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The Best Memorial Day Table Decor Ideas

The Best Memorial Day Table Decor Ideas

'It is both silly and immoral to blame the people who fought and lost their lives. Rather, we should be grateful that such men exist", says George                  

Memorial Day is dated 30th May, which is the day for those who had sacrificed their lives for our peace and well-being. 

It is also the moment when we spend time with our families and friends, celebrating with plastic wine glasses and food.

As holidays are coming closer, it's the moment where you believe in having particular enjoyments in your life and preparing for a family gathering. Repurpose every change of your standard decorations into a new set of decorations. The best place to start setting up your food and drinks.

Start With The Minimal Yet Elegant Decor

This is the perfect time to utilize your backyard and start decorating them with meaningful designs. You can do that by setting up

This would be your own lifetime, colorful, and especially loved project to be remembered.

The Best Memorial Day Decor Ideas: Things you didn't know

Keep reading to know how you can condemn the soldiers on Memorial Day in style.

There are ways and tricks to celebrate and show our love for the people we loved and lost. But, there are some impotant steps  to follow for that to happen. There is always a dim light ready to open our hearts with patriotism for the country and believing where there is darkness.

Top Ten Ideas for decoration on a Memorial Day in 5 minutes!

Below are some effortless yet unique DIY ideas for a pretty décor. 

1. Setting up Flags at any spot of every size to show the spirit.

A beautiful view with flags around and napkins of the same color would look appealing, so start the day most simply. Setting up banners around the corners or hanging them at the doors would also give a patriotic feel. Choose colors of your own choice but considering red and white would be more appropriate and classic. 

2. Napkin Holders to be tied with ropes

Putting napkin holders and the cutlery is an excellent idea because this way, the napkins won't fly away from the wind, but remember that they should be tied to make them look good. The rope could tie it up in a way we tie our shoes with laces but in a more excellent way.

3. Couches with the same color or chair bows.

As guests arrive, they need chairs, but why not just set up beautiful couches representing your nation's flag. This will make the guest happier to stay for a more extended period. You can also use chair bows that would be easy to carry anywhere to sit near the backyard and enjoy the sunset.

4. Attach the beautiful paper chains to your fences and rooftop

It gets easier as you proceed further. Attaching paper chains to your fences will create a perfect look for the event paper chains would make a beautiful scenery from the top when others look at your roof.

5. Law stars painted on your grass

Start painting your grass with erasable oil paint and cover the grass with stars to have an epic look. As stars are part of the flags, they would give you an iconic look when guests, friends, and family enter your backyard. This technique is seemingly attractive for making grass have green and white colors.

6. Mason jar luminaries with colors of blue, red, and white to dive in

This would look awesome near the entrance of your backyard. It would light up the night with the nation's colors in the evening. Paper lanterns would also look beautiful at night when switched on to show patriotism.

Using disposable stemware glasses or plastic drinkware and decorating or personalizing them to look like beautiful jars would also give vintage and aesthetic feels. 

7. Blue drinkware glasses and Plastic stemware glasses

Having the right drinkware sets will solve all the major problems. Unique drinkware glasses would attract guests. Patriotic fruit cups would bring a lot of enjoyment as small snacks could be fitted in them. 

We have the perfect plastic stemware glasses, including crystal cut and champagne glasses of sleek and unique designs that would help your guests, friends, and families to choose glasses of their own choice, depending on their grip. Painted glassware would be excellent containers for your juices.

8. Let your food be your presentation

Start being creative with your food and present them in style. For example, create a masterpiece of eating with blueberries, red berries, and tomatoes that look like, 'you could eat buffet.' You could also set up cupcake toppers with the American flag.

9. Planting flowers in a pot that resembles the national flag

You could start planting flowers of red and blue color to represent the flag colors giving it an outstanding presentation on the table.

10. Poppers, fireworks, and paper pinwheels

One of the best moments since you were a child, is when you have always dreamt of seeing fireworks over and over again. Moreover, party poppers bring a smile to your face. Every child has gone through these memories and wants to do it even again after reaching adulthood. Paper pinwheels can rotate with the speed and wind and show shining effects that mesmerize the guest.

