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Outstanding Buffet Design Ideas

Outstanding Buffet Design Ideas

The only thing that your party guests are going to remember after a party with a buffet is the display and design of it. So, why not spend just a few minutes learning about unique ideas about designing your buffet and how to display things in style to bring that excellent little wow factor to your party.

If you haven't planned much for your buffet, it can really become a complete mess, and you aren't going to have a good time. So embarrassing, right? Here are some of the most incredible buffet design ideas to try next time you throw a party with a buffet.

Go With White Plates Only!

You won't believe it, but this simple trick can make things look simple yet elegant. When it comes to planning for choosing the right dinnerware for a buffet, you must always go with simple white plates. Your buffet would definitely be overwhelmed with the range of food colors.

White plates on the tables will create simplicity, allowing the individual food items to shine with their unique colors. You don't want your table to look like a rainbow. So, only add simple white plates to make your buffet look simple and elegant.

If you don't want to go with simple white plates, you can also choose to have eco-friendly plates. The disposable eco dinnerware can bring those natural vibes to your party and can become an excellent replacement for your white plates.

The eco-friendly dinnerware includes eco-friendly palm leaf bowls, biodegradable eco trays, eco-friendly flatware, and all the other essentials you'd need to throw a fantastic party.

Avoid Traditional Display

You can play with the way you display the food on the table. Try not to follow the traditional style of placing everything in trays and bowls and just stuff them on tables. Instead, you can go with different styles and designs by adjusting the height of certain foods.

There's a complete art of science behind placing different food at different heights and locations. Nothing pops out when you place everything at the same height on the table. If you want to emphasize one dish over the other, you can't really do that if you're following a flat table display setting.

Try to create visual interest by giving heights to different elements on the table. Make your tablescape look exciting and appealing. You can get mini-stairs for the buffet or risers to lift some of the food and give your table a new look.

Floral Decorations

Fresh flowers can make your event more blissful, but you must be pretty picky when decorating floral. Always use fresh flowers so that you can have a soothing experience throughout.

Your flowers must not be so high on the table that they disturb conversations. Instead, the floral decorations must be kept low on the table so your guests can have eye contact with others and have an uninterrupted conversation.

Don't Forget Something for Kids

Buffet parties are most commonly arranged for formal events, but if you're expecting some kids over the party, do something for their entertainment. You must keep the following items on the table to keep the kids busy with the food.

1 - Chocolates (of different brands, flavors, and colors)

2 - Lollipops (any type of hard candy)

3 - Mints

4 - Bubblegums

Add Multiple Types of Cheeses

Everyone has a different taste for having some cheese on the plate. So, you can't just go with one type of cheese on the table. Instead, you should go with a variety of cheese options. But, it's essential to not exceed more than five types of cheeses.

Having more than optimal types of cheese on the table, you're actually making your guests get overwhelmed. So don't put your guests in an indecisive state while choosing cheese.

Be Rational While Choosing Dinnerware

After a fantastic buffet, you'll get a lot of dirty dishes, and nobody likes to do the words right after an awesome party. So, eliminate the anxiety of doing the dishes by replacing your dinnerware with disposable eco dinnerware. Then, you can simply throw them in the trash bin once you wrap your party.

The eco-friendly plates will give your party a natural feel and be easy to use for you and your guests.

Flavorize Your Desserts

You can add a variety of desserts to the buffet. However, don't go with just a single dessert. It really makes your planning questionable. People love to have multiple flavors in the dessert. Mostly, people pay more attention to the main meal and overlook the importance of desserts.

People are really looking for those sweet, red-velvet molten lavas. Of course, you can add whatever you want, but make sure you're planning for a couple of dessert options.

Donuts & Cookies are one of the most common and favorite items you can include in the list. Moreover, you can also go with different types of pies, candies, and even cakes. There are hundreds of recipes that you can try to give your buffet a blend of sweet tastes.

Setting up ice-cream bars seems to be a good idea, but when you actually couple it up with a buffet, it doesn't actually fit in. However, if your budget and energy allow you to manage an ice cream bar along with the mentioned dessert ideas, that would be HUGE!

Outdoor or Indoor Buffet?

Well, it's subjective, and you can choose whatever suits your fantasy. However, the outdoor buffet arrangement gives more opportunities to play with the party's theme. For example, you can set your tables around a tree and decorate it with lots and lots of LEDs. It will become more like your giant centerpiece.

However, you can do a lot of stuff indoors as well. You have to arrange some seats and good air-conditioning because no one would like to feel suffocated, and you're good to go. Use different lights to bring some unique vibes.


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Why You Should Use Disposable Wedding Plates

Why You Should Use Disposable Wedding Plates

Choosing perfect dinnerware is really important to plan along with the rest of the wedding planning. Your wedding day must be the day that everyone wants to enjoy with perfection, and when it comes to making your wedding a perfect one, everything matters, including those plates on the table.

