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Prepare Christmas Meal and Leave Dishes to Smarty

Prepare Christmas Meal and Leave Dishes to Smarty

Christmas! The most awaited and a favorite event of the year. If you are hosting for the very first time, it also can be the most daunting task as there are lots of things you have to look after simultaneously. Similarly, it can make your budget upset if you aren’t well prepared and strategic with your planes. Luck you are as we have got you covered to keep things streamlined for you after the meal is over.

After Meal Mess

You loved every moment you had with your loved ones on the meal, but what about the after-party mess? After preparing a delicious meal for everyone and other arrangements, you have got dirty dishes ahead of you in the kitchen. Christmas arrives in the winter, making cleaning dishes even more difficult as no one feels like touching the cold water.

There are alternatives to keep you away from cleaning dirty dishes on this night. You will have to replace your dinnerware with disposable to minimize the after-the-meal mess.

These days, disposable dinnerware sets and party supplies are in trend, and it does work to minimize the after-meal mess for you, so you can hit the bed on a cozy night. No matter what upscale event you are planning to arrange, disposable party supplies will get the job done for you.

Instead of cleaning the plastic disposable plates, you can easily dispose of them, which saves you from spending money on dishwashing soap and water as well.

Water is an essential need of humanity, and predictions suggest by the end of 2050 the world will be facing a severe freshwater crisis. Stop wasting water on cleaning dishes, bring change with plastic dinnerwareand save the water for our future generations.

Smarty’s Disposable Dinnerware Sets

When you are a party lover and love to host, chances are you might be running out of new elegant dinnerware sets for every party you throw, and that’s why we say, “Prepare the meal and leave the dishes to Smarty’s”.

Fancy disposable dinnerware set by Smarty Had A Party is affordable to any budget as they are made of plastic material. If you want a new dinnerware set with a different style and color, disposable party dinnerware sets are the way to get you that satisfaction.

Moreover, if you plan to throw an outdoor party such as a picnic party, then disposables will give you an edge over the ceramic as ceramics are fragile and can get easily destroyed in your car’s trunk.

If you are planning to throw an upscale party, our disposable party supplies are available in a wide range, meaning you can serve your guests with the style and comfort that you have been missing by using ceramics.

Why Smarty’s Disposable Dinnerware sets?

Smarty’s disposable dinnerware sets, party supplies, and serving ware are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy for you to carry anywhere you plan to have a meal.

Moreover, you can host any event using our disposable dinnerware sets, such as upscale parties, birthday parties, and wedding ceremonies. Smarty’s has everything that your guests will use while having a meal on your table.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party

Non-Traditional Decor Tips for Modern Event Decor

Non-Traditional Decor Tips for Modern Event Decor

Every day the new trends are followed to bring aesthetic touches to your event. Save your grandmother’s traditional methods and tips for dressing up your home for family gatherings - because when looking forward to throwing an epic party with aesthetic and modern touches, then you will have to do some alterations in your hosting skills.

We have composed the best tips for modern event decor, read on to discover them, and try to implement them in your next event decor.

Stick to the Event’s Theme

Every party and event is incomplete with the theme as it will give life to the event you are planning to decorate. So, the first thing is to pick up a theme for your event that you and your guests will love.

If you don’t have many ideas for the event’s theme, then simply get help from the internet as there are plenty of ideas for any event you are planning to arrange.

Once you have decided on the event’s theme, the next step is to stick to the event’s theme. Sticking to the theme will make everything put together that will complement the other decorations in the scene.

If you are on a budget, you can go with the cheap fabrics for curtains and chair covers to match the theme of the event.

Playing with Lights

When you plan to do the event decor, lighting is the most important element of the decor as it will make a huge difference to your over scene and decorations. Lighting directs the audience to where to put their attention and highlights the spots that need to be visible at the event.

Right and controllable lighting will also set your guest’s mood, and that’s the reason why in most restaurants, lighting is excellent. 

So, arrange a good piece of lighting for whatever event you are planning to host. For weddings parties, soft light is mostly preferred. Moreover, make sure you have the power back up like batteries and generators, so the events go well without embarrassment.

Modern Table Decor

After you put everything together, your table decor is an important part of the event’s decor. Your table will be the center of attention as your guests will be spending most of their time around it.

Your beautiful dinnerware sets presented on the table with the right settings can make a huge difference in the table decor. Shop an elegant and stylish dinnerware set, or else you can go with elegant mini partyware that is perfect for upscale parties.

We have a wide variety of disposable mini partyware in different styles and designs so you can elevate your table decor without spending extra.

Moreover, plastic mini partyware is disposable in nature, meaning you won’t need to soak your hands in water, instead you can simply dispose of them after the event is over.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party

Attention: It’s Cyber Week Sale!

Attention: It’s Cyber Week Sale!

At the end of every year, many sales are offered all across the country. After a long waiting period, the wait time is over as a cyber week is here. One, who has been eagerly waiting, should start preparing to spend a lot on favorite items. Your favorite items might be your favorite elegant-looking dinnerware set and party supplies you look for all year. Read on to discover the best deal on the dinnerware sets and party serving wares.

Elegant Dinnerware Set Sale

Elegant dinnerware sets and party supplies are expensive, and if you have to buy them every year to host different events, then you must wait for a Cyber Sale, and now it is here. Cyber week sale is the best time of the year to get your hands on your favorite dinner sets and many other items. 

If you are fond of hosting parties, then you must be looking for new dinnerware sets for each party, but that’s quite difficult as it might fit your budget. That’s why we recommend shopping on cyber Monday as there is the best deal offered on this day. 

Get your wallet ready for the cyber Monday sale and start shopping for the best dinnerware sets and other kitchen items you think you will use for the next entire while hosting your parties and other events. 

Our Disposable Dinnerware Sets

If you are wondering to take full advantage of the Cyber Sale, then you must need a guide, so you fall on the right product, and the right place to find it. There are many new dinnerware sets and party supplies launched every day in the market. So it gets difficult to find the best fit for your kitchen and needs to be fulfilled. 

Lucky you are! We have got you covered with our elegant-looking and stylish dinnerware sets and party supply sale that you can store for the entire year without worrying about outdated style as they are modern. 

Our disposable dinnerware sets are perfect for any event such as a wedding ceremony, birthday party, upscale parties, picnic parties, and casual parties. Moreover, we have everything in stock that your guests will use while having a delicious meal on the table. 

As our dinnerware sets are disposable, you won’t need to get your hands soaked in the freezing water to clean them. Instead, you can dispose of them easily. Plus, all the items are made up of plastic, which makes them lightweight, durable, and easy to carry even at your picnic party. 

Cyber Sale on Dinnerware sets

Disposable dinnerware sets do not only offer you practical benefits, but they would also help you to save the money you have been spending to buy ceramic. Moreover, it’s a cyber week discount, so the prices are even minimized. 

Look around and get the wholesale plastic dinnerware for the next party, or else you can buy in bulk to throw parties without any hassle. 


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party