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Miniature Partyware – The Cutest New Party Trend

Miniature Partyware – The Cutest New Party Trend

Why is it that you go to different parties or restaurants and get a different vibe everywhere, even if the themes and food items are the same? It is because of the atmosphere a party host creates. The table setting and décor set the mood and influence how people feel about you and your event. The way you set your party tables tells a lot about you. Putting in small efforts to set the party tables makes the guests think they are special enough to put in extra effort for. The most important influence elegant tableware can make in elevating the taste of the foods served. For that matter, the newest trend in table setting is the elegant mini partyware. With its elegance and cuteness, no one can say no to eating desserts in the chic plastic mini bowls.

To allure your party tables, Smarty Had A Party has developed products with just the right size and elegant designs for an elegant mini partyware set. You can find all your mini partyware needs on our website, and it will be brought to your doorstep with all the love and care. Our elegant mini partyware set is a complete package of excellence combined with prettiness.


A Perfect Kids’ Party

As parents, you want the best for your kids – whether it is about their health or education or them having fun and enjoying their time while they can, you compromise on nothing. Then why compromising on their special events? Kids love vibrance, bright colors, and small things. The disposable mini partyware is what you should be having your eyes on this party season. Your kids will immediately fall in love with the size and colors of our disposable mini partyware, and their event will be talked about among their fellows.  

Alluring Tables with the Disposable Mini-ware

From the huge details to the smallest ones, make sure you bring the best to your guests so they can feel extravagant. With Smarty, think no more as you get to have the best collections of disposable mini cupselegant mini flatwarechic plastic mini bowls, and fancy disposable mini plates, all at your doorstep. Decorating a perfect party table has been made so easy with disposable mini-ware due to its elegance and ambiance. Foods served in our fancy disposable mini plates look even more beautiful and pleasing as their color pops better. Make sure all your guests are served with their favorite drinks in our disposable mini cups to have a perfect celebration.

Recyclable Disposable Mini-ware

The best part about our disposable mini cups, elegant mini flatware, fancy disposable mini plates, and chic plastic mini bowls is that they can be recycled. We care for the environment as much as we care for your celebrations. This is exactly why our plasticware is BPA free which avoids the harmful effects on the environment that regular plasticware can have. Get on the bandwagon and follow this cute new trend and allure your tables with our elegant mini partyware set.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

How to Arrange a Boho Themed Table Setting?

How to Arrange a Boho Themed Table Setting?

A Boho or a Bohemian style is a personal, unconventional, and rule-breaking style of decorating a living space. If you are a person who wants homes full of life and original items for the world to see, the Boho-themed party is perfect for you. The aesthetics of a Boho party contradicts the modern delicacy and welcomes the relaxed, carefree, and unusual.

Are you looking for a party you can personalize and don’t have to follow strict rules? Then why not throw a Boho-themed party at your place with Smarty Had A Party? Since you can do what you want for a Boho-styled party, however, it would be a smart choice to make it sustainable and environment-friendly. Our eco-friendly party dinnerware sets fit in well with a Bohemian-styled party. Their rustic designs and chic aesthetics make your party tables look alluring. 

Boho party decor with a perfect mix of broad style with floral patterns and vibrant colors is everything to make a party look extravagant.

Here are a few ideas to make your Boho party tables look alluring:


Boho Theme Colors

Although there are no hard and fast rules of colors and decorating, warm earthy tones are more common for a Bohemian-styled party. Warm tones include browns and grays as base colors and later accessorize with lavender, blue, and orange. To achieve that tone, get our eco-friendly party dinnerware sets and pair them up with lavenders and rose flowers. The cute-looking eco-friendly mini partyware will be the cherry on top for the whole set. With the rustic feel of our eco-friendly mini partyware and biodegradable cutlery sets, you can achieve the ambiance of a truly elegant Bohemian-themed party.


Serve Made Right with Compostable Ecofriendly Bowls

When it comes to entertaining the guests, it is of immense importance to serve the food items rightly. Serve your healthy food items in our 100% natural compostable eco-friendly bowls and disposable eco plates. Meals look even better when served in big rustic compostable, eco-friendly bowls, or even eco-friendly mini partyware. Don’t compromise on your health with our naturally made eco-friendly party dinnerware sets, and give your guests a premium dining experience with our high-end biodegradable cutlery sets. Our disposable eco plates and biodegradable cutlery sets can simply be disposed of as they degrade within two months.


Feel Free to Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Experiment with our eco-ware to bring the best to your party tables. The chic designs of our bagasse and bamboo eco plates come with the great benefit of bringing different vibes to different settings. Whatever you pick to pair them with, be it flowers, candles, balloons, or LED lights, all of the decorations will look different yet exquisite without damaging the ecosystem.


