How to Host a Fall Harvest Party in Your Backyard?

How to Host a Fall Harvest Party in Your Backyard?

Milena Kukurekovic

Your backyard is the best place to hold a harvest party. Why? Because harvest gives you all-natural vibes, and so does your backyard if you maintain it. 

Once you start throwing parties in your backyard, not only will people love your autumn theme, but your backyard will also stay clean for a long time. There are some easy steps to do so, and we will walk you through all of them. 

Are you ready for a chic and attractive party? Then let’s get started!

Clean Your Backyard

Your backyard might always be super clean, but that doesn’t mean you can skip this step. You would need to keep your backyard crystal clear, and it needs to look nice and done before you start to spread the carpet. 

Make sure you have mowed the grass and smoothed the sitting area with a particular instrument. Then, you can invite your friends over since cleaning the backyard can be hard to crack. 

Place a Nice Rug

Let;’s focus on your seating area first because more of the time will be spent there. You can have a round seating area where you put some nice chairs around a table. You can choose the table according to your liking, but we suggest placing a run first.

You can get a round or a square rug based on your preference. A round rug is better when fewer people are invited, but contact a giant rug if more people are coming over. The carpet can be orange with leaves or pumpkins printed on it. 

You can also customize a rug yourself by carving fall-based quotes on it. “Hello, fall” is p[ersonally our favorite quote to sculpt on a doormat or a mat. 

Use String Lights

You can purchase some string lights and put them on top of the seating arrangement. Everyone loves lightening, and while they illuminate your surroundings at night, they are perfect as the decor in the daytime. 

You can get string lights in different shapes. Pumpkin-shaped string lights would be the best for this occasion, and yellow or orange lights will be the best option. 

Tables and Chairs

Get your hands on some beautiful tables and chairs made up of natural products to have a homely feel. You can get some lovely cushions and place them on the chairs. The table setting is vital, so we will cover that too in detail, but the essential thing is to spread a white or rustic sheet. 

You can also try to adorn your chairs in different ways, like attaching loose strings with pumpkins at the end on the back of each chair. 

Table Setting 

The table setting is another crucial aspect to be kept in mind. If you have set the table in pink and white, there is a fragile chance that anyone will like it. 

To make it more likable, start by placing a white sheet on the table and choose a lovely centerpiece. Your centerpiece can be anything you like the most. For example, having an attractive small plant for a harvest party could be the best thing you can use as a centerpiece.

Work as much as you can with the rustic colors since they will elevate the look of your table. 

Arranging Props

After the basics of all the settings and coverall decoration are done, you can move on to creating some excellent props. Again, there are countless places where you can buy the props. 

Pr4ops are nice things that you can use to have pictures. So let your artistic nature come out and create creative props with fall-themed ideas. 

You can make a tree and use it as a prop. Another great idea is to create a pumpkin face mask that everyone will love while taking pictures. These prop ideas can help you look chich in lesser time. 

Arrange Games

A party is no fun unless there are countless games that the audience can see play. For example, one game that most people love is the wine-tasting game, in which each person gets to taste a sample of wine and tell which is the best wine. The winner receives a prop that you made.

There are other options, too, like playing musical chairs. Use the chairs you already have and place them in a circle. Ask everyone to move around, and the winner gets a present too. 

Arrange Food 

You can arrange a bar at the side to display food items you can offer your guests. Your guests will love having food while they are busy playing all the games you have arranged. 

One corner should be for refreshments like an excellent warm coffee or hot chocolate that no one might be able to resist. And some biscuits that the guests can take with them. On the other corner, you should place cookies, cakes, and all the food items you have chosen for your party.

Arrange Cutlery

Your cutlery plays the most crucial part in highlighting the beauty of your party, so we always suggest you have disposable silverware to elevate the look of your party. You can get a nice set of plastic flatware that you can place on the table and refreshment bar. Fancy plastic silverware will be great for a sophisticated yet laid-back party. 

Cleaning your backyard to ensure no thorns and garbage, placing a nice rug, and having a chic table surrounded by chairs are enough. Your table should be beautiful so that the guests praise your party. Arranging food, props, and games is the easiest but not negligible. Cutlery is the most defining part of your event, so choose it wisely. 

If you are worried about where to get nice disposable flatware or disposable plastic silverware, then worry no more because Smarty Had A Party brought you a perfect Serving Collection and countless flatware options to choose from. Explore the website for more details and choose the best ones for your party - because you deserve it!


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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