7 Creepy Outdoor DIY Halloween Crafts

7 Creepy Outdoor DIY Halloween Crafts

Milena Kukurekovic

Two words that describe Halloween the best are spooky and creepy. It's essential to take the spookiness to the next level by creating DIY Halloween crafts that are not just spooky but also budget-friendly. 

DIYs are the best because you get to create something new every day. Your work becomes super easy just like that, and you also become more productive. So let's check out the seven creepiest outdoor DIY Halloween crafts:

#1 Clay Zombie

Everyone loves playing with the clay as it is soothing and alleviates anxiety. This fun DIY will make you feel better while also helping you create a creepy DIY. 

Take a black, orange, white, green, red, or any color of your choice, and try making a zombie. If you are out of colors, just take the white clay and reshape it to become the best version. 

#2 Paper Bag Leaf Garland

We all talk immensely about the ecosystem but rarely care about the possibility of creating our ecosystem. 

This DIY is an excellent opportunity to test your skills for all those interested in science projects. First, take some paper bags and spread them nicely. Then take a string and make fine lines on each leaf with that help. 

Cut the paper bag sheet in the shape f leaves, and then get some clay to make the branches you want for your tree. Finally, you can attach your leaves to the components and play with them. 

You can make it spooky in many ways, like hanging the dolls with stitches in the cross instead of eyes. Nothing creeps people out more than that. 

#3 Masquerade-Theme Pumpkins

Your house looks magnificent with some outdoor Halloween decorations. For the masquerade-theme pumpkins, you need to get some pumpkins and carve them in the form of a face. You can start with the eyes and later go to the nose and mouth. 

Add some red or black color to the pumpkins to make them look eerie. You can have them bleed from certain parts, like the blood from the eyes and mouth, or give them stitches and let your imagination guide you. 

Once you have made this, you can place each alongside your walkway to help the guests find their way to your house. Make sure to put a bowl of treats they can have when they reach the end. 

#4 Black Candles and Boo Carpet

You can get your hands on some black candles, which are perfect for your occasions. Get some ropes and let the candles stand tall in the form of a tower. 

Once it's like that, you can get some thorns or nails and then put them in each candle. Each candle must have at least 20 pins in it. 

Then just take some dark red color, as close as it can be to the blood, and let it come out of the nails. This will give an eerie look to your candles and show the image of them bleeding. 

If you would like to welcome the trick-or-treaters, place it in front of your door alongside a doormat that says the word boo. You can take a standard doormat and carve any scary word of your choice, and it will look perfect. 

#5 Leaf on Pumpkins 

Nothing can beat the pumpkins when it comes to making something spooky. First, you can cut some leaves on the pumpkin and start adding some blood-colored fluid inside. Then you can take some black spiders and place them inside. 

If the spiders are not that scary, feel free to place a head inside (fake head). You can also get creepy on a ball and put it inside since it will serve quite a similar purpose. 

You can let your creativity help you with what you want to place inside, as there might be countless other options. 

#6 Heavy-Duty Plastic Cutlery

You might get the best heavy-duty plastic cutlery, but it only serves the proper purpose for Halloween if it's not creepy. 

For this DIY, get some durable plastic cutlery that you can use to make a creepy DIY. The extra strong plastic cutlery is needed is that this might require you to mold your cutlery a bit.  

You can take some black ribbons to cover the bottom of your heavy-duty disposable plastic cutlery in a crisscross shape. Then add some skulls and pumpkins on them to give a spooky look. 

We assure you that this strong plastic cutlery will stay with you longer. You can make heavy-duty plastic cutlery sets and serve your favorite meal to your famous guests. 

#7 Little Plastic Bugs Jar

Plastic bugs are always a good choice. There are perfect sizes for little jars; many now have awesome figurines and seem pretty authentic. The crystal deformation further amplifies the scary sensation.

To highlight certain features versus his initial black plastic material, you can give this gentleman a paintbrush of brown and gray paint.

A used salt and pepper shaker serves as the container. You can use water hose mending tapes to plug the seal openings beneath and many heavy layers of paint to cover it up.

Tips & Tricks

These inexpensive outdoor Halloween decoration ideas will undoubtedly frighten the entire community. Each cheap Halloween ornament is built to withstand the elements and may be placed on your entrance, veranda, pavement, or garden. 

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Eat, drink & be scary, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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