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How to Decorate Plastic Plates and Use Them Safely?

How to Decorate Plastic Plates and Use Them Safely?

Level up your event decor skills and get ready to spruce up your party tables this season as we are about to drop some creative ways to decorate your boring plastic plates and make them look spiffing!

Plastic plate decoration is a creative activity, and people have been using decorative plastic plates to make their parties look more magnificent for quite some time. First, however, you must learn how to decorate plastic plates correctly and consider what kind of supplies you are using on what kind of plates. This is because the plates can have different tolerance towards paint and stuff based on the material used in their making.

The goal here is not just to decorate the plates but also to make them safe enough to be used for eating later. Go through this step-by-step guide to decorate plastic dinner plates before you purchase.

Bring Some Fancy Decorative Plastic Plates to Your Next Party

Be a good guest and bring some decorative disposable plastic plates to the party. It is such a good gesture that the host will surely appreciate it. The reason is the amount of time and effort you put into decorating a plate. This makes the receiver feel honored, unique, and, most importantly, loved. You can customize it for the host, like painting it in their favorite colors. Finally, you can write something on the plates to make the host feel even more special.

These decorated plates go perfectly well with many different party themes and table decorations, especially for the events where you are told not to bring anything. Instead, bring a bouquet of the host’s favorite flowers and some decorated plates, and they will love it.

Is it Safe to Eat Off Plastic Decorative Plates?

Don’t get intimidated after hearing the word ‘decorated plastic plates. Disposable party plates are 100% safe when they are decorated with safe and ’non-toxic’ materials.

What to Use and Where to Get the Right Supplies

We recommend using ceramic paint labeled ‘non-toxic’ on the bottle. Once you find that, you are good to go. They are not very expensive and are usually available at any superstore nearby. Sharpies are also needed for plastic plate decoration to write text. They are AP-certified, non-toxic markers and are perfect for writing on your decorative plastic plates.

What’s important to note here is that the plates you use should be able to withstand paint. If the plate bends easily, there is no point in wasting time decorating it. Also, you need to have good-quality plates, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. Get durable plates, glassware, flatware, serving trays for parties, and more at Smarty Had A Party. The elegance of our serving party supplies makes your food look presentable while being compact enough to give you the freedom to customize them as you like.

Talking about safety, we should also mention the planet’s safety. Get our eco-friendly party supplies made from 100% natural palm leaves and birchwood to ensure your parties are sustainable and harmless. They are sturdy enough to be decorated with all the safety supplies you have. Incorporate this dinnerware into your celebrations, and you will be all set to ace your parties.

How to Decorate Plastic Plates and Still Use Them Safely?

Plastic plates can be decorated in lots of ways and forms. You can paint them in your favorite colors, draw pictures on them, write on them - pretty much everything, and they end up looking ravishing on your tables. So grab your paints and brushes, as we are about to give you some inspiration to decorate plastic dinner plates so you can rock your upcoming party.


  • Start by painting a disposable plate yellow in a circular motion center. 
  • After two to three circles, grab orange paint and again paint in a circular motion. 
  • On the outer ends, use red paint, and in the center, draw a small white circle. 
  • Blend at the points where these colors meet to give it a more realistic effect. 
  • With a pointed brush and black paint, draw a tree over the yellow-white circle — the sun. Your beautiful sunset-painted plate is ready.

Similarly, you can paint a girl on the mountains, butterflies, or a galaxy. You can also paint them all white and write something for the person to whom you will give these plates. You can also draw flowers, petals, bears, or even your favorite cartoon character.

Now let’s talk about how you can use the painted plates safely. This is not a big deal! You have to follow a few steps in this regard.

In the case of ceramic plates, you will need to bake the painted plates in the oven at 300° for about 35 minutes. This technique makes the paint permanent and also makes the plates dishwasher safe.

