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4th of July Paint Fight Fun Party

Make your Independence Day more memorable than just your average Firework show and celebrate the July 4th weekend with a snap crackle and a pop! Treat your children, friends, and family to an exciting day of holiday paintball fun! Usually, when you put on your cleanest, whitest clothes, you're not about to get the dirtiest you've ever been… but then where would the fun be in a PAINT FIGHT?!
A paint fight may sound difficult to organize, but as soon as you find a location, there is nothing to it. The paint can be washable, so if you don't mind having blue and red stained grass until the next rain, you can host the party in your backyard. Otherwise, find some woods or a deserted park and get your Smarty Party on! The Guest List: We decided to invite a solid 10 people to join in on the fun. An even number of guests is ideal so you can easily divide into two teams.




The Paint:

We bought 2 one-gallon bottles of both red and blue paint. We figured that two gallons of paint per team of five would let each person fill his or her water gun approximately three times. Don't worry about getting too much paint, because you can always pour any extras on an unsuspecting teammate. :) 

Since the paint is too thick to shoot out of the guns as is, we had to water it down. To do that, we bought three 5 gallon buckets. In one bucket, we poured the two gallons of red paint, and in another, we put the two gallons of blue paint. We filled the third bucket to the top with water. We made sure to do this before we arrived in the woods where there was no water supply. Then, we split the water between the two buckets of paint and used our hands to mix. We bought bucket spouts to pour the watered-down paint into our guns but found it was actually easier to fill empty water bottles with the paint and use them to transfer the paint instead.


The Water Guns:

There are endless choices of water guns, so pick any you like, but we recommend that you find ones that hold at least 750 ml. The farther they shoot the better!


The Water Balloons:

We bought water balloons intending to fill them with paint and use them as extra ammo, but that idea flopped since the balloons we bought were too small and fragile. So, if you want to go the water balloon route, make sure to get sturdy balloons that can easily stretch. Get a small funnel that you can insert into the balloon opening as well to make for easy filling. 

The Menu:

There is nothing easier than serving hot dogs in buns, a variety of chips, and beer, so that is exactly what we did. We also brought along ketchup and mustard packets, as well as a bunch of disposable plastic platescups, and cocktail napkins to keep things simple. And don't worry, Smarty has everything you need to have a blast in honor of the Red, White, and Blue!



Throw a paint fight party, and we promise it will be one 4th of July everyone will remember! And this is one type of party we never want to miss, so make sure to share pics on the Smarty Facebook page.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!


Fantastic Patriotic Martini For 4th of July


America's birthday is just days away... The Fourth of July is the premier American summer holiday, and the day is filled with family, friends, fun, food, and fireworks. Therefore, Smarty has prepared an awesome party idea 4 all you Smarties on the 4th of July. Yea, we're having fun with this whole '4' thing. Now, drumroll, please...

The first is about to be revealed! Who would have thought Independence Day tasted this good? The blue and red layers kind of scared me at first, mostly because I am in no way adept in the kitchen. But, when I finally decided to give it a try, I found it's actually quite simple. So, the Smarty NYC marketing team decided to serve these festive drinks at an office cocktail party in honor of the upcoming July 4th. So what better way to celebrate our great nation than with an ice-cold celebratory drink in hand? It's never to early to start celebrating, right? Obviously, I had to share the recipe with all you awesome Smarties. 

Cheers Smarties!



  • 2 oz hypnotiq
  • 1 oz citrus vodka
  • about a tbsp lemon lime soda
  • Grenadine



    1. Shake the Hypnotiq, citrus vodka, and lemon-lime soda with ice.
    2. Strain into a martini glass.
    3. Very slowly, pour in a little grenadine. (Slow is the key to making the layers).


I wish you all could have crashed the party, but they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, so let loose, and have your own office cocktail party! We promise your colleagues will love you. You can get classy martini glasses and super cute red, white, and blue napkins. Make sure to post pics from your cocktail parties on the Smarty Facebook page! Or you can even send us an invite. ;) P.s. These drinks are for the sugar lovers out there. They're super sweet.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

Lilan Tablescape Drink Station


Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: Summer. And with it, longer days, warmer weather, and more excuses to party!

Summer is here, and with summer comes parties... lots and lots of parties! Whether it's a backyard barbecue, pool party, birthday, wedding, or just another excuse to hang out with friends with some delicious food and cocktails, your schedule is probably filling up quickly. But you don't need to stress because Smarty have you covered. We put together some summer party inspiration that is sure to impress your friends and family.

