Elegant Table Setting For New Year's Eve

Milena Kukurekovic
2020 was a wild ride, but there are plenty of good things on the horizon - and that is worth celebrating. When it comes to New Year's Eve, there is no better way than throwing a fabulous dinner party to embark on the New Year. Regardless of keeping it small with only a few friends, ring in 2021 by celebrating an evening of fun and merriment and hosting the ultimate bash to end the year strongly.

Looking for an elegant idea to make your New Year's Eve stand out? You have hit the jackpot! Because we have an exceptional party theme for New Year's Eve that will make your guests rave about your eve bash until the next one! And that's not all, Smarties - we are preparing a phenomenal New Year Sale! Use our COUPON CODE: NEWYEAR2021 and get 21% OFF SITEWIDE to supply all the Smarty's disposable partyware you need for the most elegant, beautiful, and joyful New Year's Eve!

To make your celebration special with some swoon-worthy table decorations, we have picked an alluring decoration idea that will surely give your space a festive pop. So get inspired by our elegant Blue & Gold Theme and throw the ultimate New Year party.


Loving the blue rosette table runners? Us too! Nothing says you can't use two. We put two blue rosette table runners next to one another over a gold satin tablecloth so that we could show more of that beautiful navy blue color.

Table Centerpieces

As soon as the foundation for our New Year tablescape was ready, it was time to move on to the centerpieces. We decided to decorate our table with a couple of lovely flower vase centerpieces for a riveting posh allure. We have opted for chic gold zircons vases as the base for our New Year table flower arrangements, which we decorated with a blue satin bow. We bunched up some luscious white flowers and brought a refreshing flair to our party table.

Place Setting

Once the tabletop decorations were complete, laying out beautiful place settings to enhance our New Year's Eve party was next on the agenda. We were looking for beautifully designed chargers for the dinnerware that would infuse a dramatic opulence into our New Year table setting. Hence, we have coupled gold charger plates adorned with beaded rims with beautiful white with blue and gold harmony rim plastic dinnerware value set on top, along with a set of gold disposable silverware and clear plastic pedestal wine glasses positioned on the side for a harmonized appeal. However, when picking napkins, we didn't look any further than our navy blue dinner napkins, which have beautifully tied all our elegant New Year's table settings together.

Additional Table Decor for New Year's Eve

Red, green, and golds are traditional colors and everything you buy you will be able to use again from year to year. In addition, these colors are warm and provide a striking festive effect.

Silver and white are constantly in trend because they provide a clean, simple but modern look to the table. Lately, the combination of silver with blue and purple has become increasingly popular, so if you like cool colors, set up a blue or purple table and plates with a silver border.

If you want your New Year's table decoration to be slightly different, don't limit yourself to the colors mentioned above. The combination of dirty pink, turquoise, and purple will make your table original. Black is also a good choice if you have a white tablecloth.

An optional tablecloth or decorative strip in the middle of the basic tablecloth. If the table is beautiful enough or you opt for a more modern look, place only a tablecloth or coasters instead of a tablecloth.

Table decorations can also include beads, almonds, walnuts, and various beads and stones that look great if scattered nonchalantly on the table but without exaggeration.

Flowers in Water

You can decorate the central part of the table with flowers in the water! It only takes a few minutes for this striking decoration. Fill various transparent containers with water in which you will put the holly. You can also add floating candles for an even more excellent look.

Paper Bags

Add glamor to small paper gift bags by painting snow on them with white paint, putting pine twigs in them, and finally wrapping them with a rope with a pendant in the shape of a Christmas motif. Neutral, minimal, and beautiful.

Winter Fruit

Place the candles in a zigzag line, arrange pine twigs and pomegranates around them as desired, and tangerines can also be used. This decoration will look best on a wooden table without a tablecloth.

Decorative Jars

At the bottom of the jar, add coarse salt, cranberries, or pomegranate over it, and finally, stick spruce twigs. This creative Christmas table decoration has many variations, and one of them is to make this decoration with coarse salt and a candle. Use both decorations and arrange the jars next to each other.

Dramatic Candlestick

Place various twigs and dried flowers in the candlestick, then add cones, fruits, and decorations as desired.

No doubt, organizing even small parties will take lots of planning and effort, but being able to meet your loved ones in person makes everything worthwhile. Don't you agree? This blue and gold New Year's Eve table setting is classy, modish, and downright festive and will impress all your friends and family. We hope you have gathered enough inspiration from this blog to create an elegant and magical ambiance for New Year's Eve. Have a great time, Smarties!

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We wish you a Happy New Year!

With love, Smarty had a Party!

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