You can add your own creativity to the ideas for Memorial Day, and showing your patriotism will be one of the most memorable moments of your 2022 party.

You won't have to brainstorm much to find ideas for your party. You can quickly get some ideas from the list which we just mentioned. These are pretty simple ideas that you can quickly execute!

Enjoy the best of the best ways to celebrate like never before!    


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

10 Essential Memorial Day Party Supplies

10 Essential Memorial Day Party Supplies

Memorial Day is when those who died on active services are remembered, usually on the last Monday in May. It was observed on 30th May from 1868 to 1970. It is originally known as Decoration Day. People make it a point to honor this day to the military officers who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their country. 

Because there is nothing more essential and more sacrificing than risking your life for your country. This day is honored to officers, and the day is honored to their family members and friends.

Freedom doesn't come easily. It demands sacrifices. We must celebrate this day for the armed forces' sacrifices. Everyone has a different way of commemorating events. Other cities celebrate this day in their own unique ways. 

Some celebrate this day by hosting parades, while others do this by arranging activities related to this day. Some send patriotic and loving messages to their families, while others host parties and invite their friends and family. 

Any kind of celebration you are going through, add some Memorial Day quotes on the printed menus. 

As it is said, and I quote, "The Blood of a Patriot Is actually the Seed of Freedom's tree," Thomas Campbell. 

Are you going to throw a party at this special event? Or inviting family and friends? So, wait, you need to know about the essential things for the party. Because if the party is not well organized, it can never be an epic party. We have gathered a few essential Memorial Day party supplies for you. So, give them a read and have a memorable party. 

1. Printed Materials Look Appealing 

Some of the simple printed materials would go beyond your imagination as it is crucial to show your joy and concern while inviting your guests to your home.

These include:

  • Welcome signboards
  • Food and beverages menu
  • Guest setting charts
  • Water bottle wraps 
  • Straw flags
  • Invitation cards
  • Thank You cards  

2. Home Decor Sets the Mood 

Home decor is essential as without some fun and pretty decoration, parties are blind, so to make your party more memorable and pleasant, follow the essentials listed below. 

These include:

  • Balloons 
  • Decoration with red and blue colored sprinkles and markers
  • Flowers
  • Carpets
  • Streamers 
  • Paper lanterns 
  • Theme backdrop

3. Table Décor and Serving

Table settings always depict your mannerism. Make your food look more appetizing by having some elegant table décor. 

Smarty had a Party and got various serving trays, bowls, and knives. As a result, we have an epic range of good quality utensils at pocket-friendly prices.

We have got you covered with these must-haves for your next party:

4. Technical Settings are Always Important 

Great technical settings are always the gist of any party. Your precious party memories must get captured, and you save your videos and photographs for mesmerizing them later. You can also display some patriotic videos for your guests to enjoy while having dinner. 

These include:

  • Camera 
  • Projector 
  • Music system 

5. Hire Some Party Vendors and Lessen Your Burden

Having vendors at your party can easily have fun gossiping with your guests after assigning duties to the vendors. In addition, hiring some vendors will save your energy and time since it takes a lot of time and effort to host a party.

These include:

  • Caterer 
  • Photographer 
  • Entertainers
  • Event organizers 
  • Party hosts

6. Place Settings-Make Comfort Your Priority! 

Full and fine settings are a must just to avoid the mess, and the overall settings can bring a unique feel to your party. 

Take care of the following settings:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Napkins
  • Table runners
  • Extra servings 
  • Stirrers 

7. Welcome Your Foodies 

Good food always leaves a good impression! For some people, "happiness is delicious food." Good food and fancy flatware are a nice combo to impress your guests. Never limit your menu to only solid foods, add some drinks in plastic drinkware and serve your guests. 

You can have the following items in your menu list:

  • Appetizers
  • Juices
  • Sandwiches 
  • Potato salads
  • Lamb burgers
  • Steaks
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Desserts 

8. Add Some Fun to Your Party 

Activities at a party always make them so excited and memorable. So, entertain your guests by arranging some activities, especially for kids, as if kids are happy, everyone is happy.

