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5 Tips for an Outstanding, Sustainable Party

5 Tips for an Outstanding, Sustainable Party

Summer and spring are one of the favorite seasons to throw endless parties. From barbecue parties to memorial day, the 4th of July, and birthday parties, all are the excuses to enjoy the summer seasons.

Throwing parties is a fun activity and the ultimate source of socializing with your favorite people, but throwing endless parties also generates tons of waste and trash. In the event planning industry, there's been the hustle and bustle regarding eco-friendly events for the past few years. 

It seems more and more people are getting aware of the consequences of the waste generated by the parties. Therefore, to save our planet and have our environment sustainable, the eco-friendly party is a way to do so. 

We have curated a list of 5 tips to help you throw an outstanding and sustainable party. 

1 - Choose Sustainable Tableware

At the parties, one of the most significant sources of waste comes from serving wares. This serving waste ends in landfills and disrupts the planet's natural environment. 

The event planning industry is involved with the time as the consequences of the waste ending up in the landfills are emerging speedily and can be seen in our daily routine. Global warming is one real-time example of it.

Such waste produced at the parties using disposable tableware can be minimized by adapting the other alternatives. Eco-friendly party supplies work great when it comes to sustainable tableware options. 

They are made of palm leaves that are gathered, compressed, and then molded into different shapes to form the serving wares. Get compostable and biodegradable eco-friendly dinnerware set from the "Smarty had a Party" in various designs and styles. 

Whether it's about square palm leaf plates, eco-friendly cutlery sets, rustic palm leaf trays, or eco-friendly bowls, we have everything your guests need while having a meal at your party, catered event, or special occasion. 

2 - Sustainable Party Theme/ Decorations

When it comes to party decorations, they are also the most significant source of waste. Of course, skipping party decorations is not mandatory, but they can be replaced with other sustainable options to provide nice touches to your party space. 

Instead of going with the traditional decor balloons, go for the biodegradable ones. They can easily be sourced locally or from online superstores. Similarly, use the flowers to add a seasonal touch to your event instead of using the confetti.  

Use garlands, paper chains, banners, pom poms made of tissue paper, and honeycomb balls to give nice touches to your party space. Also, look for sustainable theme party ideas online to get inspiration and make your party stand out even while going green. 

Moreover, if you have enough time and a thoughtful mind, go for crafting to create a party decor. Try DIY projects to create epic sustainable party decor at home. 

Here are some of the ideas you can decorate your party eco-friendly:

  • Use natural elements like rocks, seashells from the sea, flowers, and tree branches from your garden. 
  • Repurpose the decor you have previously used for the other events. 
  • Add vibrancy to your party color scheme by putting candies on display. 

3 - Party Favors ideas

We know party favors are everyone's favorite, but they make the world an unhealthy place for us by producing waste in landfills. Furthermore, party favors can be easily skipped, as they are an unnecessary tradition. 

However, if you don't like your guests leaving the party empty-handed, think about providing them with eco-friendly gifts or raising awareness about going green. Then, google it up to find eco-friendly ways to provide your guest's party favors.

Here are some of the helpful eco-friendly party favor ideas:

  • Give your gifts plants or plant seeds as a party favor.
  • Do DIY projects and create thoughtful gifts for your guests. Pinterest is an excellent platform for inspiration for DIY projects that coordinate your party theme. 
  • Crafting is also an excellent way to make creative and thoughtful gifts for your guests.
  • Give them something edible like delicious cookies or anything you feel proud of cooking. 
  • Use paper wrappings, bags, or boxes instead of plastic packaging for a party favor. 

4 - Consider the Saving the Energy & Water

To go green, adopting sustainable energy sources is also part of it. Day by day, the freshwater is decreasing, and saving it should be the top priority. For example, tons of water is used for washing and cleaning at restaurants' kitchen and household levels. 