Be the Host’s Favorite Guest by Bringing Decorative Plastic Plates That Are Disposable

Decorative plastic plates are everyone’s favorite, and they improve the looks of a party table. We believe this is an excellent gift if you are invited to someone’s place for a party. Another great favor that you can do is give them disposable decorated plates because they will not have to worry about cleaning them. Of course, it’s up to them if they want to keep these plates or throw them away; in every case, you will make the cleaning job more manageable.

If you get our durable disposable plate collection, you will have the bonus of using the plates for other purposes later on. For instance, our decorated plates can be used to make wall hangings. Or you can make a garland out of floral decorated plates and make your house look more fabulous.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

Disposable Plastic Plates That Look Real?

Disposable Plastic Plates That Look Real?

In recent years, plastic plates have significantly evolved, and it’s the biggest reason for their popularity and high demand. The best thing about the plastic plates is that they always have your back by offering you hassle-free cleanup. 

Disposable plastic plates that look real provide the ultimate comfort and peace of mind while serving a large crowd. Whether serving a long list of guests at your grand event or simply having a household dinner with your family, you can always pull a new plate without worrying about cleaning it up. 

However, some people hesitate to use them for formal settings at upscale parties or business lunch meetings. Probably, they’re afraid of getting embarrassed in front of their VIP guests for using cheap serving wares. So, let’s discuss the disposable plastic plates that don’t only look real but can even beat the premium quality ceramics plates in design, aesthetics, and quality. 

What Makes Disposable Plates Realistic 

A plate’s design, style, and aesthetic play an essential role in completing its profile - and this is what makes a plate a perfect serving ware item for formal settings. By the name “disposable plastic plates,” the first thing that most people would think of is cheap plain white plates that can split up into pieces when a heavy meal is served to them.  

This isn’t the case now, as the industry has dramatically evolved, and disposable plastic plates compete with the real ones. Of course, plastic plates are just like the real ones (reusable ones, like ceramics and porcelain), but they should be disposed of to offer hassle-free cleanup.

Now, the material used in manufacturing the plates has improved with time. Hence, the plastic plates have become sturdier, making it harder to tell plastic from premium quality ceramic.

All the credit goes to the plastic coating that’s BPA-free and plays its role in increasing the durability of the plate, and as a result, they can hold the heavier meals without bending or breaking. 

Also, a better design language and stylish look adapted by the manufacturers have impacted the profile of the plastic plates - making them plates that look real but are plastic-made. So when you plan to serve a long list of guests and are tight on a budget, plastic plates are the best choice for serving your guests with style at an affordable cost. 

A Few Tips for Finding Plates that Look Real but Are Actually Plastic 

After acknowledging the characteristics of the plastic plates, you might be looking for an authentic place to get them. If you search online, you will get to know that the market is full of them, and finding the best isn’t always simple. 

Before going on the hunt for the plastic plates, you better learn a few valuable tips and master them — so you don’t buy cheap plastic plates. 

  • Prefer Designs that Resembles with Real Plates

A plate’s designs and styles play an essential role in building its profile. So opt for the plate designs that make them look like the real ones. It’s just like having a sports car body on your sedan with a regular car’s engine, but it will still turn the heads around it. 

So, to find the plates that look real but are actually plastic, focus on the design of the plates that makes them resemble the other materials like ceramics and porcelain. 

  • Consider Table Decor

Whether you have a baby shower, a birthday party, an upscale wedding party, or even a casual party with friends and family, you must choose a theme for the party to give it life. 

Choosing the plastic plates that cooperate with the party decor and the table decor will make the plastic plates match the charm of the party decorations. Match the plastic party plates with your tableware. It will enable the plastic plates to play with the rest of the tableware while disguised in the beauty of table decor. 

  • Think About the Durability

This is an essential factor to consider while buying plastic plates. Make sure the plates you are purchasing are durable enough to hold the meals you will be serving. 

Some plastic plates made of cheap material can easily be bent or can’t hold up with the food served. Make sure you have double-checked the durability of the plastic plates you are buying. 

What Are the Best Reusable Plastic Plates that Look as Real as Ceramic?

