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Frozen Pineapple Mimosa Recipe

Frozen pineapple mimosas are refreshing and are sure to cool you down this summer! To make things even better, there is a kid-friendly version so that the kiddos get a tasty treat too.

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Peach Recipes that are Just Peachy

A popular flavor this summer that's cropping up all over dinner tables across America is peach.  Being a somewhat southern-born gal and growing up near the heart of Missouri peach country, I've been a fan of this flavor for a very long time. I'm glad the rest of you are finally catching on.  To get you properly introduced to the bandwagon, here are four of our Smartiest peach recipes.

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Trend Alert: Miniature Foods

Move over bacon; there's a new trend in town.  Miniature versions of your favorite foods will be hitting party tables across America this year.

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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail with Avocado Salsa

I love shrimp. I love cocktails. I love salsa. And I love Avocados.  Now, here they all are in one big mouthwatery explosion of Mexican Shrimp Cocktail awesomeness.  I mean, just look at that picture. It's so delicious you could just eat it... What you need is...

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