This water can be saved by adopting the serving ware that decreases the chances of producing an after-party mess. Eco-friendly party supplies are a great alternative to minimize the after-party mess. The best part is; that eco-friendly party serving wares also come in a disposable form that lets you speed up the clean-up process while going green. 

Moreover, take sustainable measures to save energy, install LED bulbs as they are energy efficient, turn off the unnecessary lights and make sure to use the minimum lights, and turn off AC if anyone isn't sitting there. 

5 - Rethink Your Food Menu

The food menu is also a necessary part of the event that should be based on sustainable ingredients. Minimize the use of meat and dairy as they are the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas.

The greenhouse gasses and methane gas are produced during livestock digestion. Methane and greenhouse gasses are responsible for the global warming issue. By cutting off the use of dairy products and meat, the emission of these harmful gasses can be minimized.

If throwing a party without the meat dishes doesn't excite you, use it at a minimum quantity and try to go for the other alternatives. Similarly, go for the seasonal fruits and vegetables and rely on the locally produced goods. 

The imported goods contain carbon footprints and discourage local business.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

Top 8 Must-Have Pool Party Supplies

Top 8 Must-Have Pool Party Supplies

In the dazzling sun of the summers, when the days are longer than ever, and the mercury is rising, what else could you think of other than the pool party in your backyard. It's the best time to throw endless pool parties and let the poolside fun begin. 

Setting up a pool and having a bunch of delicious beverages wouldn't be enough to have an epic pool party. But, without the essential party supplies, your pool party wouldn't be complete. So before you take the plunge and start your pool party, check out the list of must-have party supplies we have hand-picked for you.

Make your pool party a different story by having must-have pool party supplies at your party. Stick to the end to find out what you need and what you already have to make your party full of fun and enjoyment. 

Inflatable Floating Pool Toys

You couldn't have an epic pool party without the pool toys. They aren't only for kids to play with but also essential for the adults to sit and relax. So have plenty of floating pool toys for your pool party to have ultimate fun.

Plenty of them is available in the market, from pizza to flamingo donuts, unicorns, and cactus floating pool toys. They won't only allow you to sit and relax on the surface of the water but will help you to get some attractive selfies for your social media accounts. 

Floating tables can also keep your drinks close while sunbathing on the water's surface. Moreover, ensure personal floatation devices at the pool party for the inexperienced swimmers.

Follow up on a Theme

Follow a theme for your pool party to give it a special touch. A fantastic party theme matching your taste will encourage you to have ultimate fun at the party. 

Incorporate your party theme in the pool party decorations. Decide a dress code according to your party theme and ask your guests to dress up accordingly. So inspirations google up as plenty of creative and thoughtful ideas or TV shows are also a good source. 


Music is energy. It changes the atmosphere for you by injecting good vibes into it. So say yes to the music at your party, and set up some suitable speakers around the pool in different areas, so whether you are having your snacks or swimming in the pool, music is there to set the mood. 

There are also waterproof speaker models available in the market that can be used as floating speakers, so the music is closer to you even when you are in the water. However, they come at a little higher price than regular speakers (non-waterproof).

A music playlist is also a must-have item you should prepare for your party. A good piece of music will set the mood for you by spreading good vibes in the atmosphere. Prepare a playlist days before your party date. 


On coming out of the water, the first thing you would need is a towel. Your guests might bring towels with them but be prepared for the scenario where you need extra towels. 

Make sure to have plenty of towels on your party supplies list. Cool towels are a great way to deal with too hot a temperature. Also, have towel racks so your guests can hang the towels without asking you for anything. 


Pool parties are primarily arranged in the summer when the sun scorches the brutal heat. You would need plenty of beverages to make the party refreshing. Obviously, you would need fully-chilled drinks. Coolers are the essential party supplies to help you enjoy your drinks the way you want them.

Make sure to have coolers at the party to serve the drinks in chilled form. It's ideal to have at least two coolers at the party, one for the drinks you'll serve the adults and another for the kids that you'll use to keep the juices.

