Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Big Day Absolutely Magical

Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Make Your Big Day Absolutely Magical

Milena Kukurekovic

We all wait for a wedding, which should be magical and fascinating. What is more magical than a wedding in the winter season? Many people enjoy weddings in cold weather, but they need more ideas and planning for their wedding. This article will provide some fantastic winter wedding ideas and trends in 2022 that will make your wedding magical.

Wear a Wintry Outfit

Wedding outfits are the essential thing one chooses for their wedding. Still, many people make blunders while choosing it because they go for some sleeveless silk dress that keeps them shivering all day and spoils their day enjoyment, so always give it a thought before you select your wedding dress.

Selecting a dress does not finish the task. You can also add some fantastic winter accessories that beautify the look, like tuxedo-style jackets, fluffy stoles, long skirts, faux fur bolero, etc. On the other hand, grooms can go for some tweed and wool for the rustic and chic look.

Host Your Wedding in the Wintry Venue

Selecting a venue that flawlessly goes with the winter season is one of the most important jobs of the wedding, so give your all and choose the venue that perfectly lends to the season. Outdoor venues would not be an excellent option, especially when you are hosting the reception at nighttime, so always consider daytime events in an outdoor venue and go for an indoor forum at night events.

Choose a Winter Color Palette

The Colour palette for the winter wedding includes a lot of great and rich festive colors that give the feeling of warmth during the cold season. You can choose the colors like deep reds, greens, ochre, dark pink, navy, warm orange, and many more.

You can utilize many of these Funky colors in whatever way you feel would be a good idea; you can use some of them and make a mixture having some colors, for example, ochre, dark pink, greens, and dark orange, mix them all and use them in different parts of the decor, or otherwise, you can also go for a contrast of two colors and arrange all the festoon marching with that.

Consider a Chic Coat or Elegant Jumper

A chic coat and elegant jumper would be the best option if you come out of the church and go to your reception venue; you must cover yourself up with some fluffy mohair, cashmere, jumpers, etc., before you turn blue before the picture session.

Furthermore, if you have planned some photo sessions outdoors, like in some snowy venue, then long coats and some warm dresses must be carried to click the best photos without shuddering.

Opt for Bold Makeup

As winters have short days and night covers up the sky very soon, your event will have to face the night even if you plan it in the afternoon, so choose your makeup accordingly. If your event has to go on at night, it is a good idea to go with dark, loud makeup like vampy nails, sparkly eyeshadow, dark plum lips, dark eyeliner, etc. So that your pictures turn out to be great and the night lighting is suitable for your photographs.

Let Your Bridesmaids Sparkle

Bridesmaids are the most critical part of the wedding, making it magical and memorable for the whole life. Bridesmaids should plan their outfits carefully as they have to accompany their bride, so the costumes should be in color and design that doesn't fade or dominate the bride's outfit. For example, they can wear full-length sequin-colored dresses in dull gold and bright silver. This color combo will be in demand after your bridesmaids launch it at your wedding.

Serve Festive Cocktails

Cocktail hour is the most awaited one in weddings, so keep your entire focus on deciding which cocktails to choose at the wedding. As far as the winter wedding is concerned, there are lots of festive cocktails that you can opt for, including mulled wine which is the favorite one in the events; it will warm you and your guests up and will also give a pleasant fragrance in the venue.

Moreover, try to serve some warm cocktails after every 2 hours to give the guests warmth so that they genuinely enjoy the event without hesitating from the cold. Tea would also go down well, so try to add this to your cocktail list and make sure you remember this part.

Use for Thicker and More Traditional Materials

All the materials you use in the wedding decor should have the touch of thicker and traditional ornaments like a tablecloth. You can select a perfect plain tablecloth in velvet and match it to your theme. Along with a tablecloth, velvet napkins would also give a beautiful look, so matching them up like checky napkins on the plain tablecloth would be a perfect match and appeal to everyone at the table.

Not only tablecloths, but you can also choose hanging drapes, photo booth backdrop, and other velvety, burlap, or tweed material to give the wedding a perfect winter look. You enjoyed the notion, didn't you?

Set an Elegant Wedding Tablescape

Let’s be honest. Besides the groom and bride’s parents, everyone comes to the wedding for food. In such a case, if you don’t have elegant disposable dinnerware for weddings, then your guests might be disappointed. Using expensive dinnerware sets is horrible as they usually get broken and are mostly mainstream. If you want your wedding to be as relaxed as you are, then vouch for plastic dinnerware for weddings. 

Having elegant disposable dinnerware for a wedding at each table makes the entire wedding look elegant. It is vital to have disposable wedding dinnerware sets instead of buying different items, making a set look cheap. If knowing how important having a dinnerware set is has urged you to get plastic dinnerware sets for weddings, too, then check out Smarty had a party. In this store, you can find plastic value sets at relatively lower rates. Our plastic wedding tableware sets and combo plate sets will make your weddings look amazing. So what are you waiting for? Check out our unique items and start shopping!


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