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There's nothing worse than serving food at your event only to have guests combining up every ten bites to get a new piece of cutlery.

Plastic cutlery is notorious for being inferior in quality, so you learn to expect nothing but the worst from your cutlery! That's what makes Smarty's disposable cutlery sets so refreshing! These are well-priced to give you ample savings, but not by compromising the quality you enjoy!

Forks tend to lose a...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these going to snap and break with heavy use?

No, these excellent disposable cutlery staples won't snap or break with a lot of use! They are explicitly intended for those heavy-duty meals where your guest would otherwise feel wary about using disposable cutlery. These will perform as well as metal cutlery with the convenience of plastic.

Do I have to wash cutlery sets after using them?

These durable plastic cutlery sets are well-made enough to be washed and reused if you wish. However, they are disposable, so you can rinse them off and throw them into the recycling bins. This is great for those that want to put their energy into their event, not the dishes waiting for them aftward!

Can I use eco-friendly cutlery with disposable plastic plates?

If you like the eco-friendly birchwood cutlery sets, then you're in good company -- many do! You can absolutely use these with the themed plastic disposable plates! These are just as durable as the plastic options, and they have the added bonus of being thrown into the compost heap afterward, making them perfect for reducing single-use waste.

How many forks should I have for my event?

This is always hard! We recommend doubling the fork count if you are going with a classic event with a salad, dinner, and dessert. Many people won't want to reuse the forks from one course to the next, and someone always forgets and throws their fork away! So, whatever you think you need for forks, double it!

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