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If you want convenient and beautiful flatware for your next party or event, Smarty Had A Party has all the flatware you need with a unique twist that will make your next celebration much better. After all, part of how you set your table will be the appearance that it shows off — to other people. Do you want your table to turn heads? These examples of modern flatware are going to do it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flatware made of?

For the best biodegradable profile in combination with reducing single-use waste, all of our flatware is made of a variety of palm leaves, bamboo, cornstarch, and sugarcane. When it comes to reducing single-use waste, we also include recycled plastic in this carefully perfected blend so that we are doing our part to keep our landfills reduced.

Is there the possibility of splinters?

No, you’ll be happy to learn that there is no chance of splinters when you are looking at the idea of using these! They are carefully perfected to b lightweight, smooth to the touch, and safe for use when cutting, spooning, or forking.

How do eco-friendly flatware compare in durability to plastic?

They are more durable than plastic, as they are designed so that the strength of the grain works in favor of how they’re oriented. This gives it power that plastic can never have. No more broken fork tines or snapped spoons from dishing up a heavy pasta dish!

How do I dispose of eco-friendly flatware responsibly?

Disposable flatware will often come with the assumption of garbage waste or, at best, recycling. Our eco-friendly flatware is disposed of by rinsing it off and throwing it into your compost heap. It’s going to break down and feed your compost to help you enjoy soil that is rich, healthy, and full of particles in its second or third-life form!

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