As we have talked about the freehand you have while working with a Boho style décor, bring your inner creativity out and do whatever you want to do to make your party look like yours.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

Summer Brunch and Table Styling Ideas

Summer Brunch and Table Styling Ideas

The idea of a summer brunch sounds lovely and cheerful. A brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch and is usually served between 11 am and 2 pm. A summer brunch improves your energy level and helps your abilities with concentration and weight management. But most importantly, it is the best means to bring friends together and share stories to spend their time in the best way. Getting the daily stress off and giving your gurgling stomach a break before lunchtime is mainly why people attend and host brunch parties.

The best form of enjoying brunch is hosting a party on your own and getting your friends together to have some fun. If you happen to host a brunch this season, let us join you along. Our elegant party supplies and disposable tableware will set the best brunch tables. Table setting might seem demanding, but with exquisite plasticware and a few accessories, you can make your party tables one of a kind. Here are a few brilliant ideas for a beautiful brunch party table setting in which Smarty Had A Party helps with its colorful dinnerware and disposable tableware.


Combine Luxe with Plain

From budding centerpieces to vivid disposable party plates, you should arrange your brunch tables in an enthralling way. Choose subtle colors for napkins and tablecloths from our beautiful varieties and combine them with our colorful dinnerware and disposable plastic plates. It is important to go all out with the theme and select the different items for the setting accordingly. Feel free to play with colors and textures according to your own desires.

Decorate our white disposable plastic plates with daisies and pair them with our disposable silverware with lemon and lime centerpieces to have a more elegant look. These disposable plastic plates and disposable silverware are elegantly designed by our experts to fulfill what your brunch party tables need.


Set up a Small Bar

No party is complete without the drinks, and speaking of that, serving them in elegant plastic drinkware makes a perfect setting. Our elegant plastic drinkware collection has a vast variety of glassware, which includes crystal clear glasses, plastic wine goblets, champagne flutes, and many more. You can also set up a small bar for your brunch to make everyone feel light and relaxed. Make sure you have everyone’s favorite drinks in the bar, and no one feels left out.


Go for Fresh Flowers

Summer parties offer the opportunity to take out your inner creativity and do the best out of it. Your party décor says a lot about you and describes your overall personality. This is why it is important to make them stylish without putting in much effort. With Smarty’s disposable tableware and colorful dinnerware, you can set the tables exquisitely. Speaking of exquisiteness, setting the tables with freshly bloomed flowers is everything an elegant table needs. If you have trouble matching flowers with the plasticware, choose red and pink roses as they go perfectly well with any plasticware.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

How Do You Set Up a Fascinating Party Table?

How Do You Set Up a Fascinating Party Table?

Setting up a fancy party table is the best way to give your guests a homely atmosphere to appease their sweet tooth. There are hundreds of ways to set up a party table effortlessly. But it may become quite demanding at times since you can’t decide what to buy and where to put the things. We are here to serve you with the finest party supplies to make your party tables look alluring without having to spend a lot of money and put effort. Smarty is here with its exquisite collection of disposable plasticware and ecoware that will glorify your party tables and set up the vibe. Here are a few brilliant ideas to set up your party table in a perfect way with Smarty Had A Party.


Less is More

Simplicity is the key to setting an elegant party table. The modernity of your table depends on what kind of event you are planning, but a minimalist table goes with any kind of event. If you are a person who struggles with getting together a perfect party table, a minimalist table is your go-to. Take a neutral-colored tablecloth and beautify it with some fresh flowers right from your garden. Purchase our fancy disposable dinnerware sets to elevate the beauty of your table even more. Our expert team has skillfully created these beautiful collections to match perfectly with all your parties.


Don’t Compromise on Quality

Let us remind you that elegance is not the only thing that can glorify your table. Your dinnerware should be of high-end quality. Make sure it doesn’t break or mend on serving food in, and it should be microwavable as well as freezer safe. The materials used in the manufacturing process should not be, in any way, toxic, non-recyclable, or health-hazardous. You must be wondering how to get all these qualities in one dinnerware set? Our fancy disposable dinnerware sets are everything you need for a fun-filled party. Our disposable plasticware and ecoware is BPA-free and can be recycled to make the best out of your parties and achieve sustainability.


Elegant Glassware is a Must-Have

The most refreshing part of a party begins when you serve the drinks; make sure you serve them elegantly with our beautiful plastic champagne flutes and elegant disposable wine glasses. The streamlined look of these beautiful plastic champagne flutes allows the bubbles to form well to give the drinkers an aromatic experience of the drink. Regulating the proper flow of drinks makes your guests believe your party is going perfectly.


Add a Touch of Sustainability

It is important for you to consider the safety of our dear Mother Nature while celebrating your special moments. Our fancy disposable dinnerware sets are environment-friendly, recyclable, and made from non-toxic materials. Eco-friendly, disposable partyware can act as a conversation starter as people will ask about the elegant designs of your eco-friendly party supplies. Serve your healthy meals in our disposable party plates and pair them with our disposable charger plates to have a positive impact on the ecosystem.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!