Disposable Dinnerware

Make sure to have disposable serving ware to serve your party guests without the hassle of creating any mess. The disposable serving ware always provides the ease to speed up cleanup. In addition, fancy party tableware adds a touch of contemporary style and elegance to your party ambiance.

If you are setting up a tablescape poolside, make sure to have plastic bowlsdisposable napkinsdisposable trays, and disposable plastic plates. Get our finest disposable collections for all types of parties, special occasions, catered events, and celebrations, and say no to the after-party mess.

Poolside Chairs

Reclined lounge chairs are the must-have party supplies for a pool party. If your guest's list includes adults, ensure you have a few poolside lounge chairs. They are perfect for sitting, relaxing, and enjoying your drink while soaking up in the sun. 

If you don't have them, invest in some good-quality chairs that'll match your party theme to make the scene stand out. You can also rent them out if purchasing them doesn't suit you. Moreover, the pool parties mostly take place in the summer when the temperature is at its peak. Make sure to have umbrellas and canopies for the guests who wouldn't like to soak up after taking a plunge. So buy some good-quality umbrellas and canopies and make your pool party an enchanting one.

Strings Light

If your pool party would take place at night, your first decor item should be the lights. They wouldn't only brighten up the surroundings of your venue, so everyone can take epic group selfies but will also add the ambiance to your party space. 

Make sure you have plenty of lights set up at your party space, like strings of lights, lanterns, and fairy lights to wrap up the trees in the surroundings. Follow up your party theme to coordinate your party decor. You can also set up the light in the pool to create a beautiful illusion effect in the water. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

How to Throw the Perfect Margarita Party!

How to Throw the Perfect Margarita Party!

Make margaritas if life offers you limes!

Jimmy Buffett

Why Have a Margarita Party?

You are already tired and frustrated about starting something new in life and want a big bang to hit you and make you shine. Relaxation and quality time without stress is exactly what you want. Something to start your day up with!

But what could it be?

As we all know, throwing the perfect party is impossible unless you know what you're doing, just like understanding the ideal ingredients for a more delightful epic that would leave your guests in awe and wonder, such as different wondrous recipes that go to the taste buds in a state of aftershock.

It's hard to figure out the right plastic margarita glasses, bulk bottles, and cups, especially their shapes and sizes, plates, and tables.

Then the best location, like a backyard, rented apartment, or a booked hotel.

It can be frustrating when setting up the perfect want and need in one place.

But don't worry after reading this; you won't need to jump around searching for ideas, as this is your one-stop solution to your problems.

Steps to Throwing Off the Perfect Margarita Party in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Laying down the colors and covers for an exciting celebration. Take out those disposable plates, fancy plastic margarita glasses you left hanging, and some extra shoppers bags, and head for the local stores and start setting up your bottles.

Start calling out to your friends, colleagues, and partners to have the best day of their lives with a mixture of tastes and colors, such as apple mint, pomegranate, and orange.

Start utilizing your refrigerator and get a load of ice cubes for the party to use in your disposable plastic margarita glasses. Then, get the small glasses and start filling them up with beer. They will be the best for an early appetizer.

Better lighting and candles for a better night. It is fantastic to have a glass of champagne in your plastic margarita glasses.

Getting a location booked if it's a smaller group of people. Your backyard could be the best, a regular group of people, a rented apartment, and if it's for some essential or significant numbers, then a well-known hotel could be the best.

We have some of the best Margarita party ideas to help throw an epic party!

The secret sauce to 8 recommendations of the most beloved recipes for your disposable margarita glasses.

● Texas Red River Margarita

The red scenery of the sky and that beautiful sunset view before dawn are the color of the Texas Red Margarita. The taste is just as unique, made from blood oranges and grapefruit juices with a dose of lemon and Tequila to make this fantastic blend.