“Smarty had a Party” has a wide variety of reusable plastic plates in various designs and styles, from simple designs for daily use to vintage and rustic dinnerware designs to cater to your serving needs for special occasions.

The ability to hold heavy meals, an elegant profile for formal settings, and the option to reuse them are the elements that make them beat out the ceramic offerings. 

Here is an example of reusable plastic plates that look as real as ceramic:

White Vintage Round Disposable Plastic Dinnerware Value Set

Shining pearl white vintage round plates is one of the best collections “Smarty had a Party” offers. The scalloped edges make it easier for you to make it difficult for your guests to spot the difference and make them think they are premium quality ceramic plates.  

Where to Buy Plastic Plates that Look Like Real Plates? Look No Further! 

The plastic plates market is flooded with products, but few of them deliver what they promise. “Smarty had a Party” is an online superstore that offers plastic plates that look like real plates. At your next celebration, you can show your guests how much Smarty’s plates resemble ceramics.

We offer everything from fancy disposable plates for casual use to premium quality dinnerware sets for upscale parties. Also, they are lightweight, easily transportable, and durable enough to hold up the meals, just like the real plates available on the market. 

Get the fantastic reusable plastic plates that look real, disposable plastic bowls, and plastic serving trays at a fraction of the cost to add elegance and style to your serving style. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party! 

How to Tell if Plastic Bowl Is Microwave-Safe

How to Tell if Plastic Bowl Is Microwave-Safe

It happens to all of us. When you reheat your leftovers, and you're unsure, are you using a microwave-safe bowl?

Due to the active biomolecules released, freshly cooked food has more flavor, and this extra activation makes the food feel more gratifying than the same vitamins eaten cold. 

Stop worrying about the taste of frozen food and heating it in a plastic container. Instead, we'll show you some simple tips and tactics for identifying which bowls are microwaveable plastic bowls that won't harm the food or the oven.

How to Tell if a Plastic Bowl Is Microwave Safe

Many dishes and disposable plates are microwave safe; nevertheless, you will ruin the dinnerware and the meal if you use the wrong container. Microwaves are useful and practical equipment, but there are a few things to keep in mind while microwaving plastic bowls when it comes to your dishes. 

Examine the Dinnerware: Flip the bowl over so that the bottom is facing you. Then you should look at the back of the bowl. Many plates, bowls, and containers declare either "Microwave Safe" or "Not for Use in Microwaves." Continue to Step 2 if this isn't explained clearly.

Raise Your Head: Set your microwave oven's power to the maximum level. For detailed directions, consult your microwave's manual. The default is usually the highest power setting.

Pour in Some Water: 1 cup of water in a glass measuring cup or bowl. Microwave the cup of water and the dish at the same time. Place the cup of water on or within the container for larger plates. 

Microwave the dish and cup for one minute. The dish or container is not microwaved safe if it is warm or hot after heated. However, the plate or container is microwave safe if it is cool and the cup of water is hot.

Look for a Label to Confirm if Microwaving Plastic Bowls Is Safe

Check the label to see if a plastic container or bowl is microwave safe:

  • "Microwave-safe" labeled products can be used in the microwave.
  • Microwave-safe products are marked with an imprinted microwave symbol. This logo is found mainly on recyclable storage containers. This means you can use the disposable plastic bowls in the microwave without danger of them breaking or becoming combustible due to heat shock.
  • Instructions for correct microwave use may be printed on the labels of other plastic containers, wraps, or packages.
  • Besides the label, there is a "microwave safe" symbol to look for. The microwave and wavy lines symbol indicates that the equipment can safely be used in the microwave. The emblem can be found on the bottom of a container.
  • Squiggly lines make up this symbol. The squiggly lines on this sign can take on a variety of shapes, such as a microwave or a dish placed under radiation waves, yet the squiggly lines stay consistent. Squiggly lines imply that the container can be easily reheated.
  • Plastics used in margarine tubs and deli jars, for example, are designed for cold food preservation rather than warming.

