Throw an End of Summer Bash with Amazing Recipes

Throw an End of Summer Bash with Amazing Recipes

The summer is about to end, and it was a great time throwing some epic parties to build some epic memories with the loved ones. Now, it’s time to celebrate the end of summer bash one last time to feel the summer vibe.

Deep down, we all love summer parties because they open a lot of opportunities to both host and the guests. Playing outdoor party games, having some epic laughs, BBQs, celebrating holidays with loved ones are only a few of the reasons why you should throw a summer party.

We know some of your foodie guests are going to be there. So, why not give them a surprise by throwing an end-of-summer bash with some amazing recipes? Let’s discuss some delicious recipes that you can try at home quite conveniently.

Delicious Ice-Cream Bar

No doubt, ice cream is loved by every age group. Arranging an ice-cream bar with a variety of toppings would be a great idea. No doubt, ice-creams are consumed in winter as well, but in summer, it has some uniqueness.

You can go with any main ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan, strawberry; choose whatever you and your guest like. The thing you should focus more on is the toppings. There are hundreds of options available for toppings, so try to provide maximum toppings in your ice-cream bar.

If you’re expecting some kids over the party, it would be a great opportunity to win their hearts.

What about some Steaks?

If you’re planning to introduce more and more dishes to your table, then go with a Tri-Trip steak with a quick-to-make Salsa. It’s quite easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time like other steak recipes use to take. Moreover, Salsa can blend well with your steak.

You can also try Garlic-Butter steak to make your table a little bit spicy.

You Love Cookies, right?

Along with an ice cream bar, you can try ice-cream cookies and sandwiches as well. You can try a variety of recipes, like chocolate ice cream sandwiches or an oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich. Again, you’re going to make yourself a LOVELY host for those kids - believe us, they’re going to remember you for quite a long time.

Chicken Skewer

Unlike most BBQs, chicken skewer can be a great idea for quick meal preparation. BBQs take much time to prepare, while the chicken is much more tender already and takes very little time to become juicy.

Adding veggies in the skewer along with the chicken and gently applying butter when it’s almost ready will create an unmatchable vibe.

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