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10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas

10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Organizing a birthday party for a child can be stressful and challenging for parents. The thought of throwing a party might be overwhelming for some people. Others may be worried about the expense of having a birthday party.

A good party does not have to be expensive. With these innovative, cost-saving kids' birthday party suggestions, you can throw a spectacular birthday bash at a fraction of the cost.

10 Eco-Friendly Children's Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Organizing an eco-friendly birthday party may seem daunting, but with a simple mindset change and a few simple adjustments, adopting green in your child's birthday party is a smart move.

Besides celebrating with a reusable banner, here are 10 other eco-friendly birthday party ideas to make your upcoming birthday greener.

1. Start with The Invitations

Invitations can communicate a great deal of information. You can send handwritten invites on handmade paper for a very personal touch. Simply place them in recyclable paper envelopes, and you're done!

You can also send out a friendly email, host an event, establish a Facebook event, or simply call your friends and family to invite them.

2. Venues Count

What better way to just be green than to enjoy a picnic in a public park or have a garden party? The flora adds to the atmosphere and eliminates the need for lighting and other luxuries.

3. Next Comes Food!

Simple finger snacks created with local ingredients or from a home chef reduce wrapping, keep costs down, and maintain quality. In addition, you may make healthier choices by skipping fondant, opting for raw treats like fresh fruits and juices, and avoiding processed meals and sugar.

4. Themes That Goes with Nature

Add some unique vibes to the celebration by going beyond the typical superhero and princess parties. 

Some of the best party themes that go with nature are: 

  • Into the Woods
  • Boho Theme
  • Fairy Tale 
  • Rustic
  • Camping 

5. Decorations

Use old materials to create fresh decorations. Use the following ideas if you don't want to make any new purchases for the event:

  • Styling with natural materials such as roses, fallen leaves, pinecones, tree branches, oyster shells, or pebbles is a non-purchase option.
  • Use existing items, such as lanterns or Christmas lights. 
  • Pictures of the birthday girl or boy and artifacts of when she or he was younger can be perfect as decorations.
  • Rearrange your belongings and furniture to create a different ambiance, and have the attention to be exclusively on the party activities and guests.

You can also use eco-friendly birthday party favors for a thoughtful addition to your party.  

6. Gifts Set the Mood

This will be the least eco-friendly and most challenging part for most people. Most children already have an excessive number of toys. We recommend organic soft toys or eco-friendly wooden toys.

7. Wrapping Things!

You can reuse the tissue paper and bags from previous gifts. Take a glance around your house to discover what you don't need anymore, such as newspapers, junk mail, and reusable bags.

8. All About Serving

Use our compostable, eco-friendly tableware, utensils, biodegradable plates, bowls, trays, and dinnerware. 

9. Entertainment!

Swinging on trees and playing on the grass are two of the most popular outdoor party games. Treasure hunts, charades, and musical chairs are some of the best classic games. These activities have minimal waste, making them perfect for your eco-friendly party.

10. Don't Litter

As guests leave, you can offer them bags and share the rest with some enthusiastic street vendors and park staff. Don't produce a lot of waste, and make sure there is no garbage by tidying up before everyone leaves.

Fun Decorations for Eco-Friendly Birthday Parties

Let's make decoration a fun tradition! Rather than using disposable confetti or banners, let's make eco-friendly children's birthday party celebrations that will endure a lifetime. 

●   Potted Plants or Flowers

Potted plants are a lovely and natural option to embellish any occasion. Place one as a centerpiece, mixing different colors and shapes based on the size and style of your table.

Plants and herbs with a light aroma can also be used to add a fragrant touch.

●   Eco-Friendly Lanterns and Candles

Whether inside or out, candles are the best way to set the mood. They're also a cost-effective method to brighten up your party. Even better, try your luck at candle-making!

●   Banners and bunting

Make cute handmade banners using colorful scrapbooks. Choose a vintage design or bunting flags as a theme.

●   Magnificent garlands

Use materials like cloth, paper, tissue, and other greenery items for making beautiful and eco-friendly garlands.

●   Pretty confetti

Make green (or any other color) confetti using colored paper or old tissues. You can also use materials like fragrant herbs, floral petals, or coconut flakes.

Where to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Party Supplies for Children's Birthday Party

Whether it's something from cutlery or any party favor, you can opt for many suitable options for your eco-friendly birthday party supplies.