● Cerveza Margarita

Notice the feeling of deep-sea breezes and a clear blue ocean whenever you visit the beach. The same feeling and color you will experience after tasting the Cerveza Margarita made from Tequila, lemon-lime juice, beer, and Kosher salt. Nothing to settle for that vacation feeling like this drink.

● The classic Margarita

As we all know the saying, nothing can stand up to the original. The same goes for the original margarita recipe. The classic Margarita is made from Blanco tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, Kosher salt, and lime wedges. As they say, authenticity is in the taste.

● Amaretto Margarita

Ahh, the feeling when you visit another country for the first time for a vacation like Italy. The same goes for the first time you taste this Margarita. 

It adds a sense of Italian culture to the party atmosphere. The ingredients which compose this Margarita are Lime wedges, Blanco Tequila, coarse salt, half an ounce of amaretto, and maraschino cherries. Be sure that the taste will make you want to visit Italy.

● Frozen Sriracha Margarita

The sweetness of the most favored fruit and its texture comprises this Margarita and is composed of Lime wedges, Coarse salt, Lime juice, half a teaspoon of Sriracha salt, Blanco Tequila, and a cup of mango nectar. Its extravagance and its taste will make you feel like your in-mango heaven.

● Caribbean Blue Margarita

The visualization of the world's most scenic seas is what represents the color of this Margarita. Truly the recipe of this beverage is like a jewel waiting to be discovered, and its ingredients are composed or made of lime wedges, blue Curacao, Coarse salt, freshly squeezed lime juice, and Blanco Tequila, and orange slices. Truly a drink fit for the brave sailors of the Caribbean Sea.

● Margarita Floats

It's the most ideal and enjoyable drink during the hot summer season when you drool from sweat and fatigue so much that you will suffocate from your breath. It's a gift from paradise during these intense situations, and the main ingredients comprise lime wedges, lemon-lime juice chilled, sugar, vanilla ice cream, lime sherbet, nine ounces of silver Tequila, and three to four cups of lime juice. 

This drink is a floaty marshmallow paradise during a heatwave.

● Frozen Blueberry Margaritas

Blueberries are one of the significant components for making blueberry apple pie, one of the most favored dishes in American or Italian restaurants. It can also be transfigured into the most delicious beverage. The ingredients for making this lucrative drink are silver Tequila, Blueberry Schnapps, Lime juice, Triple Sec, Frozen blueberries, Ice, Salt, and lime. This drink is for those who may love the scent of blueberries in the morning.

What's The most crucial point for a well-desired Margarita Party?

Always remember to have fun with your buddies or alone. Keeping the mind relaxed will give you the party bash you want. Setting up the party is an art itself. Bring the best memories of your life.

Learn to live on your own terms and enjoy every moment of it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a fancy glass and party hard!


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

7 Tips for Throwing a Last-Minute Party

7 Tips for Throwing a Last-Minute Party

When it comes to throwing a party, it's a stressful job, even if you are prepared in advance. And, when it comes to throwing a last-minute event when you haven't prepared in advance, then it can be the next level of stress for you. 

However, there's always a better way to do things. Similarly, there are better ways to make your last-minute party an epic one full of fun and enjoyment for everyone. You can throw a fantastic party by focusing on a few essential things.

Don't fret about it if you haven't prepared for your next party, even if a few hours remain. We have curated a list of valuable tips to help you throw a last-minute party without hassle and stress. 

1 - Send out Electronic Invitations

Social media has become a vast platform to interact with people residing far away from you. If there isn't much time remaining to create attractive and thoughtful invitation cards, send out the invitations to your people on social media.

If all of your friends are connected with you on social media accounts, it's much easier to send out the invitations and save time for other party arrangements. You can make it even easier to invite the guests by creating a Whatsapp or Facebook group. 

Facebook has also introduced an option that you can use to create an event and find out who's interesting in coming. Take full advantage of technology to make things hassle-free and less time-consuming. 

