Cake Pops Are No Longer Just Dessert

Uros Krstic

Cake pops have become a very popular trend for two simple reasons; they are gorgeous and delicious. That's why when your guests will see each of their name cards attached to an individual cake pop, they will be more than pleasantly surprised. Besides, who doesn't love to get dessert before dinner?

Name place cards are not the only inventive way to use cake pops! Take a wooden box, fill it with your choice of colored crystal candy, and stick the cake pops between the candy. Crystal candy can be found in almost any color, making these centerpieces a great way to incorporate your event's color scheme!

Yet another cake pop centerpiece could be easily made using only glasses, bright colored jelly beans, and doilies. Poke each cake pop through a mini doily and lift the doily around the stick until it reaches the base of the cake pop. Lightly fill the glasses with jelly beans and then place about three cake pops in each glass.

If you thought we were done talking about cake pops, you haven't seen this amazing arrangement! All you need to reinvent this creative dessert centerpiece is a three tiered cardboard cake holder. Place a cake on the highest tier. Then, use the sticks of the cake pops to break though the other two cardboard layers, placing the cake pops in a neat circle around the tiers. Voila… a three layered cake! What other centerpiece ideas can you think of using cake pops? Let us know and remember to post pictures of all your cake pop creations on the Smarty Facebook page! ~Esther
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