Smarty's Awesome Black Friday Sale

Milena Kukurekovic

We heard you are throwing an ultra-fabulous party. Then your next stop should be Smarty Had A Party! Why is that? Because you can impress your guests (not only with your cooking skills) but with your hosting skills too - by shopping for premium tableware at Smarty Had A Party. We all know to host a big party, we need an equally large quantity of tableware. Black Friday is the time to stock up your cabinet by spending only a tiny amount of money. Black Friday of 2022 falls on Friday, November 25th - the day right after Thanksgiving - and it is your chance to enjoy the most significant savings on all your favorite Smarty Collections.

How can you save money on our Black Friday sale? Simply use our unique code: BLACKFRIDAY22, and you will enjoy 20% OFF SITEWIDE. From stunning disposable party dinnerware sets and silverware sets to wine glasseschampagne flutescoffee mugs, and mini partyware, we have planned an incredible Black Friday Sale across all of our ranges for you to take full advantage of.

Smarty's disposable plasticware is about difference, style, quality, creativity, and affordability. Smarty has perfect-quality tableware options suitable for any kind of party:(weddings, showers, birthdays) when you gather your friends, coworkers, and family together in one place to do nothing but have a great time. Our disposable dinnerware provides an excellent alternative to fragile porcelain, removing all the problems with breaking and cleaning. Mark our words, Smarty's disposable plastic tableware will leave its mark on your guests and not in your sink, showing you that classy and quality don't have to mean costly!

Now, you are curious about what will be on sale on the 25th. We have put together a list of some of our collections that will be on sale for you to grab. Look at Smarty Had Party's elegant disposable plasticware and pick the most beautiful design for your perfect celebration. 

Extremely beautiful, uniquely designed with particular attention to detail, sophisticated but at the same time very modern and timely, Smarty's plates will make entertaining fun and help you present all your culinary creations beautifully. As an aesthetic addition to your party supplies, our plates will look picture-perfect with the rest of your table decor, elevating your tabletop presentation, presenting your favorite recipes with understated style and durability, and providing your guests with an experience to remember. How would we describe the experience? We speak by experience. This dinnerware, with its smooth finishing and lightweight, provides the diners with a luxurious and comfortable dining experience.

Furthermore, our disposable fancy dinnerware proves that style and practicality can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Our fantastic plates will exceed your expectations by emulating the beauty and elegance of porcelain while adding quality, convenience, safety, and usefulness to disposable plastic. Plus, there are some wonderful Ecoware Collections of palm leaf and bagasse plates if you wish for something different. 

Looking for charger plates to level up your table setting? You are in luck; they are going up for sale.

Disposable Cutlery Collection

Premium Smarty's flatware set pieces (spoonsforks, and knives) are the only option satisfying all requirements you look for in a proper cutlery set: the need for a formal presentation and durable construction. With our disposable cutlery, you don't need to worry about the high costs associated with renting or owning permanent silverware (cleaning, transporting, and replacing). Made of heavy-duty, extra-sturdy plastic materials, which makes them very functional and simple to use, these flatware pieces can handle a variety of meals without any risk of breaking, cracking, or bending. Weighted and designed to perfection for maximum comfort for handling, yet intended for disposable use, our flatware will allow you to conveniently eliminate any cleanup needs, free up your staff to handle other more important tasks, and enjoy the party stress-free.

We all love a good collection of drinkware, don't we? So stock your cabinets with stylish and trendy collections on the Black Friday sale.

Disposable Charger Plates

Your elegant, refined table isn't complete without under plates: the beautiful chargers that help your matching tableware stand out, giving even the most simple table setting a more sophisticated appearance.

Smarty's gorgeous disposable charger plates, uniquely designed to fit any venue, decoration, centerpiece, or texture, and pattern around, will brighten up your table, add style and elegance to your party, and bring excitement even before the food is served.

If you are looking for mini ware, you have come to the right place. With our fantastic discounts, you won't notice a dent in your wallet, even if you bulk buy all the mini ware.

Elegant Mini Partyware

Planning a super cool ceremony for your special occasion isn't easy at all - it takes a lot of details to achieve the desired look and vibe to set an adorable table. And they need to blend to create a put-together look. So what you need for this is our wide range of parfait dishestureenscupsplatescoffee mugs, and bowls, which bring essence to the idea of your perfect evening. 

Attractive, practical, and convenient, this terrific disposable plastic mini partyware will help you serve delicious specialties and make after-party cleanup super simple without sacrificing the elegance and style you are known for.

Aren't we putting up cutlery sets for sale? Why not? It's next on our list. 

Disposable Elegant Drinkware

You are setting up an elegant party or event with the perfect drink selection — and to continue that elegant air, you want to ensure you have a unique drinkware collection 

There is no doubt that drinks are one of the most essential parts of any event, and the kind of glass you use to drink your beverage determines the level of satisfaction you get - that is why Smarty's fabulous drinkware line is designed to make you enjoy the favorite drink like you never did before. Offering great value and a safer vessel for drinking, our beautiful disposable plastic drinkware line is the perfect alternative to breakable and expensive glassware.  


Enjoy our Smarty Had A Party Black Friday Sitewide Sale!

Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

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