Baby Bird DIY Birth Announcement

Uros Krstic

Here's an adorable idea to announce the upcoming arrival of a new family member. Invite all of your family over for a dinner party and leave one of these adorable baby bird DIY birth announcements on each place setting. When your guests sit down, they'll be pleasantly surprised at what's inside!


What you need:
  • Clothes pin
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Scrapbook paper
Directions: The directions for this piece are pretty simple. Cut an oval (for your egg) out of the scrapbook paper of your choice, then cut across the middle in a zigzag pattern to give it that "just hatched" effect. Cut a small circle out of solid scrapbook paper to create the baby's head. I used a cute polka-dotted post it I had laying around to cut out the shape for the baby's hat and added a little tuft at the top for a ball. I also drew on little "sleepy" eyes and cut out a small oval to use as a pacifier. do-it-yourself- birth-announcement-tutorial On the top half of the egg, I wrote "Our Little One." and then I wrote the due date on the bottom half. I also wrote "Something is hatching..." along the side of the clothespin. Make sure you do this far enough over that the egg won't cover it when you attach it. do-it-yourself-baby-bird-birth-announcement Glue all of the pieces for the baby face together, separately from the egg. You'll attach the sleepy baby to the back bottom half of the clothes pin with tape or glue (whichever you like). The baby's face should be facing away from you (like in the photo above). Then you'll flip the clothespin over and attach the top half of your egg to the top half of your clothes pin, and the bottom halves go together as well. The front of the egg will be facing you. Now open your clothes pin and make sure you can see the sleeping baby.


Hope you enjoyed this Smarty original! And if you try it out for yourself, be sure to send us a picture of your "baby"! Looking for more ideas for birth announcements? We have an amazing Pinterest board full of them! Check out "Baby Bumps & Birth Announcements" and don't forget to share with your friends who are expecting!

Party on, Smarties!


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