Most people don’t consider planning for dinnerware and instead pay more attention to the venue, decorations, and other fun stuff. No doubt, all of those things are extremely important to consider, but you should pay much more attention to the type of dinnerware used by the guests.

There should be some essential factors in your mind when choosing a perfect dinnerware. It must look gorgeous, add value to your wedding decor, be reliable, easy to handle, and above all, it must be affordable since it’s a wedding. You would definitely need hundreds of plates and other dinnerware items.

Disposable wedding plates are pretty popular these days, and they are a perfect solution when we consider all the factors we just mentioned. In addition, they’re cheap and reliable, and you get hundreds of different options in colors, shapes, and designs.

So, why should you use disposable wedding plates? Here are some of the most important reasons that make disposable wedding plates your go-to products for your wedding decorations.

Cleanup is Much Easier

With disposable wedding plates, cleaning the wedding mess is more accessible, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning them afterward.

Imagine you managed an incredible wedding night, seeing off all your guests, enjoying those wedding vibes, and suddenly seeing a load of dinnerware that needs to be cleaned. Usually, the organizers do the dishes, but if you’re the one who’s managing all the stuff, you’re really going to have a hectic time!

You can simply free yourself from this hectic job by having disposable wedding plates and making your cleanup way more accessible than it was ever before. At Smarty, you can get disposable plastic plates of all sizes and shapes and make your wedding hassle-free. In addition, these disposable wedding plates make your wedding more enjoyable since you don’t have to worry about cleaning the after-party mess.

Traveling Becomes Easier

After the lockdowns were lifted, closed social gatherings were banned due to lockdowns and most of the wedding venues were not allowed to operate. As a result, people started to organize their own venues in the countryside, on nearby beaches, and on mountaintops which were completely legal and authorized by the state.

When it comes to situations like these, taking all of your wedding essentials with you was a task. However, since the plastic plates for weddings are lightweight, it was effortless to take them to the venue by simply throwing them in the back of your truck.

Nowadays, people love to select a completely natural location that fits perfectly with their wedding theme. Therefore, taking your plastic dinnerware items with you becomes more convenient to such incredible sights.

Affordability? Not an Issue!

Manufacturing plastic dinnerware is relatively cheap compared to manufacturing other dinnerware types like ceramic, silverware, and others. This is because the plastic items are highly affordable to manufacture, and they’re made in bulk, so the cost per unit is extremely low compared to other types.

Plates designed and manufactured for weddings are pretty beautiful and look unique, but they’re also manufactured in bulk which allows companies to offer them at cheaper rates. So from a customer point of view, people buy plastic wedding plates in bulk and get additional discounts.

Color is Important!

At weddings, you can’t use those thin white plates. You have to go with some color to match your table setting with the overall wedding party. Choosing a color for dinnerware is ultimately a subjective matter. You have to decide your wedding theme and plan for a specific color.

At Smarty Had A Party, we offer elegant plates for weddings in different colors and shapes. You can select the one that fits perfectly well with the overall feel of your wedding. Make an everlasting impression by designing the entire charm and aesthetics of the wedding.

Match Your Table With Bridal Dress

Show your love to your partner by matching the theme of your table with the color of the dress your partner. This nonverbal gesture will definitely make your partner feel loved and important.

Choose the color of your dinnerware that matches the color of your one-and-only’s dress. You can also go with the floral designs that we offer. These golden floral wedding plate designs can be a perfect option.

Moreover, you can also go with disposable black plates with golden vintage rims. They look extra gorgeous with vintage-themed wedding decorations.

If you can’t decide on a specific color, black is something to go with. It can fit in with almost every wedding style, and it can be used in both formal and informal settings. In addition, the black color has its own charm and grace that can’t be compared with any other color.

Ending Note:

It’s all about your preferences. If you really want to enjoy ceramic premiums and have no budget boundaries, then you can go with ceramic dinnerware.

Along with the affordability factor with ceramic, another downside is that you’d break them if you slip them on the floor. Moreover, these are pretty heavy, so if you’re planning to travel to a venue that’s managed all by yourself, transporting these ceramic plates would be a huge hurdle.

Silverware, on the other side, is another excellent option, but again, they’re heavy, and you’d have to suffer if your venue is far away.

Considering most of your preferences, we highly recommend plastic dinnerware since it’s entirely rational to buy them for a special occasion such as a wedding.

In the end, it’s all about your personal choice. It’s your day. You need to make it perfect according to your standards of perfection! Happy wedding decorations!


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

How to Plan a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget?

How to Plan a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget?

