What Is the Best Summer Party Theme?

What Is the Best Summer Party Theme?

Milena Kukurekovic

Summer is a season of parties, and the best part about summer parties is there are endless choices of party themes. The natural way to enjoy the summers is to throw an epic party and let the fun begin. 

However, if you are a hardcore party lover, you might be bored of returning to the same old party themes that don't excite you anymore. Well, the event planning industry is always on the move to evolve. As a result, there are plenty of summer party themes that you must haven't tried.

If you have already planned to throw a fantastic party, we have your back with tons of themes to make your summer party full of excitement and fun. So stick to the end to find the best theme idea for your next party. 

Beach & Pool Party

In the dazzling heat of the summers, when our bodies' temperature gauge is almost hitting its peak, there's one thing that can make things enjoyable; a beach or pool party. We are discussing the summer party themes; how can you miss the pool party idea. 

Throw an epic beach party or bring the beach to your backyard and let the fun begin. The kids can also be your guests to learn some new swimming skills from the adults. Take the bite-size food, plenty of cold drinks in the cool box, and some seasonal fruits to the beach. 

You can also make your backyard look like the beach; you only need the inflatable pool toys, sand, beach or lawn chairs, decor, and seafood to graze throughout the party. Throwing a beach/pool party isn't just budget-friendly but also a fun activity to spend some quality time with your favorite people. 

Backyard Dinner Party

When it comes to the summer party, you can't go wrong with backyard parties. It doesn't only provide you and your guests with a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the vibe but is also a great way to create summer memories. 

If you prefer partying on cold nights instead of hot days, a backyard dinner party is the best choice to go for. 

Arrange a dinner party in your backyard, invite your friends and family, set up an elegant table, decorate the surroundings and cover the trees and plants with lights. Use the mason jars, craft them according to your creativity and make enchanting centerpieces for your tablescape. 

Give your table elegant touches with our fancy disposable serving ware that comes in various designs and colors. Using disposable plasticware to serve your guests would enable you to clean up like a breeze. 

Since disposable plasticware products are supposed to be discarded, you wouldn't have to spend hours washing a pile of dishes. Apart from parties, you can also use disposable plasticware for day-to-day use and serving needs. 

Get plasticware for parties at a fraction of the cost at "Smarty Had a Party." The best part is the online sale on all fancy dinnerware sets and serving wares. 

Picnic Party

Picnic parties are a great excuse to go to lovely outdoor gatherings with your favorite people around. Picnic parties happen to be the easiest in terms of arrangements. Most of the things you'll need for the picnic party will already be sitting at your home. 

Do thorough research to choose the best picnic spot for your party. Try to go with the unique options for everyone, like camping in the woods around the chirping nature or national park.

Take blankets, a comfortable spread, soft pillows, and plenty of water, beverages, and food. You don't need to cook all the food for the party; ask the send-outs guests to bring something with them to the party. 

Classy Movie Night 

What else could be cooler than laying in the cozy blankets under a starry night and watching an epic movie? If daytime parties aren't your thing, as the summer is scorching the heat over your heads, then say yes to the movie night party. 

Create your party scene by setting up a theatre in your backyard. For the immersive and best movie-watching experience, make sure to have some speakers. Use the live projectors to set up a big screen, so no one misses a perfect angle to enjoy the movie. 

You can't have a fantastic movie night without plenty of beverages, sweet treats, popcorn, and bite-sized food so everyone can graze on throughout the party. 

For the party touch, spread plenty of party balloons, hang streamers, and of course, you can play with the lighting to add aesthetics to the scene. 

Enchanting Luau Party

Luau parties are famous in Hawaii and rooted in the Hawaii islands. Though you might not be able to throw luau on the Hawaii islands, you can make your venue look alike. 

Luau parties are a great way to enjoy summer vacations with a unique party theme. So throw an epic luau party in your backyard or wherever you can, and get prepared to impress your Instagram followers with some epic portraits. 

For the decor, apart from the appropriate lighting, use the fruits like coconuts and pineapple to set the scene. You can even use them to make refreshing mocktails for your guests at the party. 

Moreover, use the flowers, tropical elements, and florals to create an epic island atmosphere at the party. Finally, ask your guests in the party invitations to dress up casually like they will be partying on the island. 

Fun Activities & Games for Summer Parties

Parties are incomplete with fun and entertainment. After your guests eat the food, plan some party games, contests, and fun activities to keep the guests entertained at the party. 

When it comes to party games, you don't have to do a lot about them. Just choose the games that don't require a lot of effort and arrangements to make. We have curated a list of them for you. 

  • Face paintings
  • Magic show
  • Watermelon carving
  • Dance contest
  • Singing contest
  • Water balloon dodging

There are plenty of summer games that you can play with your guests. Find different game ideas from the internet, as it's flooded with them.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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