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At Smarty, we take great pride in curating tableware sets that elevate the dining experience while alleviating cleanup hassles. Gone are the days when disposable cutlery was merely a last-minute resort. With our sophisticated and well-priced options, you can now embrace the convenience of disposable use without compromising style.

Picture this: Your guests are gathered around the beautifully set tables, their eyes drawn to the gleaming metallic shades of silver, gold, and red adorning the exquisite disposable cutlery. As they...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these going to snap and break with heavy use?

Rest assured, our excellent disposable cutlery staples are designed to withstand heavy use without snapping or breaking. Gone are the days when disposable cutlery was flimsy and unreliable. These sets perform just as well as metal cutlery, offering the convenience of disposable design without compromising durability.

Do I have to wash cutlery sets after using them?

While our durable plastic cutlery sets are designed to be washed and reused if desired, they are also fully disposable. After your event, you can simply rinse them off and toss them into the recycling bin, saving you time and effort on post-event cleanup.

Can I use eco-friendly cutlery with disposable plastic plates?

Absolutely! We offer eco-friendly birchwood cutlery sets that pair perfectly with our themed plastic disposable plates. These sets are as sturdy as their plastic counterparts and can also be composted after use, making them an excellent choice for reducing single-use waste.

How many forks should I have for my event?

Determining the right quantity of forks for your event can be challenging. We recommend doubling the fork count for classic events, including salad, dinner, and dessert. Guests often prefer not to reuse forks between courses, and some might accidentally dispose of them. So, to ensure you have enough forks, double your initial estimation.

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