How to Wrap Silverware in Paper Napkins?

How to Wrap Silverware in Paper Napkins?

Milena Kukurekovic

Whether it's a special event you are organizing at a restaurant or just having a fancy dinner party at home, playing with the presentation of the silverware and napkins can add a special touch to your settings. 

Placing napkins on a table or in the center of a dinner plate and having the silverware on the right side of the regular plate is also a formal setting, but when you are looking for a fancier look, wrapping up the silverware in a paper napkin is a great deal. 

Whether you don't know the ABC of wrapping silverware in paper napkins or just exploring new ideas, this extensive guide has got you covered. Stick to the end to find out more!

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Guide to Wrapping Silverware in Paper Napkins

How to Wrap Silverware

Wrapping up the silverware in paper napkins isn't that difficult. It might seem a difficult task, but once you start learning it, it's just a piece of cake for everyone. If you are creative, you can creatively wrap silverware with your techniques once you know how to wrap silverware in paper napkins. 

Making a Decorative Silverware Pouch

Step 1: Lay down the napkin on a flat surface, so it's a square shape facing you. Next, pick up the upper edge of the napkin and fold it in half, so it becomes a rectangle. 

Step 2: Iron the napkin and fold it by picking either the left or right edge of the napkin and folding it over the opposite edge, so it becomes a square shape again. 

Step 3: Now, ensure you have open ends of the napkins, and place the one over the opposite end in a diagonal direction to get a triangle shape. 

Step 4: Next, turn it over, take either the left or right side of the edge, and fold it in the center of the napkin. Fold both sides of the napkin inwards, so you have a pouch to secure your silverware when you turn it over. 

Creating a Simple Silverware Roll

As the name suggests, it's a simple wrapping technique that won't take much of your time while learning or performing it practically. Also, it doesn't require any fancy stuff other than the paper napkins and silverware that you want to use. 

You can place the paper napkin folding with silverware inside on the charger plates or by its side. The traditional and popular way is to place it on the chargers plates or your regular plates.

Materials Needed for Wrapping Silverware

Before we get into the actual folding paper napkins with silverware, you need to verify your checklist of what you would need to perform this. First, you need a fancy paper napkin and silverware of your choice that you want to use.

Make sure the paper napkins you would be using are durable and elegant because you don't want them to rip apart while handling. A duct tape will also be required, but it will work without it. It's up to you whether you want to put duct tape after wrapping or not — the choice is all yours. 

Steps for Wrapping Silverware 

Positioning the Napkin

Set a napkin on a flat surface, so it looks like a square. If the napkin has both a front and a back, you should make sure that the back is facing up.

Placing the Silverware

Place the forks and spoon with the knife and wrap any side of the napkins over the silverware. First, wrap one side of the napkin over the silverware and tuck it in the side of the silverware, so it's secure and doesn't fall off. Prefer to use disposable silverware, as it's favorable for paper napkins. 

Folding the Napkin

Next, start rolling the folded side of the napkin so the silverware is covered and wrapped in the paper napkin. You can put on the napkin ring if you want, and finally, the desired results will come. 

Completing the Process

If you use the napkin ring suitable for your party, you might need duct tape to secure it after wrapping it. Attaching a napkin ring is also a great way to enhance its presentation. 

Tips for Wrapping Silverware in a Paper Napkin

There are a few things you consider wrapping silverware in paper napkins to get the best results. First, ensure you have the most delicate paper napkins, as you don't want them to rip apart while folding or wrapping them. 

Moreover, while folding the napkins, you might leave wrinkles on the paper napkin. Use the iron to remove all the wrinkles to achieve a fresh look. Iron the napkin as you move forward while following the paper napkin folding technique. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make a wrapped silverware look great?

Using the best quality napkin is the first thing to make the silverware stand out. For other decorative touches, you can napkin rings and fancy ribbons. 

How do you fold napkins into fancy silverware?

The secret to folding the napkins into fancy silverware is playing with the napkins' color. Look for the bold, funky and vibrant colors and create a contrast between the silverware color. Also, the tableware you use matters too. Use the best disposable party tableware to create the best combination. 

How do you wrap silverware in napkins for a buffet?

The most straightforward technique that works the most is wrapping the silverware using the simple rolling trick. It's just not elegant, but also perfect for buffet settings, as it won't take much of your time to wrap it up. 

How do restaurants wrap silverware?

Fancy restaurants and others use the same techniques to wrap silverware discussed in this blog. 

How to roll silverware in a paper napkin?

  1. Place the paper napkin on a flat surface in a diagonal shape.
  2. Place the knife in the center of it in the diagonal direction. 
  3. Stake the spoon and fork on the knife.
  4. Pick up the left or right side of the napkin and tuck it in the silverware.
  5. Wrap the tail of the napkin and start rolling the tucked inside of the napkin. 


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