Grab your favorite serving trays for parties to amazingly serve the lunch/dinner at your children's birthday party.

People need everything perfect when it comes to birthday celebrations. So shop stunning eco-friendly party supplies, including square palm leaf trays, dinner knives, soup bowls, and more!

Check out our serving bowls for parties that come in various beautiful designs, shapes, and elegant colors to match your party theme.

Top Tips for How to Host an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party for Children

Here are a few essential tips for hosting an eco-friendly birthday party.

  • Always remember to keep the party small. Call your family and close friends to celebrate with you.
  • Always serve plant-based meals whenever possible. Instead of the typical party food, provide something healthier to your guests.
  • Go with recyclable utensils to serve food.
  • Plan fun activities to entertain your guests and kill boredom.
  • Always provide your guests with a recycling bag or a bin to dispose of the Litter.
  • Use reusable fabric with pretty designs for the decorations and tablecloths.


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10 Best Eco Party Favors Decoration Ideas

10 Best Eco Party Favors Decoration Ideas

Have you ever come home from a party with a gift bag filled with useless decorations? The decorations that will end up in landfills and are incredibly harmful to our environment? We certainly have, and we all should be paying heed to it for our planet's sustainability.   

Millions of tons of waste produced every day end up in landfills and become the cause of disruption to our environment. And parties play a role in this waste creation. This is primarily because of non-recyclable party supplies, including tableware, napkins, decorations, gift wrapping, and party favors.

What if there are ways to decorate party favors that look more functional, sustainable, and environmentally friendly? This blog will share some of the 10 best eco party favors decoration ideas to help you package favors creatively yet eco-friendly. 

10 Best Eco-Friendly Party Favors & Decoration Ideas

We have rounded up some of the best eco-friendly party favors and decorations ideas to help you make your guests smile while expressing your love for the earth. 

Think Green

When thinking about giving your guests a party favor, go green and add something in the goodie bag that will eventually help the earth grow. For example, get plant and flower seeds from the nearby farmer's market and provide your guests with seed packets — so they remember you when the plant grows. 

Bamboo Sticks Showpieces

When it comes to environmentally friendly options, bamboo sticks are the always hot item on the list. So think about doing some DIY projects and making an elegant showpiece for your guests using cute paper bamboo sticks. Pinterest is a great platform where you can find DIY projects for inspiration.

Consider Fabric Bags

Little fabric bags are a great way to present your guests with a lovely party favor. Instead of using other materials, you should prefer fabric bags, such as linen, sustainable viscose, silk, recycled textile fibers, organic cotton, etc. They look cute and can be easily decorated in no time. 

Don't Overlook Cardboard.

You'll generally get some cardboard as part of the packaging for your various items, which usually ends up as waste. Utilize these to present party favors to your guests. Unleash your creative instincts and decorate them creatively to make them look cute and appealing. 

Candy Jar

A great way to be environmentally friendly with your gifts is to give something edible or consumable that your guests will use and be able to dispose of. One example is providing a candy jar made from recyclable or biodegradable materials full of candies for the kids. 

Cookies Treats

Prepare some cookies matching your party theme and give them to your guests as a party favor. You don't need to spend hours preparing them - just keep them simple and tasty.

Color Pencils

Kids love coloring and drawing with pencils, not to mention the fond memories it creates from our own childhoods. So give the kids rainbow pencil colors. They look cute and present an affordable and biodegradable way for children to be creative.

Perform DIY Projects with Crayons

Grab all the old crayons from your old collection (if you have one) and mold them into little shapes in the oven. They can turn into something beautiful to give your guests as a party favor. 

Homemade Snacks Goodie Bags

Prepare homemade goodie bags. You can make DIY newspaper bags, decorated paper bags, fabric bags, paper cones, etc. And instead of sweets, you can fill them with biodegradable personalized gifts, such as plants, handmade magnets, painted T-shirts, mugs, etc. 

Wooden Toys

No matter how hard you try, kids are always drawn to toys. So to make them happy, give them eco-friendly toys in their goodie bags. Wooden trays are easily found in supermarkets that have eco-friendly sections.

Add Some Flair with Homemade Eco-Friendly Party Decor

Don't think that eco-friendly parties are challenging to keep up with newer trends. We will show you that it's super easy to decorate your party while being environmentally friendly at the same time.

