Tips for Choosing Disposable Flatware

Tips for Choosing Disposable Flatware

Sam Chun

As the weather gets warmer, we can't help but think about doing some alfresco dining in the comfort of our own backyards. We look forward to inviting our closest friends and family for some safe gatherings, fantastic food, and a promise of a good time. For some of us, we're not simply firing up the grill and chopping the melons for the fruit salad to celebrate Memorial Day or the 4th of July. What better way to have a wedding reception on a beautiful summer day than to make it a home game for you and your family?

If you're planning on throwing some serious parties this summer, you'll probably want to keep your flatware and tableware collections at bay. You may not have enough utensils and plates on hand to serve everyone, and you'd hate to see any of your expensive and fine cutlery somehow get lost in the shuffle, never to return. These instances are when we turn to purchase disposable flatware. These are budget-friendly, easy to clean, and weigh relatively less than fine silver cutlery. So today, we thought of sharing some suggestions for you regarding choosing the right disposable flatware for your outdoor and indoor party dining table this summer.

Make Your Date with Density

You could walk down the grocery store aisle and, right next to the paper plates, find those white plastic forks, spoons, and knives that have been a mainstay of every child's birthday party and summer cookout. They're the kind of snapping off a tine of the fork as soon as you stab at a cube of cantaloupe. They weigh nothing. And the white knives, forget about cutting meat. They don't even do an excellent job of cutting your vegetables. Hear it from us, Plastic utensils and cutlery items don't have to feel cheap, it does not have to look cheap, and it certainly doesn't have to function cheaply, either. So, when you are purchasing flatware, especially disposable ones, look for disposable flatware that has a bit of heft to it. You need light cutlery, but that doesn't mean that they have to be similar to the weight of a feather. When you can feel the weight of plastic utensils in your hands, they feel more like familiar metal flatware, so give your flatware some gravitas.

Elegant Flatware for Elegant Occasions

If you are planning a backyard wedding reception, you'll want to avoid the quotidian and make every aspect of the table setting feel like a unique, once-in-a-lifetime event. You may spend a little money picking out the perfect candles and centerpieces. Still, as we always say, good disposable dinnerware and disposable flatware options will provide excellent complements to your setting. Flatware and dinnerware are a part of the table decoration. 

These are some of the flatware we offer; our rose gold sets lend the perfect note of distinction to weddings, while silver options add classic accents that match any color scheme you choose to feature. And for those who appreciate a bit of glamour, our gold flatware is designed especially for you. 

We understand that simplicity gives off a vibe of elegance for some. Therefore, we designed flatware with a standard handle just for you. Some colors we offer are, as we have mentioned, silver, rose gold, and gold. We have tried to replicate the look of fine cutlery by giving our flatware a shiny finish. They are made to feel just right in your hands and feel luxurious. 

For some of you, elegance can be stylish and glamorous. So we came up with our Baroque, hammered, glamour, and Danish crown collection with you on our minds. This flatware of ours has a metallic shine to them. Some of them have textured handles. And some cutlery handles have a little bit of dazzle to them. Some of the flatware is given an ornate handle. Now, which is which? That is for you to give them a look and find out! This flatware mainly comes in silver, gold, and rose gold colors. 

We also have gold spoons, forks, and knives with black handles. We wanted to mix glamour and modernity together. This flatware has an air of contemporary elegance to them. 

Black Flatware for Your Themed Parties

Yes, you read the above sentence right. We have come up with a collection of black cutlery, which is the perfect match for your Halloween parties, all-black parties, and other black-themed parties. Black twig disposable flatware will be an excellent match for your Halloween parties, do check it out. Our black-colored flatware can also be used on formal occasions such as business events. We have tried to have different designs of handles. Some handles are a bit thin, some are carved, and some are plain. 

Clear Disposable Flatware

This flatware will be a great addition to your fun-filled birthday parties. Break free from the typical white-colored flatware and use clear flatware that is durable and functions appropriately. These can be decorated as you please too because they are clear. Make the handle glittery, polka-dotted, or any other way you want. 

Green Palm Leaf Flatware

Suppose you have a particularly verdant setting to coordinate with or simply like to plan your parties with an eye toward sustainability. In that case, we suggest you choose disposable flatware and go green. Palm leaf flatware from Smarty Had a Party is a durable, biodegradable, and attractive option for any dinner table, whether inside or outside. Palm leaf products feature a simulated wood-grain pattern that suggests authentically carved utensils but matches those aesthetics with equally attractive price points that make this green option realistic. Also, palm leaf products are made from all-natural materials without chemicals added. They are compostable too. So, feel free to add the used palm leaf flatware to your compost pile. 

When buying disposable flatware for a large crowd, we suggest purchasing a few flatware and testing them out. Then with the assurance, you can choose to buy in bulk. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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