Are Plastic Bowls with Lids Microwave Safe?

You will find many plastic bowls with lids that are microwave safe. When it concerns covered plastic bowls, materials like aluminum foil can be used safely in tiny quantities if your owner's guide permits. Ensure that the foil is brand new and smooth, not wrinkled.

Metals like forks, spoons, and knives are excellent conductors of heat and electricity because they contain many free-moving electrons. Therefore, you should avoid any metal items when heating the food.

Microwaves are reflected when they touch metal things, which might pose difficulties. As a general guideline, avoid using a microwave oven to heat things with metal lids.

There are five different types of plastic. The properties and temperature restrictions of these plastics vary. If you want to know which plastic lids are microwave safe, keep reading.

Plastic # 2

Microwave-safe plastic # 2, also known as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is generally utilized in beverages or potable liquids. Milk and juice containers contain this type of plastic typically. This type of plastic can resist temperatures ranging from -40 to 266 degrees Fahrenheit before melting. It also has several characteristics that make it ideal for liquid storage. 

HDPE is adamant and long-lasting, making it ideal for keeping liquids. Because the plastic isn't sensitive, it won't rip or lead to contamination, and it's also perfect for reusing. It's worth mentioning that different states have varying recycling laws regarding food containers.

Plastic # 5

Plastic #5 can also be used in the microwave. Polypropylene is the full name of the material, which is often used in food containers, forks, and spoons. It has a melting temperature of 0 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for microwave foods.

Plastic # 6

This type of plastic is not microwave-safe. It's also known as polystyrene, and it's the main ingredient of styrofoam. Styrofoam has an extremely low melting temperature, which means it can quickly melt even without being heated in the microwave.

It's also worth noting that styrofoam is prohibited in several areas due to its non-microwave ability, including California, New York, Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

Plastic # 1

This is not microwave-safe. It has a melting point of 120 degrees F. 

Can You Put a Plastic Mixing Bowl in the Microwave?

While not all plastics are suitable for use in the microwave, polypropylene used in microwaveable plastic bowls is an excellent option. It's a less-expensive alternative to glass or ceramic for microwaveable plastic mixing bowls. However, if you're worried about toxins leaching into your food, ceramic and glass are the best options. Ceramic bowls are aesthetically beautiful and sturdy, and as long as they don't contain metal decorations, they usually microwave safe.

Additionally, if you're not sure if plastic drinking glasses are microwave-safe, you can test them using a microwave with the same procedure discussed above.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party

Can You Microwave Paper Plates?

Can You Microwave Paper Plates?

One of the most annoying but everyday household tasks is doing dishes; no matter how many of them you clean up, there seems to be more in your kitchen sink waiting for you. This is where the paper plates come in handy and seem super convenient. You can pull them out anytime you need a plate and throw them away when you are done with your food. 

With paper plates being so popular and used for regular household serving needs and even for formal events' tableware, it's essential to know how you should be handling them properly. One of the critical factors to consider about paper plates is whether paper plates are microwave-safe or not? Let's get into the details to find out.

Can You Microwave Paper Plates? We Answer Your Heated Questions

Generally, most paper plates are microwave safe and suitable for reheating the food using the microwave for at least 1 minute. Paper plates are coated with a plastic coating to make them sturdy and heavy-duty. 

However, you don't need to be worried about the plastic coating of the paper plates, as most of the time, the plastic material used for the serving ware that comes in contact with the food is BPA-free — meaning it doesn't make your food toxic or unhealthy for you. Also, it eliminates the chances of chemicals leaching into your food. 

Plain white paper plates are ideal for microwave use, and there are fewer chances of them making your microwave look like a restaurant exploded inside it. By comparison, disposable paper plates with decoration aren't suitable for reheating food, as the ink on them can melt and leach into the food or cause smoldering. 

It's also important not to put the microwave paper plates at a high temperature for too long. You should keep the limit from 1 to 2 minutes of heating food on the paper plates in the microwave.

