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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

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Smarty Had a Party is all about giving your table a little extra personality flair that comes with beautiful, high-end dinnerware, flatware, and drinkware. This collection of wine glasses is no exception, offering top-quality goblets that focus on style and timeless design that you just can't beat.

Wine equals luxury - which is why it's a particular part of any important occasion like a wedding reception, birthday party, bridal bash, and many other celebrations. And while good...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are stemless wine glasses better for my event?

Stemmed wine glasses are certainly more traditional when you compare them with stemless glasses, but both are beautiful for your event. If you want a chic appearance, you'll find that stemless glasses will be fun and simple to keep everything as ultra-modern as possible.

Will colored wine glasses look unprofessional?

Colored wine glasses are a little unorthodox, but they're not unprofessional! In fact, they are beautiful choices for when you want to shock your guests with a block of color rather than the crystal-clear appearance of traditional wine glasses! In addition, it is a fantastic choice when hunting for a way to enjoy something different and memorable.

What can I use plastic wine glasses for?

You can use these glasses for everything from wine to beer to juice to water. There is nothing but possibility waiting for you in these modern, professional, sleek wine glasses! Kids will love feeling like grown-ups by using one of these virtually indestructible wine glasses!

Are plastic wine glasses appropriate for bar-themed events?

Plastic wine glasses are appropriate for bar-themed events where you go with a bar top style instead of a buffet or individual place settings. In fact, you might enjoy the overall appeal of these stunning and modern wine glasses because they're different than beer Stearns and more.

Fancy & High-Quality Plastic Wine Glasses

An Extremely Rich Offer of Styles and Designs of Wine Glasses in Smarty's Disposable Plastic Party Collection