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The most beautiful and honest smiles on our faces show up during these little moments when we read birthday cards and wedding cards. Our friends' wishes are as important as they are lovely and honest: "May you spend your life in love, peace, and harmony."

Truthfully, this is what we wish for ourselves for every aspect of our life, work, relationships, traveling, and celebrations— harmony. So, regarding our wishes and dreams, Smarty created these beautiful, harmonious textures and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mix and match plastic harmony plates?

You can mix and match these plates if you want to use the blue rim with the classic single-tone plates. Or, you can play around with the ivory and see how to distinguish each course. We recommend sticking with harmony from one course to the next, but feel free to shake up which color and rims you go for! It'll offer originality but still give you the matching you need and deserve.

Is disposable harmony collection feminine?

We don't think that it is or is not feminine! On the contrary, it's a beautiful collection that will offer you some delicate swirls, curls, and floral touches. However, it is undoubtedly vintage and will give your table the sophisticated and timeless look you might be going for with your event.

Are the value sets more affordable than individual buys?

Yes, Smarty focuses on designing value packs for family reunions, weddings, and more that will help give party supplies enough for everyone at your event. The goal is to spend your money on the things that really count rather than ceramic or porcelain choices for the table. These are the impact of professionalism without the price tag! Perfect for those on tight budgets and even for those who aren't!

How do I match my plates with flatware and other tablescape decisions?

For best results, we recommend trying some of Smarty's gold flatware. This will intentionally bring out the gold in the dinnerware and help you dress up the beautiful table you want and deserve.

Refined and Elegant Harmony Dinnerware Collection

Very Sophisticated Smarty's Disposable and Elegant Harmony Dinnerware Collection Brings Nothing But Harmony to Your Wedding