How To Be an Eco-Friendly Host

How To Be an Eco-Friendly Host

Parties are an enjoyable part of life. Whether it is a family get-together, holiday feast, wedding reception, birthday party, cocktail party, or pizza night with your nearest and dearest friends - it doesn't matter because you will be in for a great time either way. But, unfortunately, they can also be an invitation for excess and waste. We care about our planet just as much as you do, so one of the most prevalent topics we discuss with our customers is how to have a rocking party while respecting the planet. 
Since epic events don't have to be wasteful or harmful to the environment, Smarty has prepared some easy steps and party supplies to help you be a more eco-friendly host and make your event a green one.


Use green party supplies

First things first - you have got to have recyclable and compostable dinnerware at your green party. Forget about those faux-styrofoam potato-based pieces - we have got a collection of beautiful palm leaf, bagasse, and birch tableware that will impress even your most discerning guest. Biodegradable and compostable tableware is the best way to set your tables with sustainability that doesn't sacrifice style. Check out our eco-friendly dinnerware, including plates, bowls, trays, utensils, accessories, and more.


Forego flowers for more sustainable options

Fresh-cut flowers are a staple of table decor, but they are an accent that comes with a high price tag... for your wallet and the environment. Instead, try building a centerpiece with beautiful citrus fruit or using sustainable succulents to decorate your place settings. 

Reuse - Reuse - Reuse

We know, these aren't the 3 Rs. But it is a key mantra to lightening your party's footprint and cutting down your contribution to landfills. Try gifting your used linens to a bride or event planner in need, purchasing reusable partyware, and donate any unused goods to a classroom for arts and craft projects.


Light up the night with LEDs 

Ditch the tacky (and dangerous) cords running under tables or through the garden for a more renewable resource. Use energy-efficient LED accessories to shed some light on your next event.

Don't let leftovers go to waste

We often over-order food in fear of not having enough to feed all our guests, but letting extra food go to waste is such a tragedy! Send your guests home with unopened bottles of wine, or give them stylish take-out containers they can use to pack up a box of their favorites for lunch tomorrow.


Give an earth-friendly party favor

An earth-friendly party favor is sourced ethically and has a small environmental footprint, whether in its creation or consumption. For example? You can make some of your famous homemade treats as a party favor, or for weddings and other occasions, we love the idea of giving guests seedlings they can plant at home to remember your special day.


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