Tips for Designing a Beautiful Wedding Tablescape

Tips for Designing a Beautiful Wedding Tablescape

Milena Kukurekovic

Let your wedding table shine along with you and your partner!

The ambiance of your wedding tables influences the mood of your guests. Creating an elegant tablescape is significant to give your guests a vivid and attractive view. It can also be a good conversation starter because everybody appreciates and talks about what looks pleasing to their eyes. So to make your guests feel loved and welcomed, you are going to learn how to set a gorgeous tablescape. A few tips and tricks will help you ace this task.

Spend Time Looking for the Latest Trends

It’s 2022, and people like to blindly follow the trends. You need to do something unique while staying trendy. Therefore, you should spend a good amount of time on the internet, look for what’s trending this year and compare it with past trends. Open Pinterest and keenly observe every picture to get an idea as to what makes each table unique and different from the others.

Once you are done researching, decide on one style of tablescape design. It can be a Boho-rustic style with a monochromatic color palette or a colorful vibrant wedding - the choice is all yours.

Use the Venue in Favor of the Tables

Keep the venue in your mind, whether outdoors or indoors, and then decide how to set the tables. Play around the venue and decorate your tablescape in such a way that it complements the venue. Know exactly what you’re going to do so you don’t go off-track.

Choose a Color Scheme

Colors are the most important part of any tablescape. Especially when it’s your wedding day, choose a color scheme that suits the theme and nature of your event. Don’t forget the rules of creating or choosing a color palette for your event.

Remember, the dinnerware and centerpieces on your tables should not be of the same color but contrasting. Mix and match the colors on your wedding table to create a beautiful scene.

Incorporate Texture

Give texture to your tablescape, and see how it changes the look of the table dramatically. You can give your wedding tables texture in several ways.

Layer, layer, and layer! Layering gives a maximal look to the table, which is something you need to have when speaking of texture.

The table runner and napkins can be a great way to give your wedding tables just the perfect texture. Use different fabrics with textural variations to give your tables unique textures. Flatware is something that can give more value and texture to another dinnerware present.

Play around with the pattern and texture of the table, and you will be able to create an elegant tablescape.

Add Varying Heights

The key to giving your wedding tables a dimension is by creating varying heights with different objects such as candles, centerpieces, or even drinkware. Also, they will make the guests focus on all parts of the table, which will enhance other decorations as well.

The rule for creating heights is to either add too much height or keep the tablescape very low, so none of the guests’ views gets blocked. For couples looking for a small, intimate wedding, low-heightened tablescapes are perfect. Consider a picnic-style low tablescape with cushions as seatings. A simple, plain table runner with a floral centerpiece and string lights on the top will be enough to complete the look of this kind of tablescape.

Look to the Nature for Decor

When decorating your wedding tables, look to nature to give the tables a botanical feel. The way natural elements, like foliage and petals give freshness and vividness to the tables is impressive. You can use eucalyptus or monstera leaves foliage, incorporate them with the centerpiece or put them along the sides of the tables, and you are good to go.

They can last for about two weeks indoors and even longer in winters outdoors, so you will get to see their beauty for a long time. Just spray them with water once a day, and they will be fine.

Let the Tables Glow with CandleLight

A perfect wedding tablescape has to involve candles, no matter what. Candlelight makes your tables glow and look lovely when combined with the centerpiece. They are multi-functional; they add height to the tables while making them glow beautifully. They look perfect on all tablescape themes, whether rustic or a bright table, minimal or maximal, indoor or outdoor.

To add dimension to the tables, put the candles in glassware of different sizes with some rose petals placed at the bottom.

Bring the Petal Power In

Never say no to the florals!

There is no event that flowers don’t look good in. They have some magic that simply adds an enormous amount of elegance to whatever tablescape they go on. Put them in vases or arrange them with foliage - they will look elegant anyway. The freshness and aroma of the freshly picked flowers will fill your wedding venue with feelings of love and new beginnings.

Say Yes to Elegance

While you are planning to get everything for your wedding table, don’t put the choice of tableware at the last moment. It will make a hash of the table setting. Order durable, budget-friendly, and most importantly fancy disposable dinnerware for weddings along with the decor. The choice of the dinnerware can make a real deal-maker or deal-breaker kind of a situation.

Visit Smarty Had A Party’s website and get yourself the most exquisite plastic dinnerware sets for weddings. Our structured glassware is the best thing to have at a cocktail reception. Moreover, our flatware adds texture to the tables, making them look graceful and elegant. The colors of our disposable wedding dinnerware sets will make you fall in love with them.

Give It a Personal Touch

Your big day should have personalized elements that make it more personal and romantic. For example, on the place cards, print a small note for your guests to make them have a warm, welcoming feeling.


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!

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