Check for Labels Indicating Your Paper Plates Are Microwave Safe

As we mentioned earlier, paper plates are mostly microwave safe and don't cause any harm until overheated. However, if you still want to make sure there isn't a risk factor included for just 1% while reheating the food using paper plates, then look for the paper plate packaging that they came with.

Usually, manufacturers have labels on the products that indicate whether the product is highly inflammable or microwave safe. Grab the packaging of the paper plates and thoroughly look for the microwave-safe brands. 

Also, utensils and microwaveable paper plates have symbols or stamps on the bottom indicating whether it's suitable for reheating at temperature or not. Finally, there can be labels on the bottom of the microwaveable serving wares; Microwave safe, Microwave-friendly, or wavy lines. 

The best possible way to find out whether the paper plates you use are safe for microwave use or not is to know tips & tricks and understand the material. 

Tips for Testing Plates for Microwave Safety

To test if your paper plates are safe for microwave use isn't a difficult thing to do. Most paper plates are microwave-friendly, but still, for your satisfaction, you can test them out with easy and simple steps. Here are steps to perform a quick test on paper plates for microwave safety. 

Step 1 - To begin the test, grab a microwavable cup and a paper plate you want to test in the microwave. To get the authentic results from the test, it's essential to use a cup that's safe for microwave use.

Step 2 - Fill the cup with water and place it with the paper plate in the microwave. Place the cup filled with the water on the top of the paper and then set the microwave timer for one minute with the temperature high. 

Step 3 - After one minute of heating both the cup and a paper plate together in the microwave, use a safety glove or a cloth to remove the cup. Check the temperature of the paper plates to see if it's warmer. 

The plate is unsafe to use for microwave purposes if it's warmer and the water in the cup is cold. However, if the paper plate isn't warmer and the water in the cup is hot, the paper plate is microwavable, as it absorbs the heat. 

Yes, You Can Put a Paper Plate in the Microwave

You can microwave a paper plate, but certain things need to be considered to ensure safety. First, avoid reheating the greasy food using paper plates, as the greasy food contains fat that can catch fire abruptly.

Opt for plain white paper plates, as they are generally microwave safe and there isn't inflammable material in them. However, paper plates with plastic designs or patterns can catch fire and destroy your microwave in minutes.

To ensure that you are using 100% microwaveable plates, check out eco-friendly plates by ''Smarty had a Party'' that comes in various designs and styles but still promises to deliver safe microwave use.

We have a wide variety of fancy disposable platesdisposable bowls, and everything you will need to set the party table. Our premium products are disposable and entirely safe for use at microwave temperature. So to get the fantastic eco-friendly plates and kill the hassle of thinking for a second while reheating your food, you should use our exquisite disposable party plates.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party

10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas

10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Organizing a birthday party for a child can be stressful and challenging for parents. The thought of throwing a party might be overwhelming for some people. Others may be worried about the expense of having a birthday party.

A good party does not have to be expensive. With these innovative, cost-saving kids' birthday party suggestions, you can throw a spectacular birthday bash at a fraction of the cost.

10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Organizing an eco-friendly birthday party may seem daunting, but with a simple mindset change and a few simple adjustments, adopting green in your child's birthday party is a smart move.

Besides celebrating with a reusable banner, here are 10 other eco-friendly birthday party ideas to make your upcoming birthday greener.

1. Start with The Invitations

Invitations can communicate a great deal of information. You can send handwritten invites on handmade paper for a very personal touch. Simply place them in recyclable paper envelopes, and you're done!

You can also send out a friendly email, host an event, establish a Facebook event, or simply call your friends and family to invite them.

2. Venues Count

What better way to just be green than to enjoy a picnic in a public park or have a garden party? The flora adds to the atmosphere and eliminates the need for lighting and other luxuries.

3. Next Comes Food!

Simple finger snacks created with local ingredients or from a home chef reduce wrapping, keep costs down, and maintain quality. In addition, you may make healthier choices by skipping fondant, opting for raw treats like fresh fruits and juices, and avoiding processed meals and sugar.

