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Finding a Unique Location For Your Wedding

The Business Courier recently reported that engaged couples are embracing a new trend and opting to get married in non-traditional venues, such as arts galleries or museums, so that the event is memorable and unique.

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First Steps Are Never Taken Only Once

We, actually, take first steps quite many times in our lives. First actual steps, first steps in school (kind of traumatic ones for some :), baby steps whenever we start a new project, first steps down the aisle…

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Smartified Awesome Party Invitations

When inviting your guests, sure, the easiest way is to text everyone: “Party at my house @ 7!”, however if yours is just a bit more serious event, an invitation is a must. So, here are a few hints on how to easily create a perfect party invitation.

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Throwing A Non-Traditional Bridal Shower

Bridal showers have evolved to become much more than simple at-home affairs. Once upon a time you could get away with finger food and presents, but times have changed and these events are becoming more and more creative

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Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

Registering for wedding gifts can be a double-edged sword. Here are some ideas for your registry that you may not have considered.

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