The first thing first. When you are planning your next party, think about the venue. The ambiance will help you decide on a color palette that will complement the party environment. For our summer bash, we chose yellow, gray, white, and green. These colors are great for a summer party because of the crisp, vibrant, contemporary, fresh look they bring to events. The ambiance will help you decide on a color palette that will complement the party environment. For our summer bash, we chose yellow, gray, white, and green. These colors are great for a summer party because of the crisp, vibrant, contemporary, fresh look they bring to events.

Part of our color palette inspiration came from fresh fruit. Using fruit as part of your event decor is a great way to add natural, inexpensive, reusable elements to your party while enhancing your color scheme. We used lemons and limes. For a simple, pretty place card, put a pick in a piece of fruit. Then cut a shape out of card stock, add a decorative border, and the name of one of your guests. We chose to make square place cards to mimic the shape of our plates. Pair the pick place cards with our cocktail napkinsyellow dinner napkins, clear and silver beaded napkin rings, square cups, and the glimmer forksknives, and spoons to wow your guests. 

Continue to use your key colors and elements throughout your party. We reused lemons and limes to create a drink station. This drink dispenser is stackable, and its hollow space at the bottom is perfect for decorating.  

Hard lemonade and mojitos are the perfect addition to any summer drink bar! |

Hard lemonade and mojitos are great drinks to add to any summer drink station. Display accessible, elegant cocktail glasses for your guests to serve themselves. Add fun yellow straws and an array of lemons, limes, and mint to garnish the delicious cocktails. 


For centerpieces, remember that you want to be able to see and talk to the guests that sit across the table from you. Thus, it is sometimes best to use a low centerpiece. We used a square vase with yellow and white calla lilies. We made sure to show off the beautiful green stems of the flowers to give the table a balanced and fresh look.

Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

Unique Gift Idea For Father's Day

DIY Lawn Mower

Want to make something special and make unique presents for your Dad, grandpa, uncle, and any other special guy in your life this year? This DIY lawnmower is the perfect Father's Day craft to show dad that you love him mower and mower each day! 

Make this DIY lawn mower for Father's Day to let him know you love him mower and mower each day! |

What you need to make this lawn mower:

What you need to make this DIY lawn mower for dad. |


Step 1: Paint the inside of the 2 oz plastic cube.
Step 2: Bend the paper straw two times at 90-degree angles. This will be the lawn mower handle.
Step 3: Cut four individual diamond flowers from the black diamond flower mesh roll. These will be tires on the lawn mower.
Step 4: Hot glue your "tires" onto the 2 oz plastic cube.
Step 5: Hot glue your "handle" onto the 2 oz plastic cube and viola! 
How to make a DIY lawn mower for dad to let him know you love him mower and mower each day. | SmartyHadAParty


Bonus points for making a card to go with your lawn mower, which says "I love you mower and mower each day!"


Sending our Smartiest wishes to all the dads out there!

Have a Happy Father's Day!

Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

Father's Day Necktie Napkin Fold Tutorial

Smarty has prepared an awesome, fun, and creative way to make breakfast for your father on his special day. 
Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s not too late to create an adorable table setting for dad and make him feel extra special. If your dad's like my dad, he'd rather have a tie on a plate than around his neck. Instead of giving another necktie for Father's Day, surprise Dad with a delicious breakfast, sporting this festive place setting! He'll love it. We used patterned paper napkins, but you can also use cloth napkins. Follow this tutorial and learn how to tie the tie dad's not expecting.
  Father's Day Place Setting that's just right for Dad! | Smarty Had A Party


Step 1: Open napkin, print side down.

Step 2: Fold bottom left corner up according to picture.

Step 3: Fold the top right corner down, to create a point on the top left.

Step 4: Fold excess napkin on the left, to create a straight line.

Step 5-6: Fold left and right edges in once more about 1/3 of the way and press down to the crease.

Step 7: Bring the top point of tie-down and over.

Step 8: Flip tie over.

Step 9: Wrap folded piece around the front of the tie.

Step 10: Flip tie over, wrap-around back, and tuck edge in.

How to fold a necktie napkin! Perfect for Father's Day | Smarty Had A Party

 This napkin fold only looks complicated, but it is incredibly easy!

Depending on your mood, decoration, or meals you are about to serve, it will be a good idea to be creative again and play with colors and patterns. Certain is that ties don't always come in black color, which would not be advised in this situation also! Set a colorful table and be a perfect host to your gentleman's guests until you set you up with a lovely lady's DIY idea.

Sending our Smartiest wishes to all the dads out there!
Have a Happy Father's Day!
Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!