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DIY Camouflage Your Ice Cream


Here is something interesting, creative, and something many have not seen before. Very unusual idea to decorate your desserts. Some may ask you why do you keep your flowers in the fridge, but anyway, you found the perfect way to hide it from your children when you don't want them to eat too many sweets. Haha


First, you should wash the flower pots with soap and water, knowing you would soon be eating from them as bowls. Then you should crush the chocolate cookies into small pieces to represent dirt. Pack the "dirt" into the bottom of the flower pots to cover the drain hole, but let me warn you, no matter how thick you pack it, ice-cream is bound to seep out. To avoid (any more) sticky ice-cream puddles, you can get creative and fashion the plugs using paper towels and tape. Use the bottom of a pot as a stencil and cut the paper towels into small circles and taped them over the drain holes. If you can find a thicker material such as the bottom of a styrofoam cup, it would be excellent.

Then spread the ice-cream over the cookie layer, mixing in your seeds and chocolate chips.

To top it off, cover the ice cream with more cookie crumbs (guiltily eating some in the process).

The last step is to take a straw and insert it into the center of the pot. Then stuck flowers and leaves through the straws (so the flowers wouldn't touch our ice-cream directly) and get your dessert spoons ready. You really should give your flower pot sundaes 15 minutes in the freezer to chill, but we understand if you are too hungry to wait. What a weird feeling eating a potted plant, but wow, it is so delicious!

I can tell you firsthand that these are super easy to make, so why not put together a bunch to give out as appetizers or make an activity out of it and have each of your guests make his or her own? For an extra hint of fun and style, write your guests' names on popsicle sticks and place one in each pot. Remember to post pictures on the Smarty Facebook page!

      What you'll need:

    • 3 small clay flower pots
    • 3 paper straws
    • one tub of any flavored ice cream (chocolate would be the most realistic, but any flavor is fine if you don't want a chocolate overload)
    • ½ bag chocolate chips and/or sprinkles (your seeds)
    • 1/2 box chocolate cookies, 2 thick slices of cake, or 3 brownies (your dirt)
    • 3 fresh flowers and 6 stemmed leaves
    • 6 paper towels


       How to make it:

    1. Wash out your flower pot and cover the drain hole at the bottom with the cookie half.
    2. Crush up the cake or brownies and fill the pot with the pieces, leaving ¼ cup to the side.
    3. Soften the ice-cream and mix in chocolate chips and/or sprinkles. Then pack the ice-cream into the pot until approximately ½ inch from the top.
    4. Slide the paper straw through the middle of the potted ice-cream and cut the top so that only ½ inch sticks out.
    5. Let your dessert chill in the freezer for about fifteen minutes.
    6. Cover the top with a layer of the remaining cake or brownie pieces and insert a flower into the straw along with a couple of leaves.

    Take your spoon, and dig in!


    Bring Some Autumn To Your Table Setting

    It's really difficult to get rid of the addiction to orange, silver, brown and the other lovely autumn colors. There is always a shock on the fact that disposable dinnerware could look so fancy. Bring some idyllic feeling and joy without the hassle to your upcoming holiday meal and fall event. Here are some tips on what to use:

    Autumn Colored And Designed Dinner Plates

    Silver Value Set

    Wine Glasses


    Autumn Inspired Table Runner

    As we suppose, you know these dishes can be reused, recycled or used for any other purpose that can fall on your mind. Make sure you tell us what you, Smarties, think of this little idea of ours. Your opinion is very important to us so please share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

    An Idea for a Unique Table Decoration

    An Idea for a Unique Table Decoration


    Things to use:
    1. Lay a tablecover over the table.
    2. Put 2-3 flowers on top of the table and some on the cake stands, and then enclose them with a glass dome top.
    3. Surround the cake domes with candles, including on top of remaining stack(s).

    For an added touch, think of the best way and decor pieces you could add to the whole tablescape. There are so many other ways to fill these mini cake domes, like with candles or desserts. Try sticking an edible glitter cupcake in each dome and put one by each person's plate. The point is for you to play with your mind and creativity, in order to create a unique Smarty table setting.

    From Smarty with love!

    Marinated Mozzarella Cubes Recipe

    Marinated Mozzarella Cubes

    Marinated Mozzarella Cubes


    Marinated Mozzarella Cubes are an easy appetizer to take to a party, too. They keep well, so you can make a batch or two and keep on hand for any surprise guests. 

    Preparation: 20 min. Chill: 8-hour least (The more time the mozzarella has to marinate, the more flavorful they will get.) Yield: Makes about 4 cups


    3 (8-oz.) blocks mozzarella cheese, cut into cubes

    1 (8.5-oz.) jar sun-dried tomatoes, drained and halved

    1/2 cup olive oil

    3 tablespoon finely shredded fresh flat-leaf parsley

    1 teaspoon garlic powder

    1 teaspoon onion powder

    1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

    1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning

    1/4 teaspoon salt

    1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

    Decorate with fresh rosemary stems or flat-leaf parsley sprigs


    1. Cut blocks of cheese into 1-inch cubes. Arrange cheese cubes and tomato halves in an 8-inch square baking platter.

    2. Mix together 1/2 cup olive oil, shredded parsley, and next 6 ingredients together in a large bowl, and then pour evenly over cheese cubes. Cover and chill at least 8 hours or up to 24 hours. Transfer mixture to a serving plate. Garnish with fresh flat-leaf parsley twig, or spear tomato halves and cheese cubes with short rosemary stems if desired. At the end, drizzle with marinade.

    Easy Rustic Italian Bread

    This bread has 5 ingredients. That's it! Granted, baking bread can be daunting, especially when we're so used to buying "perfect bread" at the store, with it's annoyingly perfect ends and bottom and perfectly chewy middle. But no matter how perfect store-bought bread is, it is still just that - store-bought. There is nothing like homemade bread.

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