You can include the following activities:

  • Patriotic craft
  • Lawn games
  • Face painting 
  • Sidewalk mural
  • Pinata 
  • Prizes

9. Keep Calm and Theme On!

Nothing works without a pretty theme, no matter how lavish your party is. Have a patriotic theme to represent Memorial Day and make it stand out. Have some themed balloons or props displaying country flags, loved messages, or patriotic messages written or engraved on them. Patriotic themed dresses would be the showstoppers. 

10. Some Miscellaneous To Keep With You

You might not expect to have things at the party, but they must be in the backpacks. It's easier to keep things with you instead of finding them in the rush hour. 

These include:

  • Some extra folding tables 
  • Fairy lights
  • Goody bags
  • Thank you, cards,
  • Battery chargers 
  • Cupcake liners
  • Cake topper 

Having some spare cutlery at the parties is very essential. We have affordable and good-quality plastic serving plates, trays, bowls, knives, and other party utensils.

Tips To Remember

  • The host must be on time to welcome the guests. 
  • Décor, dresses, and table setting, make sure to align with your central theme.  
  • Honor your guests by dedicating them to a few songs/skits. 
  • Goodbye to your guests with a thanksgiving card.

Memorial Day should be highly valued to remember the fallen ones and pay tribute to their families since they also contribute to this country by sending their loved ones apart. Memorial Day brings all the nation together despite any government and political issues. The nation remembers and celebrates this day as an example to others.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

The Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

The Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

We don't always think about what our plates, cups, cutlery sets, and napkins are made of when setting the table. This guide deals with the sustainability of partyware and a few ethical partyware materials.

Contemporary dinnerware is made from a variety of materials. So there are bound to be a type of sustainable plates and bowls that fits your design, styles, and tastes, from recycled materials to ceramic. Here are a few top eco-friendly party supplies to think about.

5 Best Disposable Eco Party Supplies

Are you looking for some eco-friendly party supplies such as plates, cups, bowls, serving utensils, and dishes? From soup spoons to napkin holders, we're convinced that you'll discover something unique to spice up the busiest room in the house. Of course, there are several inexpensive price points and a few luxury things worth splurging on.

1. Square Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware Value Set

Smarty had a Party offers you the best eco-friendly party supplies with elegant designs and classy colors. In addition, their palm leaf dinner set is sustainably produced with fallen leaves. As a result, the weight of the meal will not cause it to bend. 

The larger package, which contains 100 buffet plates and 100 cake plates, is ideal for large-scale events such as weddings, birthdays, or engagement celebrations. In contrast, the relatively small package, which contains 25 buffet plates and 25 cake plates, is ideal for family gatherings and casual parties.

Here are some key features of this product:

  • It can be microwaved for up to 2 minutes on high
  • 100% Compostable
  • Color: Natural (Gold)
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Made only of fallen leaves that are collected and then cleaned.

2. Eco-Friendly Disposable Cutlery Set (Napkin, Spoons, Forks, and Knives)

This pack includes 25 spoons, 25 forks, 25 knives, and 25 napkins.

This tableware set with napkin has all of the utensils your guests will need to eat, yet it can easily be thrown away or composted once the party is over. In addition, it's simple to arrange for any number of guests, thanks to the bulk sizes.

The pieces in this cutlery set are made entirely of sustainable 100 percent natural birch wood. This wood is free of chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly than other disposable cutlery.

Here are some key features of this product:

  • Color: Natural (Gold and Brown)
  • Material: Birchwood
  • Disposable: One-time, single party use
  • Chemical and glue-free, completely non-toxic

3. Round Palm Leaf Eco-Friendly Disposable Plates

The 5" round palm leaf plates are attractive plates made of palm leaves with an earthy, natural look perfect for rustic weddings.

The disposable party plates are incredibly sturdy and will not buckle under the weight of the food on them. You can use them in the microwave for up to two minutes on high or 45 minutes in the oven. If you need to keep foods like desserts refrigerated for an extended period, you can do so safely in the refrigerator.

