Top 7 Party Decorations of 2022

Top 7 Party Decorations of 2022

Milena Kukurekovic

Decorations always play a significant role in making your party stand out. However, it's constantly evolving with time. Still, the good thing about the ornaments is it's always worth knowing the trendy ones because you would be the first to arrange a party with the modern decor. 

If you want to plan a party and can't come up with the decor ideas, look no further. We have covered you with the top 7 handpicked decorations of 2022 that your guests would be surprised to see. 

Stick to the end to explore the trendy decor ideas, tips and tricks, and a lot more, so your party is more entertaining and gorgeous than ever. 

1 - Marquee Letters

Marquee letters were used in the past and were the show's start. They were used for different types of TV shows to decorate the stage, theaters, and cinemas to attract the people. 

Now, they can be used for upscale parties to add an elegant touch to the decor. They are perfect for this type of function. For example, you can use marquee letters for the birthday parties to display the "Happy Birthday," for weddings to display the couple's name, and for baby showers.

Replace the conventional balloons with the marquee letters and give your party a vintage touch. Then, decorate them with garland balloons to make their elegance even more prominent.

2 - Arabian Nights

Decorate your party with Arabian traditional decor. Instead, set up the furniture, and replace it with elegant carpet and a bunch of pillows for sitting arrangements. 

You don't need to be in the desert for the Arabian decor. However, you can make it look like it by creating an atmosphere resembling desert vibes. Light up a bunch of lanterns, colorful, vibrant canopies, and curtains to create an atmosphere full of ambiance and vibrant decor. 

Setting up the chairs and dining tables wouldn't surprise your guests. So think out of the box and go without the chairs and the dining table. Instead of setting up the tables, serve the food on the floor, as it's an Arab way of serving the food. 

3 - Transparent Chairs

Transparent chairs might seem a little weird to you if you haven't read or heard about them before. However, they are pretty trendy and work perfectly fine for all types of upscale events. 

Don't worry about the durability of the transparent chairs. They aren't made of glass. Instead, they are made of hard plastic. So instead of using the covered chairs, replace them with transparent chairs and make your decor stand out. 

Moreover, by going for the transparent chairs, you would be killing the hassle of matching the chair covers with the party theme. They are transparent and look fabulous with every theme idea and party decor. 

4 - Neon Light Signs

When it comes to the party decor, the ambiance is necessary to make it look attractive. So what else could you think of other than the vibrant lights to bring the ambiance to your party decor? Bright your party space with neon lights. 

They are perfect for doors, toilet signs, welcome party signs, and beverage areas. Also, you can put the evergreen message for the guests at the party. 

Moreover, neon lights can be used to decorate the backdrops so your guests can have attractive photos for their social media accounts.

5 - Metallic Balloons Shapes 

Gone are the times when the balloons had no varieties other than the availability of the colors and size. In 2022, the industry has massively evolved, resulting in the availability of various balloons. 

Decorate your party space with metallic balloon shapes to add a unique touch to the decor. Choose shapes according to your party theme to make it more mesmerizing and attractive for the guests. 

For instance, if you are throwing a little ones' party and have chosen an astronaut theme for the party, then you have metallic rocket-shaped balloons, space-ship-shaped balloons, and balloons with an illustration of the milky way.

6 - Decorative Serving Wares

An elegant tablescape can make a huge difference in your party decor. And, when it comes to the table decor, serving ware plays a critical role in making things communicate formally on the table.

In 2022, the event planners industry will be more focused on working on serving ware decor. If you have a party theme in your mind for your next party, then half of the job has been done. All you have to do is to choose the decorative serving wares that match your party theme. 

You can go with disposable serving ware, as they are pretty easy to craft and turn into a piece of art. You can decorate them according to your own creative instinct and use them for the serving ware purpose. 

Think of a photo wreath, create a fantastic photo wreath with the disposable plates, use each plate to display one photo, and create a photo timeline.

Get elegant plastic serving ware for parties at a fraction of the cost. We have a wide variety of disposable serving bowlsplastic serving trays, and disposable serving cutlery for all types of upscale events.

Big Cake

Cakes are also becoming part of a gorgeous display at the parties. That's why the variety is endless to choose from. Whether celebrating a birthday or throwing a wedding party, the cake would be the focal point of the attention. 

Take full advantage of the audience's attention and be thoughtful when choosing the cake for your celebrations. Apart from the conventional cake size, select a cake from a bigger size, so it's a star of the show. 

The cake decorations are also an area where you can play with your party decor. Match the cake color and decor like garlands and flowers with the party's theme. Discuss the party theme with your cake designer if you are lucky to be born in a millionaire's home.


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