door. Photos arranged next to or below the other are one way to decorate a wall. Print photos of members of the Addams family, and with the help of washi or some other tape, stick them to the wall, making sure they are level. If these ideas are not scary enough for you, we raise the scale of fear one notch higher. Use an old, preferably scratched, mirror as a base on which you will apply the decoupage technique. On white paper, print a photo of Moaning Myrtle, the ghost of a girl who visits the ladies' room at Hogwarts. Carefully cut it out and stick it on the mirror with decoupage glue, and when the glue dries, go over the photo one more time to make the surface smooth. On the empty part of the mirror, write The Hall of Secrets is open, beware with a red rose, to evoke the atmosphere of the second part of the series about the most famous wizard. As in the previous case, you can stick a photo of any character from a (horror) movie in the mirror. The choice is yours.
      We're guessing you don't keep pictures of creepy characters in your wallet, but you can print a few extra for this occasion. Roll up the photo of Frankenstein's head, previously printed on photo paper, and insert it into the jar so that the face faces the outside. Fill the jar with water into which you will drop a few drops of green food coloring. Seal the jar and use it as a decoration or a means of intimidating a friend who has jumped to the fridge for a drink. You can be a little naughty on Halloween.


      The traditional symbols of Halloween are many objects, one of which is bats. Such mice can be made independently. 

      In that case, take:

      • Double-sided tape and scissors
      • Black paper, pen, or printer


      The mouse template can be printed from the computer or drawn by hand. Then this template is applied to black paper and circled again with a pencil.

      Then the mice are cut with scissors.

      Now the thread is attached to the mouse figures. In this case, the mice can be hung from the chandelier or up to the ceiling. They can also be attached to walls with tape.

      As you can see, with such figures you can decorate your home both inside and outside.

      A Dark Silhouette or Dark Spirit

      How to make paper witch decorations? And it is worth saying that this question is not particularly difficult if you have any knowledge in this area. If there are steps in your house, you can create a ghost effect on them, which will be frozen. It doesn't look very cool. 

      To make this element, you should use:

      • Double-sided tape and scissors
      • Simple pencil and black paper


      First, take the black sheets of paper. And on each such sheet, it is worth drawing individual elements of this ominous figure.

      Now the elements are cut with scissors and glued to the end parts of the steps.

      Encrypted Mummies

      The crafts presented to the readers of the pages are exciting but not complicated. Now we will begin to describe more complex elements that will allow you to create an enjoyable, scary atmosphere in the house. 

      For trades, it is worth using:

      • Strong tea and bandages,
      • Human-sized mannequins.


      So, first of all, let's make some strong tea. Then soak all the bandages in this tea.

      Now the bandages should be dry. Then you can start wrapping the mannequins with these bandages. Finally, you can leave the ends of the bandage to hang.

      Ready mannequins can be installed against the wall or placed next to it.

      You are now ready to party "Poe" style with your guests.
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