Easy Tricks to Make Party Cleanup a Breeze

Easy Tricks to Make Party Cleanup a Breeze

Milena Kukurekovic

If you ever hosted a party, you know that the real comes after the party is over. You get to see a pile of dirty dishes in your kitchen and a lot more wherever your guests and their kids spend time. 

After preparing meals to decorate your home and then serving your guests, all these things happening in a day can be overwhelming to any host. 

That’s where a good host utilizes the easy tricks to make the party clean-up a breeze. We have curated a list of easy tricks to help you make a clean-up after-party easier than ever. 

Spread Out Trash Bags at Your Place

If you invite a crowd to your party, then one trash bag isn’t enough. Prepare a good amount of trash bags, and don’t leave them to dust in your store. Instead, spread them out over your place where you think it’s needed.

This way, you won’t have to collect the trash from your floor - instead, you can just collect those trash bags and throw them easily. Make sure to use two layers of bags, so you don’t end up collecting rubbish from your floor.

Keep Cleaning Tools in Your Reach

Some messes will leave sticky stains which need to be washed or cleaned immediately. Keep cleaning tools in your reach, so you don’t have to rush towards your storeroom just for a simple cleaning cloth.

Instead, if you are keeping such tools close to you where they are accessible immediately will save time and effort. So, pull out the vacuum cleaner, clean clothes, and everything you have to speed your cleaning up process. 

Replace Your Servingware

If you invite a long list of guests to your party, you should consider replacing your regular dinner with disposable dinnerware. It will allow you to become one step closer to easy clean-up. With single-use dinnerware, you won’t have a pile of dirty serving ware waiting for you in the kitchen.

Instead, when your guests leave, you can collect them and throw them away easily. Moreover, plastic plate sets and disposable dinnerware sets are affordable to any budget. So bring disposable serving ware to your table and have a hassle-free party. 

Moreover, charger plates can be useful to prevent crumbs from falling on the tablecloth. They come in a bigger size compared to regular plates, which make them super useful (in order to have minimal chances of pieces of food falling on your fancy table cloth). 

Consider Serving Mess-Free Food

Focus on serving mess-free food - so you don’t have a pile of trash left to collect after the party is over. Moreover, food stains of delicious spaghetti can take away the shine of your carpet.

To avoid it happening to your shiny carpet, focus on serving finger food, so there are fewer chances of mess spreading all over your place. Make sure to spread out the disposable table cloth on tabletops as it would make the clean-up process less time-consuming and effortless for you. 


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