2 - Clean up Your Place

One of the essential things to consider while preparing for the party is the clean-up, so your house isn't an organized mess for your guests. Grab all your cleaning tools if you are throwing a last-minute party and haven't prepared a little bit about it. 

Focus on cleaning the rooms and spaces where your guests would visit or come and shut all other doors. Ask your best friend or family member to help you speed up the cleaning up of your house. 

First, grab the laundry basket to collect all the unnecessary things that aren't placed where they should be. Put them back where they belong or throw them in your bedroom closet or storeroom if the clock is ticking hard on you.

3 - Let the Decorations be Simple

When it comes to party decorations, you don't need to spend much money on them. Instead, when the clock is ticking on you, invest in some good quality party decor and let it be simple yet elegant party decor. 

Start digging your cupboards for elegant vases, balloons, strings, lights, and everything you can add to your party. Then, follow up the theme to make the decor even easier. For instance, consider a patriotic theme if you are throwing a memorial day party or a labor day party. 

For the tablescape, just grab the elegant vases, a bunch of flowers, a fancy tablecloth, and pretty napkins. Use the vases and flowers creatively to make the centerpiece for your tablescape. Don't use tons of party decor, as it would make the party space stuffy and overwhelming.

4 - Ready-Made Food 

Food is a necessary part of any party; without it, it wouldn't be a party. However, preparing the food is also a time-consuming activity and if you are too late to prepare the food, think about the dishes that require too much to make. 

Let the main courses be simple and distribute the kitchen work with your friends to make side dishes. If you want to cut the cooking time, ordering the food from your favorite fancy restaurant is also a great way to have fun. 

You couldn't go wrong by ordering the pizza, as it's budget-friendly, cuts the cooking time, and eliminates the serving hassle. Also, there are plenty of pizza options for veggies and non-veggies.

5 - Play Music

If you haven't done your best with your party decorations, don't worry, the music can cover that part for you. Music is a great way to add aesthetics and spread good vibes in the party atmosphere. 

Play some good music at your party according to your party theme. And, if you aren't good at creating a party music playlist, take advantage of the online platforms. Spotify and Youtube are great platforms to find good party music of any type. You can also google up to find the playlist according to your party theme. 

6- Use Disposable Serving

A last-minute party is all about putting everything together that you have got and getting the most out of it at the very last moment. However, the party preparations aren't stressful like the after-party mess is.

Kill the hassle of cleaning up a pile of dishes at the end of the party by using disposable serving wares. They are inexpensive and a great alternative to consider if you need to rent the plates. 

It's impossible to rent out the plates at the last minute before the party begins, but you can get the disposable party supplies in no time. You can get disposable plastic tableware sets from the dollar store or the online store Smarty Had a Party. 

We have a great variety of disposable plasticware that includes everything your guests would need at the party. Bonus is; that all our plasticware for parties is disposable. 

7 - Entertainment

After all the stressful days of party preparations, make sure to have your favorite games ready at the party to enjoy and relax. We often get stressed about the little things our guests don't even notice. 

Let your guests' party mood turn on by making them play different games you have arranged for them. But, again, consider the party type and your guests' tastes while choosing the fun for your party. 

Look online for different game ideas and choose what suits your party and your guests. You can also print the various games to have games ready at the last minute.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

Outstanding Buffet Design Ideas

Outstanding Buffet Design Ideas

The only thing that your party guests are going to remember after a party with a buffet is the display and design of it. So, why not spend just a few minutes learning about unique ideas about designing your buffet and how to display things in style to bring that excellent little wow factor to your party.

If you haven't planned much for your buffet, it can really become a complete mess, and you aren't going to have a good time. So embarrassing, right? Here are some of the most incredible buffet design ideas to try next time you throw a party with a buffet.

Go With White Plates Only!

You won't believe it, but this simple trick can make things look simple yet elegant. When it comes to planning for choosing the right dinnerware for a buffet, you must always go with simple white plates. Your buffet would definitely be overwhelmed with the range of food colors.

