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Build a gorgeous foundation for your lovely wedding dinnerware with these Smarty disposable charger plates. They offer a proper and uniquely designed dressing to fit any venue, decoration, centerpiece, or texture and pattern around them. Our wedding charger plates are produced in many different colors and offer a user-friendly element to the dining experience. They are a perfect choice to make any table setting absolutely stylish and elegant.

At Smarty, we have a large supply of disposable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charger plate?

A charger plate is a stylish foundation for your table setting. They are usually used at weddings, banquets, and fine-dining restaurants. Each course is presented in its own bowl or plate, which is then arranged on top of the charger plate. Before guests are seated, chargers are properly dressed and placed on tables, completing the look for the event’s tableware.

How do you decorate a charger plate?

A charger plate is an accessory to the tableware as well as the culinary excellence displayed for the meal. Adding greenery and pillar candles to the table will outline to highlight the charger’s elegance. Additionally, one of our favorite touches is using clear charger plates as an elegant-looking glass to view the menu for the night. Simply customize the printed menu to show through from underneath the clear design.

Do you need charger plates for a wedding?

To charger or not to charger? Your table’s decor will determine if it’s the perfect wedding table. Even though it is traditional, it is justified since it carries effortless style and encourages etiquette. As we mentioned, the purpose of the charger is to serve the guest, so we suggest chargers be used. However, throw out the rules and see what you can create with our other tableware items like decorative disposable napkins.