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Tips for an affordable, late summer wedding

Tips for an affordable, late summer wedding

The final weeks of summer are sometimes a popular time for wedding celebrations. This time of year is ideal for outdoor nuptials, because the evenings are still beautiful but the oppressive heat of summer is likely gone. Theme colors are among the most important considerations for these events. According to the news source, spicy shades can especially complement summer ceremonies and their fading daylight. Fuchsia, paprika and goldenrod are examples of rich, seasonal hues. Flowers can also add a creative flourish to any wedding. Take advantage of local gardens or bouquet shops and hang colorful blossoms on tents and tables. They can be freely scattered across surfaces or placed in jars of water. Candles can serve as soft, gentle sources of illumination, or white wire lights, strung from ceilings and railings, can prove to be effective at making a whole tent glow. Surround your wedding cake with blossoms to continue the floral theme. The news source suggests adorning a chocolate cake with candy flowers that match the theme colors of your big day. Be sure to stock up on wedding party supplies and tablecloths, as it's difficult to predict how many dishes and decorations will be needed.

Something’s Fishy About This

When planning a sit-down menu, it’s important to offer a choice of entrée: Not everyone can or wants to eat the same thing, and dual entrées are very expensive. Here is how to get a count of each of the entrées you or your caterer need to prepare: Include the menu choice on the invitation, or send out a supplementary mailing of the menu. Either way, provide a response card for each person’s entrée choice. Prior to the event, you’ll need to make place cards and seating charts with table numbers. On the place cards for the guests that would like a fish entrée, place a cute sticker of a fish, alongside their name. If you go to a craft store, there are many stickers that don’t look childish and are actually very nice. If you are having a theme party, you could get a sticker that goes with the theme, and which has nothing to do with the entrées. What is important is that your waiter know that the stickers indicate who gets special entrée plates. This would work for vegetarian meals, kosher meals, or any other meals that have dietary restrictions, so that the waiter does not have to ask individuals in front of your other guests if they get a certain type of meal.

Eat that, Tiffany!

We've seen cakes that look like handbags, hats, and horses, but this cake is in its own category, befitting the princess/diva/or shoe-obsessed-individual-like-me in us. And the best part… if it's possible to make a cake look like this, it's possible to make a cake look like anything, so dream big and give one of the places below a call.

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