White plates on the tables will create simplicity, allowing the individual food items to shine with their unique colors. You don't want your table to look like a rainbow. So, only add simple white plates to make your buffet look simple and elegant.

If you don't want to go with simple white plates, you can also choose to have eco-friendly plates. The disposable eco dinnerware can bring those natural vibes to your party and can become an excellent replacement for your white plates.

The eco-friendly dinnerware includes eco-friendly palm leaf bowls, biodegradable eco trays, eco-friendly flatware, and all the other essentials you'd need to throw a fantastic party.

Avoid Traditional Display

You can play with the way you display the food on the table. Try not to follow the traditional style of placing everything in trays and bowls and just stuff them on tables. Instead, you can go with different styles and designs by adjusting the height of certain foods.

There's a complete art of science behind placing different food at different heights and locations. Nothing pops out when you place everything at the same height on the table. If you want to emphasize one dish over the other, you can't really do that if you're following a flat table display setting.

Try to create visual interest by giving heights to different elements on the table. Make your tablescape look exciting and appealing. You can get mini-stairs for the buffet or risers to lift some of the food and give your table a new look.

Floral Decorations

Fresh flowers can make your event more blissful, but you must be pretty picky when decorating floral. Always use fresh flowers so that you can have a soothing experience throughout.

Your flowers must not be so high on the table that they disturb conversations. Instead, the floral decorations must be kept low on the table so your guests can have eye contact with others and have an uninterrupted conversation.

Don't Forget Something for Kids

Buffet parties are most commonly arranged for formal events, but if you're expecting some kids over the party, do something for their entertainment. You must keep the following items on the table to keep the kids busy with the food.

1 - Chocolates (of different brands, flavors, and colors)

2 - Lollipops (any type of hard candy)

3 - Mints

4 - Bubblegums

Add Multiple Types of Cheeses

Everyone has a different taste for having some cheese on the plate. So, you can't just go with one type of cheese on the table. Instead, you should go with a variety of cheese options. But, it's essential to not exceed more than five types of cheeses.

Having more than optimal types of cheese on the table, you're actually making your guests get overwhelmed. So don't put your guests in an indecisive state while choosing cheese.

Be Rational While Choosing Dinnerware

After a fantastic buffet, you'll get a lot of dirty dishes, and nobody likes to do the words right after an awesome party. So, eliminate the anxiety of doing the dishes by replacing your dinnerware with disposable eco dinnerware. Then, you can simply throw them in the trash bin once you wrap your party.

The eco-friendly plates will give your party a natural feel and be easy to use for you and your guests.

Flavorize Your Desserts

You can add a variety of desserts to the buffet. However, don't go with just a single dessert. It really makes your planning questionable. People love to have multiple flavors in the dessert. Mostly, people pay more attention to the main meal and overlook the importance of desserts.

People are really looking for those sweet, red-velvet molten lavas. Of course, you can add whatever you want, but make sure you're planning for a couple of dessert options.

Donuts & Cookies are one of the most common and favorite items you can include in the list. Moreover, you can also go with different types of pies, candies, and even cakes. There are hundreds of recipes that you can try to give your buffet a blend of sweet tastes.

Setting up ice-cream bars seems to be a good idea, but when you actually couple it up with a buffet, it doesn't actually fit in. However, if your budget and energy allow you to manage an ice cream bar along with the mentioned dessert ideas, that would be HUGE!

Outdoor or Indoor Buffet?

Well, it's subjective, and you can choose whatever suits your fantasy. However, the outdoor buffet arrangement gives more opportunities to play with the party's theme. For example, you can set your tables around a tree and decorate it with lots and lots of LEDs. It will become more like your giant centerpiece.

However, you can do a lot of stuff indoors as well. You have to arrange some seats and good air-conditioning because no one would like to feel suffocated, and you're good to go. Use different lights to bring some unique vibes.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!