4. Themes That Goes with Nature

Add some unique vibes to the celebration by going beyond the typical superhero and princess parties. 

Some of the best party themes that go with nature are: 

  • Into the Woods
  • Boho Theme
  • Fairy Tale 
  • Rustic
  • Camping 

5. Decorations

Use old materials to create fresh decorations. Use the following ideas if you don't want to make any new purchases for the event:

  • Styling with natural materials such as roses, fallen leaves, pinecones, tree branches, oyster shells, or pebbles is a non-purchase option.
  • Use existing items, such as lanterns or Christmas lights. 
  • Pictures of the birthday girl or boy and artifacts of when she or he was younger can be perfect as decorations.
  • Rearrange your belongings and furniture to create a different ambiance, and have the attention to be exclusively on the party activities and guests.

You can also use eco-friendly birthday party favors for a thoughtful addition to your party.  

6. Gifts Set the Mood

This will be the least eco-friendly and most challenging part for most people. Most children already have an excessive number of toys. We recommend organic soft toys or eco-friendly wooden toys.

7. Wrapping Things!

You can reuse the tissue paper and bags from previous gifts. Take a glance around your house to discover what you don't need anymore, such as newspapers, junk mail, and reusable bags.

8. All About Serving

Use our compostable, eco-friendly tableware, utensils, biodegradable plates, bowls, trays, and dinnerware. 

9. Entertainment!

Swinging on trees and playing on the grass are two of the most popular outdoor party games. Treasure hunts, charades, and musical chairs are some of the best classic games. These activities have minimal waste, making them perfect for your eco-friendly party.

10. Don't Litter

As guests leave, you can offer them bags and share the rest with some enthusiastic street vendors and park staff. Don't produce a lot of waste, and make sure there is no garbage by tidying up before everyone leaves.

Fun Decorations for Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

Let's make decoration a fun tradition! Rather than using disposable confetti or banners, let's make eco-friendly children's birthday party celebrations that will endure a lifetime. 

●   Potted Plants or Flowers

Potted plants are a lovely and natural option to embellish any occasion. Place one as a centerpiece, mixing different colors and shapes based on the size and style of your table.

Plants and herbs with a light aroma can also be used to add a fragrant touch.

●   Eco-Friendly Lanterns and Candles

Whether inside or out, candles are the best way to set the mood. They're also a cost-effective method to brighten up your party. Even better, try your luck at candle-making!

●   Banners and bunting

Make cute handmade banners using colorful scrapbooks. Choose a vintage design or bunting flags as a theme.

●   Magnificent garlands

Use materials like cloth, paper, tissue, and other greenery items for making beautiful and eco-friendly garlands.

●   Pretty confetti

Make green (or any other color) confetti using colored paper or old tissues. You can also use materials like fragrant herbs, floral petals, or coconut flakes.

Where to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies for Children's Birthday Party

Whether it's something from cutlery or any party favor, you can opt for many suitable options for your eco-friendly birthday party supplies.

Grab your favorite serving trays for parties to amazingly serve the lunch/dinner at your children's birthday party.

People need everything perfect when it comes to birthday celebrations. So shop stunning eco-friendly party supplies, including square palm leaf trays, dinner knives, soup bowls, and more!

Check out our serving bowls for parties that come in various beautiful designs, shapes, and elegant colors to match your party theme.

Top Tips for How to Host an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party for Children

Here are a few essential tips for hosting an eco-friendly birthday party.

  • Always remember to keep the party small. Call your family and close friends to celebrate with you.
  • Always serve plant-based meals whenever possible. Instead of the typical party food, provide something healthier to your guests.
  • Go with recyclable utensils to serve food.
  • Plan fun activities to entertain your guests and kill boredom.
  • Always provide your guests with a recycling bag or a bin to dispose of the Litter.
  • Use reusable fabric with pretty designs for the decorations and tablecloths.


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!