March Madness Beer Tasting Party

Milena Kukurekovic
March Madness season is finally here. The time of year again when we get to charge up our passion for basketball and relive the glory days of college. For sports fans, March Madness is an extended holiday that typically means - hosting sports parties and placing bets. But, of course, one can argue that it is easier to order some pizza and call it a day. But where is the fun in that? Any time of the year that focuses on a theme or event is an excellent time to get creative. We think the best way to fuel the competitiveness of an adult game night is by picking the perfect party theme for your March Madness Day. So after you have filled out your brackets, invite some friends over for the most exciting tournament in college basketball and score extra points with a Beer Tasting Party Theme. This perfect theme for this year's March Madness will feed your hungry fans and ensure every moment of the party is a hit.

Beer tasting is a fun theme that is incredibly easy to customize to your tastes. And if you want your crowd to go wild, you need this game-changing Smartyware! You don't need to know the players' names to impress all those basketball fans. All you need is a Smarty Set-Up! From beautiful disposable plastic tumblerscupsglassestasting forks, and spoons to disposable party dinnerware setsmini bowlsflatware, and drinkware, you will find the perfect game day plasticware you need for a fun March Madness Party at an excellent price. With a beautiful Smarty's tableware, you can be sure that your March Madness Party will be a significant win this season and get everyone pumped up for the big game! 

7 Tasting Steps

Beer tasting is much more than just "swallowing." To fully understand and enjoy the beer you drink, there are several simple application strategies and some general tricks and tips to get the most out of your beer.

We have broken down the beer tasting process into seven main steps - pouring, watching, spinning, smelling, drinking, tasting, and thinking.

Here's what it looks like in practice:

Step 1: Pouring

Whether you drink canned beer, bottled, or draft beer, it is important to pour it into a glass. While a standard beer glass or mug can do the job, we recommend choosing your mirrors based on the beer you drink.

Step 2: Watching

Once you pour your beer, take a good look at it. Note the color as well as the size and consistency of the foam.

Step 3: Spinning the Glass

Gently swirl your glass. Let the beer "blind" with the glass. This will extract all the subtle aromas and nuances of beer. Also, this is how you test the retention of foam in the glass.

Step 4: Smelling

Immediately after turning the glass, take two sharp, quick smells, and then take an ordinary sense of smell. Take one last breath when you open your mouth. Ensure you are in an area free of any foreign, overpowering odors, as this will affect the experience. Take and feel all the aromas. Pay attention to strong, weak, not strong enough, etc. Try to articulate what you are experiencing.

Step 5: Sampling

Take a small sip and hold it in your mouth. Keep the beer in your mouth, and gently stir it with your tongue over your mouth. Allow it to stay in your mouth while you register the flavors. Exhale, releasing air into your mouth through your nose, and then swallow.

Step 6: Drinking

Now, the moment you've been waiting for the most. Isn't it better to try when you've been waiting a bit? You have had many experiences, and now you can indulge - just don't drink it all at once!

Step 7: Thinking 

Take notes, talk to friends or just sit back and think about the experience. This will help you become a better beer key, as you will become more efficient in communicating with your experience. It will also improve all the tastings you will attend in the future because you will soon develop a wide range of flavors for comparison and contrast.

Go Team! Now Bring On the March Madness

While the game is playing in the background, your March Madness snacks and drinks should be at the forefront in style! Because the main attraction is the games themselves, you won't have to worry about entertainment or keeping your guests busy. That part will already be done for you. All you need to do is turn on your television and set a beer tasting bar!

Disposable Party Drinkware

The most important part of this party is the tasting, and Smarty Had A Party has the perfect tasting cups! Our range of mini pilsner-style plastic cups is just the right size for an ideal sample, and the beer looks great displayed in them. In addition, 16 ounces tasting cups conveniently fit into a tray for fabulous presentation and easy service, and their convenient disposable design makes a quick and effortless clean-up. 

Creating a beer tasting party is simple! Choosing which beers to serve will be the most challenging part. Once you have made your selections, set out tasting cups filled with each type of beer. Insert a labeled pick into orange halves for a cute way to help guests identify each beer. For a blind craft beer tasting, label each beer with a number instead of the name. Have guests rank their favorites and compare notes at the end. Provide full-size glasses so your guests can enjoy their choices!

Don't forget to serve snacks! Nothing pairs better with beer than freshly baked pretzels and spicy mustard. And for dessert: bacon cupcakes! They're the perfect combination of salty and sweet that will surely satisfy your tasting guests.

What you need:

Stack 9.5" ivory plates on 10.75" gold plates for a fun beer-like serving platter! Arrange pretzels on the plates and serve mustard in these dipping bowls. 

Get into the basketball spirit, throw a chic Beer Tasting Party this year, and make the most out of March Madness. We hope that you will be able to bring the court right into your home without breaking the banks with our Beer Tasting Party.

What are you waiting for? It's time to plan your beer tasting party!

Shop this look, and feel free to save a few sips for us. :) 


Complementary Smarty Disposable Party Plasticware:


With love, Smarty had a Party!


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