Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware

Sustainability is proving itself to be the watchword of the 2020s. As we confront the finiteness of our natural resources and the importance of preserving them, we’re all looking to cut down on waste as much as we can. One of the ways we can do this is at the dinner table, where the detergents and heat we use to clean our dinnerware slowly deplete those resources, and plastic alternatives have an even more adverse effect. A green table setting—not in color but in character—can allow us to celebrate occasions with a clearer conscience. Here are some of our tips for choosing eco-friendly disposable dinnerware.

Be Careful with Paper

Paper plates are what usually come to mind when we think about disposable dinnerware. Simple, plentiful, and unpretentious, paper plates make life easier on work and school nights when running the dishwasher is one extra task you don’t want to do—to say nothing of the water your dishwasher uses each cycle. But paper plates, though the product of a renewable resource, are unpretentious to a fault. Even hardier, printed paper plates still don’t feel fit for a special occasion. If you’re trying to impress, skip the paper plates. Paper napkins, however, remain a viable option.

You Can Do Better Than Plastic

Much like paper plates, one of the key advantages plastic plates hold over their porcelain or ceramic counterparts is that they don’t require the heat, water, detergent, and greywater runoff of a dishwasher cycle—which, time after time, add up to a significant environmental impact. However, bear in mind that plastic is still a petroleum product. If you’re conscious of cutting down your carbon footprint, then plastic dinnerware is not for you.

The Future Is in Palm Leaf

If you’ve had the pleasure of living in or even visiting the far southern reaches of the United States where palm trees are plentiful, you’ve surely noticed those hard brown palm fronds along the streets where palm trees grow. They fall to the ground almost the way maple leaves fall to the north. But if you’ve taken a closer look, you’ve noticed that these spent leaves are a lot sturdier than paper-like deciduous leaves. Dinnerware manufacturers have noticed the same thing and have pursued the promise of palm leaves as the ideal sustainable dinnerware. Not only is this a strong material, but one whose natural origins give it an attractive wood-grain appearance. Our eco-friendly dinnerware selections feature palm-leaf plates, bowls, and cutlery, all of which are up to the same tasks as less sustainable materials. And to break up the monotony of palm leaf at your table in choosing eco-friendly disposable dinnerware, we also feature sugarcane and birch products as sustainable complements.

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