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Plastic Plates - A Biography

This is the story of plastic plates. Once upon a time, being a plastic plate meant you were a cheap little throw away party plate. You were not elegant, you were not fancy, and you surely weren't proud of yourself. People found you to be, well, frankly, disposable. They preferred china plates, and would have never considered plastic plates to be elegant. Oh, no, they would have said! We would NEVER use disposable plates at our elegant party! Plastic plates are just not fancy enough! 

Enter Smarty Had A Party, aka Smarty Pants. Smarty realized that there is a better way to party and plan an event. This party supplies, catering supplies and wedding supplies store decided to put together for you the most amazing selection of plastic dishes and unique catering supplies for excellence in presentation. Smarty has now become synonymous with elegant party supplies, and elegant disposable catering is now at every party planner's fingertips. 

So now, years later, the plastic plate has grown up. Suddenly, plastic plates have matured into beautiful, elegant disposable dishes that you would be proud to use at your elegant wedding or party. These party plates cost less than a rental! And they are much more beautiful! You don't have to wash your party dishes anymore - you can now party with beautiful, fancy, elegant disposable plates, cups, napkins & cutlery. 

Party guests and party planners began taking notice. Brides realized that they can have the most stunning and care-free weddings using plastic plates and tumblers! Smarty has exquisite plastic disposable stemware, and the wedding supplies and catering supplies to make that champagne toast party perfect. 

At last, plastic plates have taken their rightful place in the world of elegant parties. Finally, wedding supplies are convenient as well as beautiful. Plastic dishes are respectable! The plastic plate was a true elegant wedding and party plate, and drank from plastic wine glasses happily ever after. 

The End

How are brides finding ways to make their weddings beautiful while cutting back costs? A groom considered charging admission to his nuptials. Another thought of taking up a collection while dessert was served. But believe it or not, you do not have to sacrifice class to keep your special day elegant.The easiest way to scale back without compromising your wedding is to fire your dishes and linen rental guy. You can now purchase exquisite disposable plastic dishes and paper linen that rival china, crystal, silverware and cloth at prices much lower than rentals. You will be dazzled by the stunning styles and colors of the new uniquely disposable tableware that has burst upon the partyware market, products specifically designed for weddings and elegant parties. Smarty Had A Party has emerged as the leading online provider of upscale disposable party dishes and wedding supplies. Have you seen the disposable forks, knives & spoons that look identical to silver flatware? In addition to fancy disposable wine, martini and champagne glasses, and elegant rigid plastic plates, they have exquisite satin tablecloths and table runners at a fraction of the prices of other places. Accent your table with sheer organza overlays in a stunning array of colors, or use the organza to decorate your wedding table and room. You can even save a ton of money on disposable chair covers instead of costly rentals. You will find terrific tulle to decorate or create. And you can save a fortune on creative and inexpensive centerpiece options for your wedding or elegant dinner. No, you can still get away without stationing a cash register at the end of your buffet table!