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Bird’s Nest Favors

Bird’s Nest Favors


Mini Bird’s Nests

Jordan Almonds

4-bar Flat Cards in Butter from Paper Source Hole

Punch Blue Ribbon Tulle, cut in large squares

Bird Stamp and

Thank You Stamp

Brown and Green Ink


1. Buy mini bird’s nests from Beau-coup (3 sets of 12 for a total of about $35). 4

2. Filled them with 5 baby blue jordan almonds to look like robin’s eggs (I got the Almonds off The Knot wedding shop, with regular shipping they are a total of about $20 for two bags or about 200 almonds).

3. Wrap them in tulle (I bought mine at a fabric store, 3 yards at $1.99/yard).

4. Using blue ribbon, (mine was from Paper Source in “bluebell” for about $4 for 10 yards) tie the tulle together.

5. Cut your 4-bar cards into 4, then stamp them with the green birds and brown thank you. Taken From: Style Me Pretty Blog

6. Punch a hold in the corner, then tie the ribbon through. Voila!

Paper Lantern Garland

What do the best-dressed parties wear? Garland! And we've got a simple way to make your garland stand out: by using paper lanterns. Along with tissue paper and ribbon, it's all you need to add bright, beautiful color to any summer event. 

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Totem Pole Decorations

Totem Pole Decorations

Use a totem vase or small totem pole to accent a Hawaiian buffet. The poles require something inside to help hold them in place—depending on the size, it could be a can of soup or a gallon of paint.


Measuring tape Can (to serve as base)

Scissors Roll of brown corrugated wrapping

Pencil X-acto knife Red cellophane or foil wrapping paper

Glue gun



Measure circumference and height of can you plan to use as a weight, then cut pieces of corrugated wrapping that are 2" wider and 12" to 30" taller than can (depending on how tall you wish to make totem). Be sure to cut wrapping so ridges run vertically. Lay cut piece of wrapping on a flat surface, ridge side down. Draw a simple face (eyes and mouth only), centering it between left and right edges of wrapping; cut out with X-acto knife. To make a red lining, measure from left edge of corrugated wrap to left edge of face and cut piece of cellophane or foil to that size. Measure from right edge of corrugated wrap to right edge of face and cut a second piece of cellophane or foil to that size. Glue in place. (There’s no need to line back of face.) Turn corrugated wrap over so ridges face up. Decorate face with pieces of corrugated wrapping. Cut a nose and eyebrows, and make a geometric band around top and bottom. Vary direction of ridges as you cut out pieces—some vertical, others horizontal; cut some on a diagonal to add a sculptural look. Use glue gun to attach details to totem. Wrap decorated corrugated wrapping around can and glue ends together so they overlap 2".


Choose a clean, empty can in any size you want. Cut a piece of corrugated wrapping that fits can’s circumference and height. Be sure to cut wrapping so that ridges run vertically. Lay cut piece of wrapping on a flat surface, ridges facing up. Cut eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows out of another piece of corrugated wrapping and glue in place. Glue corrugated wrap to can, wrapping it around so ends meet but do not overlap.

DIY Ice Bottle Cooler

A stylish way to present vodka or white wine on the bar while keeping it cold at the same time. It's a simple project but you need to give yourself a couple of days to freeze the layers. This works well for vodka because it can go in the freezer without turning solid, and is best served very cold anyway.

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