Here are some key features of this product:

  • Color: Natural (Gold)
  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Made only of fallen leaves that are collected and then cleaned.
  • 100 % biodegradable
  • Refrigerator safe

4. Square Palm Leaf Eco Friendly Disposable Wedding Value Set

With some help from this very trendy and stylish value set of dinnerware from Smarty had a Party, you can be creative with your meal presentation. This set is ideal for presenting delicious dinners, desserts, appetizers, salads, and other food. In addition, this disposable set is versatile and chic, making it an excellent choice for weddings, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions.

Here are some key features of this product:

  • Color: Natural (Gold)
  • Recycling note: All natural, compostable and biodegradable, with no binders or chemicals.
  • Material: Made only of fallen leaves that are gathered, cleaned, and pressed
  • It can be used in the microwave on High for up to 2 minutes

5. Fancy & Disposable Wine Glasses

While good wine can spice up any party, the right glass may improve the experience. So, serve your favorite wine in disposable wine glasses to ensure that your guests get the most out of the flavor and pleasure of sipping excellent wine. Use stemless wine glasses with a crystal look.

Add Some Flair with Rustic Eco-Friendly Party Supplies

The most significant gathering for us is the one that you host. That's why you'll be delighted with our value in terms of aesthetics and functionality with this tableware.

Smarty Had A Party offers a wide selection of fancy, biodegradable and compostable tableware pieces that help with the decorative and practical side of party planning!

To make hosting a delight, enhance your meals and entire event with our help.

Eco-Friendly Party Decoration Ideas

Whatever the scale of your event or party, these general tips for eco-friendly party decorations will ensure that it is also environmentally friendly.

  • Reuse. Make or buy reusable alternatives to throwaway decorations.
  • DIY. If you have the time, make some DIY decorations yourself for eco-friendly party décor.
  • Reuse decorations, make your own, or purchase products with minimal packaging to reduce waste.
  • Use natural and organic components such as pinecones, stones, seashells, and potted flowers and plants to create a natural look.
  • Shop locally and from environment-friendly suppliers to lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Think rentable. Consider renting linens and décor from a party rental shop instead of purchasing new ones. It can be more affordable than buying everything new for massive gatherings.

Best Biodegradable Party Supplies that Are Best to Buy in Bulk

Are you preparing for your wedding? Getting ready for a wedding entails making plenty of lovely decisions. Browse our selection of exquisite party supplies, stylish wedding plates, and the best biodegradable party supplies available for bulk purchase.

Made entirely from renewable, fallen palm leaves, our eco-friendly party supplies will safely biodegrade into the environment in approximately 60 days. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your wedding party food service.

Are you preparing for a party? Our biodegradable dinnerware is ideal for making cleaning a breeze at the end of your event. In addition, our silverware, plates, bowls, straws, and napkins have all passed compostability tests at home. 

Disposable cutlery allows you to ensure that everyone has the appropriate combination of forks, spoons, and knives without spending hours cleaning up once the party is finished. 

What you can conclude from this article is that promoting environmental responsibility is now not only a right but also a beautiful decision! Therefore, order Smarty's chic, practical, and sustainable eco-friendly party supplies and let yourself enjoy the exquisite host glory!



Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

7 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

7 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

Is your best friend soon going to become a parent? If yes, you have to host a memorable baby shower to celebrate this beautiful turn in their life. Keeping up with the trends and knowing the importance of having sustainable events, it becomes mandatory to incorporate eco-consciousness in whatever celebration we have.

Host a green and safe baby shower for your best friend's little one because you don't want to compromise on sustainability. Also, it's not that difficult to host a green event. You have to plan everything with an eco-conscious mind and find alternatives to whatever could potentially harm the Earth.

7 Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas and Supplies

We have gathered the best eco-friendly baby shower ideas to help you host a perfect party for the parents-to-be.

Use Natural Elements

Instead of purchasing decorations from the store, you don't know how they are made; use plants and flowers. They are precisely what your green baby shower needs to complete its look. Although plant potters are pretty just the way they are, you don't have to put them in your baby shower just like that. Instead, decorate them creatively to have an exceptionally eco-friendly baby shower.