Forget the traditional party supplies to decorate your party. Instead, use lots of paper and Cardboard to decorate your party. Instead of using balloons, use tissue paper balls or pompoms.

Being creative is a key to adding beauty and natural elements to your decorations. So, get creative with the Cardboard and paper and create an appropriate decoration for your party that matches the theme. 

Pinterest is the biggest platform where you can find eco-friendly DIY projects for your party. If you don't have enough time to do DIY projects, consider decorating your party with garlands, lanterns, and flowers. 

Eco-Friendly Party Decorations Using Recycled Paper and Drawing Utensils

Paper mache

We all have our drawers full of papers that we keep carefully but never use. Grab all useless paper waste to create eco-friendly party decorations without spending a penny. 

First of all, grab all kinds of paper waste and submerge it in the water to muddle it once it is soft. Once the paper is wet, rub and mash with your hand until the paper pulps become smoother.

Examples of favors you can create with paper mache:

  • Seedling pots
  • Lollipop pencils
  • Flower decoupaged hanging lanterns
  • Scrap fabric mache bowls
  • Papier mache ornaments
  • Paper mache bracelets
  • Paper mache dinosaur eggs

Best Biodegradable Party Supplies that Are Best to Buy in Bulk

The key to throwing an eco-friendly party is using as many items as possible that encourage you to go green. For example, decorate your party table with a biodegradable party supply that will decompose in a few days.

Smarty offers a great variety of disposable wine glasses and eco-friendly party supplies that come in various designs and styles. In addition, our eco-friendly dinnerware sets are made of compressed palm leaves, which enables dinnerware sets to decompose in under 30 days.

The wooden texture of the eco-friendly disposable party plates provides them a lovely, rustic finishing touch, making them the perfect party supplies to set up an elegant table for your Instagram selfies. Get unique eco-friendly party supplies in bulk and throw endless parties by going green.


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7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas

7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas

The goal of a wedding shower is to honor the Bride by showering her with presents while the groom is not there. Therefore, this gathering is expected to have an all-female guest list that includes older relatives who aren't usually invited to bachelorette parties.

The bridal shower, in our opinion, is one of the most beautiful pre-wedding events: a low-key affair when everyone meets up and gets to know one another before the big day.

Below, we'll go over everything you need to know about bridal shower wine glass ideas, including whether they're mandatory and who pays for them.

7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Favors & Ideas

Bridal shower wine glass favors are not mandatory, but they are a great way to thank your guests. If you provide one, keep it simple; a personalized tiny bottle of your favorite champagne or a scented candle is an excellent choice.

1. Groom's And Bride's Painted Wine glass

These drinkware glasses can be used to congratulate the Bride and groom on their wedding night, providing a memory for the rest of their lives together. The supplies you need to include are a fine paintbrush, scissors, wine glasses, paper towels, white vinegar, and a small cup. You can paint the glass with any kind of your favorite design or style.

2. Fancy Glittered Wine Glasses

It is one of the most elegant bridal shower wine glass favors. Add some caramel wine to a pair of glittered wine glasses, and you've got yourself the ideal host gift.

Dip the entire collaged wine glass stem into the glitter, softly wiping off excess glitter. Allow time for drying. Brush a thin glue coating over the glitter once it has dried to prevent it from shedding.

3. Snowflake Wine Glass

Snowflakes in blue melting into white on each hand-painted wine glass bowl look fascinating. The glass base would be painted in a delicate blue and white combination with snowflake motifs.

4. Star Succulents Bridal Shower Favors

Succulents are a guaranteed gift that your guests will be able to keep long after the celebration is done because they are long-lasting and they match the aesthetic in many homes and rooms. These are delivered as a kit and require some DIY effort to plant each succulent into the attached handcrafted wooden box. However, the outcome is well worth the effort.

5. Lace And Pearl Wine Glass

Who doesn't love lace and pearls, especially when displayed in such a stylish way? Personalized wine glasses with lace and pearls make oh-so-elegant favors for bachelorette parties. Embellishing jewels on your wine glass gives a classy look to impress all your party guests. This gorgeous wine glass is the perfect DIY for the Bride to be.

6. Quotes Painted Wine Glass

You can use paint and the permanent markers to have your favorite quote written/painted on your wine glass. Seeing this will make you smile every time as it has your all-time favorite saying on it.

