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The environment is important to us here at Smarty. Because of this, we offer eco-friendly dinnerware sets made from palm leaf, bagasse, or birch, depending on what option you choose. Our environmentally friendly value sets are perfect for wedding parties or other significant events and come in various styles and sizes. This allows you to customize your order to be just suitable for your guest list, even if different sets don't qualify for the same flexibility.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Smarty's value sets competitively priced?

Yes, our sets are all priced competitively so that each shopper and party organizer can see that their money is being put to good use to help them spread their budget as far as it can go. So if you are looking to save money yet still focus on the pieces and the eco-friendly goal you prioritize, these dinnerware value sets will be just what you need.

How can I get the best value for money out of my set?

The first thing to do is order based on your guest list. Everything is organized per setting or guest, so you can get the number right. The next thing is to ensure that your guests have everything they need rather than getting something they've forgotten. This is where our packaged cutlery sets really come in handy.

How is eco-friendly dinnerware better than classic disposable dinnerware?

Eco-friendly options are better than traditional options because they take on a second life after use. They also are better because they are durable and made to last for your entire meal. In addition, the plates don't disintegrate or buckle under heavy foods, and your cutlery won't get broken or snapped.

What do I do with my dinnerware afterward?

When you are done with your dinnerware and flatware, all you have to do is rinse them off and then throw them into the compost bin. There is no need to wash it or throw it in the garbage or recycling bin. Instead, just put it in with the rest of your compost, and you'll be able to help your compost bin get richer and ensure that you aren't contributing to single-use waste.

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