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Bigger is better, most of the time. In this case, though, we think you're going to see the value in more minor things, such as our eco-friendly mini partyware. These beautiful pieces show you that size isn't always the most important factor, and it's in all the best ways you could hope for.

Firstly, there is a little bit of everything here. You'll enjoy mini disposable bowls that are great for mints, toothpicks, grapes, or sauces. They are...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use my mini partyware for?

Whatever your heart desires! Some use it for desserts or sauces. Others use them as pinch bowls. Some even rely on these for kids size servings of desserts. These are going to be just suitable for whatever needs that you have!

What are eco-friendly mini partyware made from?

Every piece is entirely unique! Some are made from birch wood; others are made from palm leaves. Most have a combination of one of these mediums with recycled plastic. So every single bowl, even if you order the value packs, will be different due to its makeup. Great for a facet that is all about attention to detail for your guests, right?

How can I plan my party with eco-friendly mini partyware regarding quantity?

Choosing how many you want to get is always tricky. Generally, plan to have an extra 10-20 mini partyware pieces above and beyond what you need. Someone may forget where they put their eco-friendly dessert spoon, for example. Someone else may throw their mini dessert bowl into the compost and then immediately want to get another serving. These things are always good to have on hand!

Will eco-friendly mini partyware disintegrate or break?

These are durable and professionally-designed mini partyware supplies. They won't buckle, disintegrate, or wear out. Your guests can use their forks, knives, and spoons in these, which will continue to be reliable and valuable. They are sturdy in their corners and have round tapered rims, too.

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