Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Creamy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Milena Kukurekovic

The Winter season is known for delicious dishes like soups, French fries, fried fish, and many more. Soup is the one dish everybody likes and prefers in winter, and many people crave a homemade soup that is hygienic and tastier than a restaurant one. 

But many of us need to learn how to make the perfect soup to enjoy on frosty evenings. So we will provide you with an easy peasy lemon squeeze recipe of the most famous and lovable soup, i.e., creamy pumpkin soup that you and your family would love to make and find luscious to eat.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

There are a lot of recipes for this creamy pumpkin soup on the internet, but the one we will talk about in this blog is easy, and you will find it manageable and tasty as well.  

There is a trick while you go for this creamy pumpkin soup: it will taste even more savory and tasteful if you make it a day before the actual day.

If you are planning a get-together and want to have this soup as a side dish, prepare it a day before the gathering and stiffen it overnight. Then, you can repeat and garnish it just a few minutes before the serving, and it will taste delicious.


Here comes the central part; ingredients. Which item to give in what quantity? Many of us need clarification about this part, but we will make it susceptible by providing the exact number of each ingredient and its amount.

  • Unsalted butter: (3 tbsp)
  • White onion (smoothly chopped): one small
  • Heavy whipping cream: 1-2 cups, depending on your taste and requirement
  • Low-sodium vegetable broth: 3 cups
  • Cayenne pepper: according to your taste
  • Pure pumpkin puree: 15 oz
  • White pepper: 1-4 tablespoons
  • Light brown sugar (firmly packed): 1 tbsp
  • Creme Fraiche (optional): as per required
  • Ground nutmeg (fresh): 1-4 tbsp
  • Garlic clove (minced): one

Part 1

The initial step that you need to do is to take the required amount of butter and heat it on a medium flame. Then, add the chopped onion when you realize that the butter is becoming brown, indicating that it has cooked properly. After adding onion make sure you saute it for about five minutes.

The next step is adding the other ingredients like cinnamon, garlic, cayenne, pepper, sugar, nutmeg, etc., and cooking them for about three minutes. On the other side, take the pumpkin puree and broth and stir it properly. After mixing, you would season it with salt and bring it to a boil on low flame for twenty minutes. Finally, fuss in the cream and chill for ten minutes.

Part 2

It is time to check the soup's consistency. If it doesn't match your expectation, add more water and stir it up. Place the mixture (stew) in a large saucepan and garnish it with creme fraiche. Enjoy the dazzling winter season.

Benefits of Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin being a glorious sustenance, especially in winter, gives the perfect taste and has enormous benefits. So let's take a look at them.

Source of Vitamins and Nutrients

Pumpkins are a go-getter for vitamins and nutrients, and this pumpkin soup has many more healthy things that enhance the benefits. They are known for having vitamin A in large amounts, which is beneficial in boosting eyesight.

Pumpkins are also low calorie, which helps in excellent weight loss and keeps the taste in order. So, how good is it that you can lose weight while enjoying the taste?


Pumpkin soup is soothing and gentle, and you can digest it easily; not only that, it kicks out indigestion or stomach problems from your body if you have one.

It maintains the equilibrium of your electrolytes while being high in fiber and energy. Pumpkin soup is known to be a significant barrier against diseases like cancer, and it fights certain types of severe conditions and has been successful in doing so.

Good for Bones

Pumpkin soup also helps in improving bone health because of being high in nutrients and calcium, which are the driving forces for our bones. Pumpkin seeds are also beneficial as they are a sizable source of magnesium, zinc, copper, and protein. So, in addition to soup, you can eat these seeds for a significant health boost this winter.

If we talk about the complete range of vitamins that pumpkins have, we say that it has vitamin A and C, B6 and B12, along with an actual iron content that gives an impactful touch to our health.

Keep the Balance

A single cup of pumpkin soup would have more potassium than an entire ledge banana. It fulfills your electrolytes balance and recoups you from a hectic day out as well, and it is so because it has an incredible amount of energy. 


Add less cheese, as more cheese will not help you lose weight. So always keep this in mind and add cheese just to have a flavor of it.

Have at least one cup of pumpkin soup daily as it will give you all the above health benefits that you would be surprised to see the drastic change in your body and feel fresh.

How to Serve:

We are sure you are now yearning to make the scrumptious creamy pumpkin soup but hold your horses as we will tell you the perfect way of serving this luscious dish. Take some plastic soup bowls and add the soup to every bowl. You can also take big plastic serving bowls if you are catering to the guests. 

The disposable bowls are always our first choice because they help you make less mess and spare you from washing them. Get some elegant disposable plastic bowls according to your party's overall theme and the furniture in your house. And if you want to know where to get the most affordable soup bowls for parties, check out Smarty had a Party. You can get the serving bowls of your choice. These soup bowls are elegant, affordable, durable, and easy to discard. Check out the new collections and find the most suitable cut-out for yourself. 

Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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