The best you can do is make a hanging flower centerpiece, especially when hosting the event outdoors. Picture this - your tables are set under a tree and from the branches of that tree hang flowers right above the table.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Invitations

At this point, we guess you know it's better to invite the guests via email as everybody keeps suggesting that because paper causes damage to the trees. But if you are someone who likes sticking to the conventional methods of sending out the invites, non-tree paper options are a perfect solution for you. They are not made from wood pulp but coconut fibers or banana leaves. They work just fine, and you will not cause damage to the trees.

Build a Donut Wall

Nobody on this planet doesn't love donuts. That sweet, shiny, glazed donut can quickly melt anyone's heart. But what's even more mesmerizing? Have a board of donuts in your baby shower event. You can build your own donut wall with a few ingredients and a few construction skills.

Suggesting the Baby's Name

The first and the most difficult decision one takes for their baby is naming him/her. If the parents have not decided on a name yet or maybe want some suggestions, conduct this activity with the guests. Hand each guest a piece of paper and ask them to write a name they like. It will provide assistance to the parents, but the final choice will be theirs, obviously.

Get Compostable Dinnerware

There is no way you can't have biodegradable dinnerware in your eco-friendly baby shower. Purchase the best eco-friendly party supplies from Smarty. Our biodegradable collections include plates, cups, cutlery, and serving bowls for parties. Moreover, our serving trays for parties will make your servings elegant and eye-appealing.

Give Skincare Items to the Mommy-to-be

Your pregnant friend needs some pampering because you know pregnancy is not all fun and games. Give her organic, pregnancy-safe skincare so she can take care of herself better. Some brands offer eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and pregnancy-safe scrubs, serums, and masks that can easily be given as gifts.

Serve Vegan Food

Your eco-friendly baby shower tables must-have vegan food on them. For the past few years, veganism has been a hot trend, and people associate veganism with sustainability. So you can serve creamy vegan pasta, lentil bolognese, veggie burrito, vegan shepherd's pie, or gluten- and dairy-free cakes. 

1) Fun Decorations for Eco-Friendly Baby Showers

Repurposing old items and making cute decorations is as fun as it sounds. So make your baby shower planning to entertain by trying to look out for the items that are already lying around in your house and need a little work. For instance, you can use old champagne bottles to make an elegant chandelier. Yeah, you heard that right! Spray paint them or keep them and hang them from the ceiling.

Add up to your list of eco-friendly baby shower decorations with champagne bottle lamps. Install yellow light bulbs inside some champagne bottles and hang them from the wall.

Similarly, make a drinks basket by spray painting a large bucket. Put lots of ice inside the bucket along with the drink bottles.

2) Where to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies for Baby Shower

At this point, you might be wondering where to get party supplies for your eco-friendly baby shower that are 100% biodegradable and authentic. Since some manufacturers sell harmful products and call them 'biodegradable,' you must differentiate between the spurious and the genuine ones. Therefore, we direct you to Smarty Had A Party, where you can find 100% compostable, eco-friendly party supplies. Visit the site and discover for yourself the best eco-friendly baby shower supplies.

3) Top Tips for How to Host an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

There are a few tips for hosting an eco-friendly baby shower.

● Host the event outdoors if the weather is suitable, even in your backyard. It will cut a lot of your expenses, so you will be able to save a lot of money.

● Involve your guests in engaging games but again, try not to use too many printed papers to save some trees.

● Do not use glitter while making decorations for the event because they are not very healthy for the environment.

● Just like glitter, balloons can be a potential threat to the environment. So instead of purchasing ordinary balloons, get latex or qua latex balloons that are biodegradable and safe for the ecosystem.

● Encourage your guests to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by giving them eco-friendly baby shower favors like floral seed packets.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

How to Host a Fun Memorial Day Party?

How to Host a Fun Memorial Day Party?

With the advent of the summer comes a memorial day, which is celebrated nationwide in the remembrance of the servants who died for the sake of the country's freedom and peace. The great summer season and a memorial day celebration make it a perfect time to invite your favorite people and throw a fun party. 

Party lovers just need an excuse to throw a party, and what can one think of other than throwing a fun, enchanting party in the summer days. Plus, it's a great way to celebrate memorial day with your friends & family and let the kids learn the importance of this day. 