7. Beach Themed Wine Glass

The supplies you need for a beach-themed wine glass include a small glass plate, seashells, pringles can, sand, beads, and charms. Be crafty and create your favorite designs to make the glass look alluring. You can portray the sunset, the sunrise, or any other beach vistas you like!

Stemless Wine Glasses Make an Excellent Bridal Shower Favor

With our various collections of unique plastic wine glasses in bulk and gifts, you can create the perfect stemless wine glass favors for your party! Several designs are available, including wedding, bridal, personalized, anniversary, and family events. 

Here are some lovely DIY stemless wine glasses ideas for bridal shower favors:

  • Beautiful, handcrafted wine glasses with beautiful colored dots are an excellent way to enjoy a refreshing beverage. The attractive design catches eyes and will be a fantastic bar house decoration.
  • A lovely set of stemless wine glasses with a stunning, colorful pattern at the bottom is an excellent option for wine glass favors for bridal showers. The glasses must be hand-blown and hand-painted with great care, making them valuable antiques.
  • Your old wine glass can be used to make a lovely centerpiece. Place a few flat beads on top of the glue. To add variety and charm, use flat beads of various sizes. Beneath the bowl of the wine glass, tie a ribbon into a bow. Using hot glue, add a gleaming decoration to the bow. Use a color that matches your theme.

Personalize the Wine Glasses for the Bride-to-Be

You can personalize the wine glasses for your Bride-to-be by using the following tips:

  • Choose a style for picking the wine glasses that appeal to you (stemless, crystal cut, elegant, modern, etc.).
  • Do you need a certain number of stemless glasses? Suppose you're ordering for a special event or party. We recommend adding 10 to 15 extra glasses to your order (depending on the size of your order) in case of breakages during transportation or on the day.
  • Think about the occasion for your stemless glasses and whether you want the style to match (for example, if it is a wedding, choose a more elegant style, but if it is a bridal show, you can also choose something more current).
  • Allow plenty of time to design, manufacture, and deliver the stemless wine glasses. To determine how long the order will take to process and complete, read all product information and details.
  • Our standard recommendation is to order your glasses 4-6 weeks ahead of time. 
  • You can engrave the initials of the Bride's name on the wine glass.

A Few Extra Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas for the Road

Here are some additional easy wine glass bridal shower favor ideas that you can follow:

  • Hand-painted polka dots wine glasses. Are you the type of artist that enjoys using paint on nearly any surface or medium and incorporating it into as many different types of crafts as possible? If that's the case, we think you'll love the polka dot-inspired paint-dotted wine glasses, which can be made using finger painting techniques and take you back to your crafty childhood days!
  • Do you want to paint your wine glasses, but you're out of flake-free paint? If you have an extensive collection of nail polish colors in your cosmetics cabinet, you can decorate the glass however you like.

Lastly, set your table with stylish and refined eco-friendly party supplies to serve your guests some delicious food and make the bridal shower worth remembering. 


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How to Host a Wine Glass Painting Party?

How to Host a Wine Glass Painting Party?

Looking to spice things up and infuse some creativity into your next dinner party? You've come to the right place. Painting parties are fun, inexpensive, versatile, and simple to organize. And even better, you don't need Picasso-level art skills to have a good time, develop something unusual, and create memories. 

Here are a few wine glass painting party ideas that will be beneficial for you in hosting a spectacular wine glass party.

How to Host a DIY Wine Glass Painting Party at Home?

If you're hosting a wine glass painting party, you might want to make it a little more interesting.

Try painting some fancy plastic wine glasses and flatware for your next party with one of these easy-to-follow methods that everyone, including kids, can perform.

  • Have The Prettiest Fall Leaves On the Glass

Painting branches with scorching yellow and orange leaves on the glass surface where the cup is formed will look astonishing. To make the glass look like a standing tree, continue the darkish branch color down the stem and into the base.

  • Hand-painted Peacock Feather Wine Glass

This stunning design of simple peacock feathers is simple, amusing, and attractive, with colors that go well together. You can customize the scheme to your preference if you like purples and blues to greens.

  • DIY Gold Dipped Glass

"All that glitter is not gold," as the old proverb goes, but it indeed is in this case! Dip your glasses into a tube of gold paint; rather than using a brush to apply it, it will give you a flawless finish with no brush strokes.

