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How to Throw a Perfect Presidents Day Party

Get creative and celebrate Presidents Day, honoring the great leaders of our country! Show your American Pride - and Bring out the Red, White, and Blue!


We had some amazing leaders in the past, and Presidents Day is all about remembering those great men. Though it started out being a day that honored George Washington, then Abraham Lincoln, now we take the day to honor them all. As a federal holiday, Presidents Day is an excellent opportunity to teach kids about our country’s leaders and their good deeds and help infuse a sense of patriotism in them. And with the holiday always falling on a Monday that makes a three-day weekend, what better way to learn about the presidents and still have fun than to throw a Presidents Day Party?!

 Presidents Day not only has historic value - but value for your wallet as well! To help you impress your guests with more than just your amazing cooking but with a spectacular party tablescape too - Smarty Had A Party has prepared the best online Pre Presidents Day Sale! Shop in advance for our elegant Disposable Party Dinnerware Sets, Disposable Flatware, Elegant Plastic Drinkware, Ecoware, Miniware, and another beautiful partyware at a perfect wholesale price, and be sure that your Presidents Day Party will stand out in the memory of your guests for a long time. And one of the main benefits of using our gorgeous disposable plastic tableware, you will take all the stress out of organizing, managing, and after-party cleaning! That is right - no after-party cleanup! Use, enjoy, dispose of!

Smarty Had A Party has gathered up some simple yet chic patriotic table decoration ideas that will surely give you and your guests an exciting way to enjoy the holiday together in the most festive way! We were totally inspired to create a fun Presidents Day Party that will be saluting in every way and help you bring history to life, highlighting the unique color palette of red, white & blue and honoring our forefathers on this special day. Using unique patterns and a twist on the traditional American feel, we lived up our magnificent, patriotic party tablescape with modern dinnerware, drinkware, and flatware!


Whether you go with a traditional table for a sit-up occasion or setting up a buffet station, never neglect tablecloths – they will not just protect your table but will also help you achieve a pulled-together look. Since we didn’t have the national flag at hand, we have dressed up the table with a blue tablecloth and paired it with a shiny white table runner, running down the middle to ingeniously blend in all three patriotic hues.


This beautiful, affordable, festive, and vibrant centerpiece featuring patriotic colors is just what you need to elevate your Presidents Day decorations up a notch! Fill the clear carafes with red, clear, and blue acrylic crystals, creating a patriotic contrast of colors, and, of course, fill some with ice to serve as refreshing drinks.

Table Setting

Your party won’t be complete without the dinnerware. For your table settings, opt for our red dinner plates and top them with our white appetizer/salad plates and blue cake plates for an enticing allure. Place white with red striped paper napkins between white salad plates and blue cake plates alternating the three colors, imparting a charming flair. Give a perfect finishing touch to your patriotic table settings by placing crystal clear disposable tumblers along with a shiny metallic silver plastic cutlery set.

Additional Decorations

Since there is nothing more elegant than a striking flower arrangement gracing the table, we decided to enhance our carafe-centerpieces, white chairs, and place settings with a luscious bunch of red, white, and blue artificial blooms to highlight our tablescape decorations.

This is not the only way to add a spirit of American pride into your President's Day Party decor. For your convenience, our online store is brimming with decorations and party supplies to experiment with. Ready to shop? Use our COUPON CODE: PRESIDENT15 to get 15% OFF SITEWIDE!


Complementary Smarty Disposable Party Plasticware:


Happy Presidents Day! With love, Smarty had a Party!

How To Create a Romantic Table for Two

How To Create a Romantic Table for Two
Maybe you can’t secure a table for two at your favorite restaurant this Valentine’s Day. Make the night even more memorable with a special setting at home.

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DIY 'Romantical' Napkin Folding


Valentine's Day is a date to express love and affection. Therefore, as we draw closer to Valentine’s Day, the best advice we can give you is to spend some quality time together in an intimate and romantic dinner at home with your beloved by your side! Yes, falling in love is truly a magical feeling, but capturing the essence of love is all about adding a dash of romance to your relationship, so what you need is more intimate and artistic yet simple ways to express your love. And as always, Smarty Had A Party have got you covered! To turn the romance up by several notches, we have put together a beautiful DIY Romantical Napkin Folding featuring a lovely red color palette that oozes a whimsical aura and will make your date night unforgettable.

And that's not all Smarties, since you will be more relaxed and you will enjoy more time along with your beloved by ordering tableware and party supplies you need ahead of time through Smarty Had A Party, we decided to organize a fantastic Valentine's Day Sale

Shop now for Valentine's Day, and don't forget to use our COUPON CODE: VAL15 to get 15% OFF SITEWIDE!

DIY 'Romantical' Napkin Folding

Here are three 'romantical' (I make up words when the moment calls for it) napkin folding tutorials to help your table look extra flirty for that special someone of yours.


The Rose Napkin Fold 

Smarty products featured in the photo above:



1. Fold the napkin in half lengthwise. (Check out all of Smarty's colorful napkins or use the one featured in the picture above: Classic Red Paper Cocktail Napkins)

2. Continue folding in half lengthwise until napkin is approximately 3 inches wide.

3. Holding the napkin taut at one end, roll the napkin up along the length of the fold.

4. Place napkin in a cup (Pick one out from Smarty's wonderful selection of Elegant Plastic Drinkware! I used Smarty's Square White Plastic Coffee Mug) and separate/ loosen the folds of the napkin as desired to create a rose-like appearance.

The Layered Heart Napkin Fold 

Smarty products featured in the photo above:



1. Position the napkin with one corner facing you and fold two opposite corners of the napkin in so that they meet in the middle of the napkin.
2. Beginning with one side, fold the napkin like a fan along the length of the napkin in approximately 1 ½ - 2-inch sections to the midpoint of the napkin.
DIY Valentine's Day Romantic Heart Napkin Folding Steps 1-2 by #SmartyHadAParty

3. Repeat with the second side.

4. Fold the two halves of the napkin together with the folds facing outward.
5. Flatten the napkin along the long edge. 
6. Fold each end of the napkin toward the midpoint of the napkin
7. Place napkin along its side, fluffing gently outward to create the appearance of a heart. Place the heart folded napkin on one of Smarty's Plastic Dinner Plates or use the sharp modern look of the square plates featured in these photos: 9.5" Square Red Plastic Dinner Plates8" Square White Plastic Plastic Plates10.75" Square White Plastic Dinner Plates.


The Flat Heart Napkin Fold

Smarty products featured in the photo above:



1. Lay down an unfolded napkin; spread out flat on the table
2. Fold the napkin in half lengthwise.
3. Fold in half lengthwise again.

4. Fold one end of the napkin at a 45-degree angle to the midpoint.
5. Fold the other end of the napkin at a 45-degree angle to meet the other folded portion.

6. Fold each half of the napkin inward at a 30-degree angle to create a triangle in the middle of the napkin.
7. Fold the outer portions at a 45-degree angle to meet the edges of the triangle created in step 5, creating the points at the top of the heart.

If you were thrilled with this blog post, then make sure to check out the rest of our Valentine's inspired tableware, complete Smarty's entire romantic table setting look, and make this most romantic holiday of the year even more dreamy and special.


Shop this selection of Valentine's Day beautiful plastic plates:


Red Square Plastic Plates Dinnerware Value Set White with Red and Gold Chord Rim Plastic Dinnerware Value Set Solid Red Holiday Round Disposable Plastic Dinnerware Value Set

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