A memorial day party doesn't necessarily mean listening to patriotic speeches and boring TV shows. Instead, playing different games and fun activities with a patriotic theme is a way to make it feel like a party, so kids are engaged throughout the party. 

Here's a detailed guide on hosting a fun memorial day party and making it look like any other fun party. 

Start off with the Guestlist

Start off your party preparation by creating a guest list. The number of people you would be serving will give you an idea to sharpen your skills accordingly and make arrangements. Many of the party preparations will be based on your guest list, for instance, the number of tables, chairs, tableware, and many more. 

Memorial Day Decorations

You wouldn't want to celebrate the day on the historical memorial day without decorating it. But, the actual celebration starts by decorating your home. And, When it comes to the decorations, having a specific theme to follow up on will provide life to your overall decorations.

For the memorial day party theme, the stars and stripes theme is a famous one, and it justifies the patriotic day's importance with its blue and red color. Follow a start or strip theme for your party and make every inch of decor revolve around it. 

Whether you plan to have a party in your backyard or indoors, stars and strips work for both settings. You will need blue, red, and white decorations supplies like many streamers, balloons, and flowers to dress up your party place. 

Red Blue Pillows

If having a lot of streams and balloons doesn't excite you. Think of working on the interior design of your party place differently. For instance, red and blue pillow covers can provide your party place with a subtle patriotic touch. The best part is that you can repurpose them for different occasions like Christmas parties, Valentine's Day parties, or Labor day. 

Set up Memorial Day Tablescape

Set up an elegant tablescape at your party space to provide your interior with a thematic touch. Just grab the fancy red tablecloth you had for the valentines day party, and spread it over your party table, or you can go with the bandanna to add a subtle patriotic touch to your tablescape. 

You can go with the red, blue, and white table cloth with stripes and stars for a pure patriotic tablescape. Then, elevate your table decor with elegant centerpieces ideas to make your display even more enjoyable. 

Use mason jars, and fill them up with the lemon in such a way, so they look like a painting. Then, use the flowers of your choice to add a little festive touch to your tablescape. We recommend the daisies, as they will be super cool with the mason jars filled up with lemons. 

Patriotic Tableware

Add a "Wow" factor to your tablescape by displaying patriotic tableware found at any crafting store. Patriotic tableware won't explain the story of your party but will make your display an enchanting one. 

You don't need to have a separate patriotic dinnerware set. Instead, you can make your tableware coordinate on the table by having mini party supplies such as mini appetizer plates, mini plastic cups, and mini cutlery.

Smarty has a beautiful broad mini dinner set to display your table's profile next level. Plus, they are disposable. So you wouldn't need to spend hours washing the piles of dishes. 

Fun Memorial Day Party Ideas

What party is it if there's no fun part involved? So make your party an enchanting one by planning fun activities. We have hand-picked some of the best fun party ideas for your memorial day party.

Face Paint

Conduct a face painting activity at your party and encourage kids and adults to get their faces painted. The kids at your party would love you for this. 

You can either hire a professional face painter or provide the parents with the equipment to paint their kids' faces. To make it more interesting for the participants, you can even set the reward for the winner and make it seem like a contest for your guests. 

Magic Show

If you are hosting the kids at the party, then you can never go wrong with the idea of hiring a magician. Entertaining the little ones and gaining their attention is difficult, but arranging a magic show in your backyard is a great way to keep them entertained throughout the party. 

Corn Hole

Corn hole is one of the most famous and entertaining backyard games. So get corn hole boards and paint them with red and blue paint for patriotic touches.

If you don't have one, you can buy it online, as plenty of them are available. Corn hole is a perfect idea to have fun at a BBQ party. Also, it's unnecessary to have a patriotic corn hole board - the choice is all yours.

Eating Contest

Make your guests indulge in the party by arranging an eating contest. The best idea is to have a pie-eating competition, as it is easier to have a lot of them. 

Stock up on different pie varieties and get prepared to clean up the mess. Set a reward for the winner who eats the most pie under a time condition.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!