  • DIY Confetti Wine Glasses

Super festive confetti wine glasses are perfect to use on special occasions! All you need to make the confetti wine glass are colorful nail polishes. It's simple, fun, and absolutely brilliant!!

Unforgettable Wine Glass Painting Party Ideas for the Memory Books

Whether it's a girl's night, Mother's Day celebration, date night, or trivia night, host a wine glass painting party and make the celebration memorable.

Grab your eco-friendly party supplies and use the following ideas for a fantastic party idea to remember.

Before beginning your creative adventure, you will need specific equipment and supplies.

Here's a list of them:

  • Painter's tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Oven
  • Miniature jewels
  • Enamel paints that must be glossy
  • Disposable plastic wine glasses!

The Best 3 Theme Ideas for Wine Glass Painting Parties

1.    Photo Booth - Behold A Moment in Your Hand

Arrange a photo booth ad to seize the crucial moments of your party. Grab several packs of glitter garland from the dollar store and hang them vertically or horizontally in rows to cover a wall in minutes, creating a stunning backdrop for a memorable occasion or a striking portrait. To make a tinsel backdrop, layer numerous foil-door transparent curtains from party stores to create a lovely glittery environment for your party photos.

2.     Glitter and Glam

One of the best things about the glitter and glam party idea for the ongoing season is that it can be personalized to any holiday you celebrate during the season - it doesn't have to be about Christmas or spring only. It's also worth extra points as it gets completed solely with metallic Sharpie markers. 

Christmas trees, garlands, greenery, and even twinkle lights are some of the possible designs you can color on your winter-themed wine glasses. But, of course, your glass will seem festive as long as you draw in a metallic color.

3.     Dandelion in The Garden

Although the dandelion is considered a pest and not a flower, the beauty of the dandelion on the drinkware cannot be overlooked. You'll love how the dandelion appears to be moving and swinging in the breeze in the glasses.

Top Tips & Tricks for Hosting Your Own DIY Wine Glass Painting Party

It's fun to have a DIY wine glass painting party, especially at home. The added benefit is that you will have more time to paint, and your budget will be less strained. 

You will need the following materials for a perfect DIY painting:

  • Canvases
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Water Containers
  • Tablecloths
  • Aprons
  • Hairdryer
  • Palettes
  • Table-Top Easels


How to get ready for the evening:

  • Estimate how many chairs and tables you'll require depending on the number of guests. A 5' x 3' dining table, for example, could accommodate 6 easels. Depending on the number of guests, you may need to modify your space to hold additional tables.
  • Place the tablecloths on the tables, and set up the canvases.
  • Ensure that each canvas has the appropriate brush sizes for the painting.
  • Use a sample painting or a printout as a visual aid.
  • Set up your TV to play some ''Painted Wine Glasses Tutorial'' videos on youtube and show you how to easily color wine glasses.
  • Set up a painting station with all colors, brushes, and paper towels.
  • Assign someone to assist in the distribution of paints and other supplies. You can put all of the colors on each palette or pass them out as needed.
  • Pre-trace designs on the canvas with graphite paper if necessary. Alternatively, have graphite paper and traceable on hand for your visitors to trace.

Create a Space to Turn Your Home into a Fabulous Wine Glass Painting Studio!

The main differences between having a wine glass painting party at home and having one in a studio are that you have greater flexibility to organize things, which may be less expensive.

Basic guidelines to keep in mind when planning a wine glass painting party:

Step 1: The first stage is to identify where and how your paint party will occur.

Step 2: Choose the most appropriate painting for you and your friends or attendees. 

Step 3: Gather all of the supplies you'll need for your paint party, both for yourself and for your guests.

Step 4: Pick a date and time for your event, and send out invitations to your attendees.

If you don't have stylish and classy wine glasses for your guests to paint, your wine glass painting party will look unappealing and unenjoyable. So check out our fancy plastic drinkware glasses collection for the best in one-of-a-kind or custom-made items and make your party worth remembering!


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10 Fun Wedding Party Wine Glass Favors and Ideas

10 Fun Wedding Party Wine Glass Favors and Ideas

In recent years, wedding planners have noticed a shift in the way people give wedding favors. Gone are the days when couples would give flowers or candies to the guests. Instead, in 2022 couples are looking for modern, thoughtful wedding favors useful for the guests.

