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The Advantages of Using Disposable Cutlery

The Advantages of Using Disposable Cutlery
Putting together a party? Close the silverware drawer. Explore what makes disposable flatware and cutlery the superior option for your next elegant event.

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How To Put Together a Party at the Last Minute

How To Put Together a Party at the Last Minute

Everyone loves a surprise party. A party that comes as a surprise to its planners, on the other hand, is another matter. Whether it’s because of breaking news that you need to celebrate as quickly as possible, a kid who springs party-planning responsibilities upon you on very short notice, or any other situation, you need to be ready. When advance preparation isn’t a possibility, consider this guide. Here’s how to put together a party at the last minute.

Send Invitations Through Email

The best-planned parties always send out the best stationery. However, if you don’t have enough time to send invitations through the mail, you may have to shelve the stationery this time around and make the most of digital invites. Fret not, you can still design aesthetically pleasing works of miniature art in your invitations.

Last-Minute Dessert? It’s No Piece of Cake

“If I’d known you were coming, I’d have baked a cake,” the old song goes. Well, you didn’t know anyone was coming, so you can’t bake a cake. Instead, you can try other sweet treats that your guests will like just as much. An ice cream cake is a terrific ready-made solution. People love ice cream. There’s nothing to worry about here except picking one out of the freezer.

Potluck: Offloading Responsibilities Has Never Tasted This Good

You certainly don’t have time to bake a cake. How do you have time to cook dinner? Planning a whole meal by yourself for this party is out of the question. Forget about the slow cooker, and don’t bother firing up the grill. If you can’t shell out for catering, you may have to improvise a potluck dinner, contributing the snacks and dessert on your end while you deputize your guests into dinner duty. With a well-distributed workload, no one should mind.

Stay Prepared With Single-Use Plates

No one wants to bust out the nice dinner plates on short notice. Hoping you have enough everyday dinnerware to get you through the event is no romp, either. Having a store of disposable plastic party plates on hand will help you with planning a party at the last minute. Smarty Had a Party offers an array of single-use dinnerware with attractive patterns and biodegradable construction, which you can keep in your kitchen until someone springs last-minute party-hosting responsibilities on you. You’ll be ready, and post-party cleanup will be low pressure, too.

Unique Plastic Glasses to Beautify and Simplify Your Next Party!

Unique Plastic Glasses to Beautify and Simplify Your Next Party!

The recent pandemic has taught us a lot of hygienic practices that we weren’t aware of earlier. Even though we knew how to care for ourselves and keep ourselves protected against any potential virus, the way COVID got worse was totally unexpected. The quarantine sessions were quite disturbing emotionally and economically as well. This is where most of our daily-life practices got changed. One of the practices that got changed with the pandemic is the use of glassware at parties. People used to collect premium and high-quality glass designs from around the world to project their love for drinkware collection at a party. This practice got significantly changed and from an ethical perspective, using disposable drinkware items is a more appealing choice.

By keeping in mind this arising need for disposable drinkware items, we invested our time and resources to bring the royalty in disposable drinkware categories. Gone are the days when disposable drinkware items were of standard size and shape. We’ve designed some premium-looking disposable drinkware items to make your party look fascinating as it was ever before.

Disposable Party Cups

No matter what your party setting is, you’re definitely going to need disposable party cups. These are the most common and basic table items without any table setting that looks incomplete. Our disposable party cups come in different colors, so you can choose any color that fits your overall party theme.

Champagne Flutes

We’ve designed some elegant champagne flutes to make your drinkware collection look more royal and premium. These fascinating designs and shapes will let you feel the vibe right off the rip. The energy that these designs bring in your drink has no match.

Traditionally, the plastic champagne flutes were of standard size and shapes because they were produced in bulk, and no customizations were made. We found that an opportunity and served it with our elegant champagne flutes to make your party memorable.

Plastic Wine Glasses

Along with champagne flutes, we also offer plastic wine glasses in different shapes and sizes just to make your party feel more royal. Your guests are definitely going to love the unique designs of our plastic wine glasses because it makes your drink bubbly.

Disposable Tumbler

What about serving some iced tea? Or a lemonade? Sounds tasty right

Our disposable tumblers come in epic designs that hold your smoothies, shakes, and cocktails flawlessly. With our different designs and shapes in the tumbler series, you can choose any shape that fits perfectly with your other dinnerware items.

Plastic Glasses

Our plastic glasses can be bought in different colors. For special events like the anniversary of a 4th of July party, red or blue colors are the most popular ones. You can choose to use different colors in plastic glasses to make your routine drinkware items more vibrant. Kids love to use vibrant colors, and you can get their favorite-colored plastic glasses to make them feel special.

Moreover, we also offer disposable fancy martini glasses and disposable plastic shot glasses to make your party interesting and full of choices. Your guests would definitely notice the way you set up your party layout.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party

Host a Fun Sea Party with Our Beach Theme Decor

Host a Fun Sea Party with Our Beach Theme Decor

Outdoor parties are always fun in summer. Summer has some epic options available for choosing a perfect location. A beach party is one of the most common ones on the list. The best way to celebrate the blessings of summer is to throw an amazing beach party to build some memorable moments with your sun-loving loved ones.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind while throwing a fun sea party. It’s all about making the right decisions at the right time to make things work. We always forget or ignore small and little things that, if added, would bring a lot of excitement and whole new vibes to your beach party settings. The salty sea breeze awaits you! We’re here to assist you in making your beach party more interesting and fascinating with our beach theme décor.

Invite them with Style

First things first, invite your friends with style. Don’t just send them a text to come over to a beach party, rather send them deflated beach ball and ask them to inflate it and bring it to the party. 

Prepare for the Beach

Preparing for the beach is another important thing to consider because you don’t want your body to absorb too much heat. Getting a sunbath is fun, but excessive of everything is disrupting. So, make sure you and your friends are coming with their personal items like a beach blanket, towel, and even easy-to-carry chairs.

Know Your Kid’s Needs

If you’re expecting some kids, make your sitting setup near a public restroom. The kids are definitely going to need it, so make sure you’ve planned that as well. Moreover, make sure that your kids are around and in your sight. Bring some fun games for them and keep them busy and engaged so that they can enjoy the party as well.

Hot Day or a Cold Night?

On hot summer days, you need to bring some shades. You should bring beach shades and sunglasses to give your body a little rest when it’s too hot. If you’re planning to camp on the night at the beach, making a bonfire with your friends should be your priority. What’s better than having some BBQ and grilled chicken on the beach? Well, do check the weather and wind forecast while planning for a beach party because you don’t want the sand to get into your mouth.

Beach Party Dinnerware

To make your beach party more exciting, we’ve brought some amazing beach party dinnerware. You can make your beach party setting more vibrant with our colorful plastic plates. You can also shop any dinnerware item by color. Along with plates, our modern disposable flatware series will make your dinnerware setting look complete. Moreover, we offer a variety of plastic party cups to cater to your needs of drinkware. Our disposable dinnerware sets also include elegant disposable chargers to make your presentation more professional. The value sets we offer come in epic collections at a reduced price.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party