Therefore, we thought it would be awesome if you considered giving personalized party wine glass favors to the guests as they look really cool. So, go through these fantastic ideas for wine glass favors for wedding parties and consider what suits you best. We have also tried to give you some inspiration as to how you can provide wine glasses as wedding favors stylishly and uniquely.

Don't just wrap the glass in a gift paper and hand it over to the guests. Instead, do it in a fun and different way with these wine glass wedding party favor ideas.

1. Wine Glass Decor Activity with the Bridesmaids

The bride and bridesmaids want to do all the fun activities before the bride gets married. So call your group of friends together and organize a movement of decorating wine glasses to put in your wedding as wedding favors.

Setting up a 'wine glass decor contest' among the bridesmaids would be fun. Everybody will get to showcase their craft skills while entertaining themselves.

2. Serve Lemonade and Give the Favors

Stack up hand-painted glasses and serve a large beverage cooler of chilled lemonade. The guests will pick a glass, drink the lemonade, and take the glass with them (you will mention this on a board put on the side). You can serve whatever drinks that suit you.

3. Host a Wine Glass Painting Party

We don't think anything could be more entertaining than a wine glass painting party when it comes to having fun with wine glasses. So call your friends for a wine glass painting party, and you will be amazed at how much fun you guys have together.

4. Fake Frosted Glass

Do you have mod podge or white glue in your home? Of course, you have! Craft some fake frosted glasses that look exactly like the real ones with the only difference of being inexpensive. Plus, they are multi-functional; you can use them for drinking and table decor.

All you need to do is mix an amount of mod podge or white glue in acrylic paint and apply an even layer on the outside of the glassware. Let it dry, and you will have some inexpensive but elegant frosted glasses.

5. Set Up a Wedding Favor Bar

Set up a bar of decorated drinkware glasses and call it a 'Wedding Favor Bar". The guests are supposed to come and pick a glass of their choice. They will use it for drinking during the event and take it home afterward. You will need to get plastic wine glasses in bulk for this project. Decorate the bar with lights like you would decorate an ordinary cocktail bar.

Creating this bar setup is to give guests the freedom to pick their favorite glass and make an eye-catching spot at your wedding.

6. 'Pick the Glass of Your Name.'

Like the previous one, stack up wine glasses in a DIY bar with your guests' names on each of the glasses. It will be entertaining, and the guests will have fun finding their names. Don't forget to write anyone's name as it would be really embarrassing if you miss anyone's name.

Stemless Wine Glasses Make an Excellent Wedding Party Favor

As wedding party favors, stemless wine glasses are a top choice because they are less likely to break than delicate stemmed glasses. Especially the ones at Smarty! Our entire range of plasticware and biodegradable collections is ready to meet your party's needs and expectations. These wedding party wine glass favors will leave them with a memory of this event to cherish later. Here's how our stemless glasses can make your wedding favors beautiful.

7. They can Hold Mini Chocolates

Put some stemless wine glasses on your dessert table and fill them with mini chocolate bars and candies. They are best if you don't wanna give the glass itself as a favor.

8. Etched Glasses

Etched wine glasses look really beautiful, but we have to tell you that they are pretty expensive. If you are on a budget, make etched glasses at home and cut that cost. Even if the budget doesn't concern you, there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on wedding favors when you can do it by yourself.

You can create beautiful patterns on stemless glassware with the help of etching cream and stencils. This process yields the best results when the glassware is clean and dry. You will need to cover the areas with no stencil, so the etching cream does not stick there.

Personalize the Wine Glasses for the Bride and Groom

If your friends are throwing a bachelorette party, then you gotta give them personalized wine glasses as a token of love. 

9. Write Mr. and Mrs.

While it may sound cliche, it can be an exquisite wine glass idea if nicely written. Make it a little different than the usual ones. You can take colored glasses and write the letters in a beautiful font. Use acrylic enamel paint or glitter to write the letters on glassware.

10. Dress Them Up

You heard that right! Dress up the glasses like a bride and a groom would dress up in general; a typical white gown and a bow tie. You can also fill these glasses with mini chocolate bars.

 A Few Extra Wedding Party Wine Glass Ideas for the Road

Before you go, let us tell you a few different wedding party wine glass ideas to help you with wedding favors a little more.

You can put anything on the glasses, and they end up looking beautiful, like pearls, beads, laces, or even cover them with roses. For example, wine glasses with ribbons look perfect for a formal wedding dinner. You can also make colored flowers from clay and paste them on the glasses.


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