A wedding is one of the special days of someone getting married. And, for this big day, everyone has different imaginations to execute it. However, things get a little daunting and seem impossible when the budget is tight, as the weddings are pretty expensive. 

For most, when it comes to budget weddings, it’s all about sacrificing your dreams. But what if we tell you it’s possible, and the trick is to get more by spending less and getting the most out of everything. 

We have got you covered with our creative and strategic ideas to help you plan a budget wedding. So stick to the end to discover innovative ways to plan a fabulous wedding even when you are on a budget. 

Talk to Your Spouse

Before your wedding, talk with your spouse about your event’s budget. It’s always beneficial to keep the other party on the same page by discussing it, planning it, and coming up with one solution. 

Talk to your spouse about what kind of wedding they imagine and where both of you aim to spend the most and less to save. For example, the bride is more into spending the more significant amount on getting the fanciest and sexiest wedding dresses; however, the grooms are likely to spend on wedding arrangements.

This might be the first time for both of you to discuss the budget, but the experience would be worth keeping everyone on the same page so there aren’t any surprise boxes for anyone.

Shorten Your Guestlist

“The more guests means more mouths for you to feed at your wedding.” Inviting a large crowd at a wedding seems a royal thing, but let us tell you that the shorter the guest list is, the less hassle, the burden on your pocket, and the more enjoyment and fun it would be.  

Unless you aren’t planning your wedding in your backyard, the banquets charge as per head, and you can save a big chunk of your budget by limiting your guest list. 

The pandemic restrained everyone from planning grand wedding events and made everyone believe that small weddings are intimate weddings. In the budget, talk with your spouse, shortlist the close friends and family you want to invite and try to save the cost.

The strategic way to keep everyone happy is to invite the close people to your wedding and then invite the rest to the reception. 

Prefer Backyard or Outside as Your Wedding Venue

Planning your wedding in a commercial venue might cost you arms and legs. Arranging your wedding at a commercial venue might eat up half of your wedding budget. 

It can be cut down and saved for the rest of the wedding arrangements by hosting your wedding in the backyard or outside your home. But, of course, there would be a lot of places near your house that you transform into your wedding venues, like the parks or vacant places. 

Make sure to ask for permission from the concerned departments before initiating the preparations. Always have a backup plan for situations when the weather isn’t favorable. 

Look for Skillful People in Your Circle

When planning your wedding arrangements, look into your close circle and find the people with the skill sets that can be helpful for you. For instance, a friend with photography skills can cover your entire event, and you can save a little more for other things. 

There would be plenty of people in your social circle that can take off the financial burden of the wedding budget. Also, don’t underestimate your own skills and utilize them in your wedding preparations. Just be creative with the planning and preparations to save the major cost. 

Be Strategic with the Wedding Cake

Wedding cake would also be on your wedding checklist, and depending on the scale of your event, the cake will cost you a hefty amount. The trick to saving money on the cake is to use the dummy cake instead of the real one. 

Look for the cake chef in your town with professional skills to skillfully decorate the cake and make it look real. Then, use the dummy cake just for the display and buy a real cake from the nearest bakery to serve the guests at the wedding, don’t fret about it. No one would be able to spot the difference. 

Moreover, you can also look for the dummy cakes, as plenty of them are available. Decide and order the cake before your wedding preparation days arrive, so your cake is ready on time.

Prefer Disposable Servingware

Regarding weddings, premium formal tableware is also expensive; the cost varies depending on your region. Renting out the tableware is also an option but costly investment. 

Instead of renting out the dinnerware sets for your wedding, use the plastic dinnerware for weddings. Disposable dinnerware sets for weddings are pretty inexpensive, and they also offer hassle-free cleanup. 

The plastic dinnerware sets for weddings with disposable nature eliminate the hassle of washing/cleaning the dishes after you are finished with them. You’ll need to dispose of them quickly, and hence the cleanup cost would also be saved.

Get stylish and elegant disposable dinnerware for weddings at the Smarty Had a Party. We have a wide variety of sleek dinnerware sets in different designs. They are affordable to any budget, and buying in bulk will save you some extra bucks. 

Do DIY Projects

Decorations are also necessary for weddings that come with a considerable cost. However, you don’t need to hire an event manager or a designer to decorate your dream wedding. Instead, team up with your spouse, do DIY projects, and transform your imagination into a piece of art. 

If you and your spouse are creative enough, all you need is to take inspiration from the online DIY projects and decorate your wedding on your own. 

For instance, instead of paying the printing agency for your wedding invitation cards, get creative with the design, take inspiration from the internet, and spend the money on stationery to create thoughtful, inexpensive, and personalized wedding invitation cards. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

The Best Fancy Disposable Coffee Mugs

The Best Fancy Disposable Coffee Mugs

The first thing you need to start your day is a fresh mug full of coffee in the morning. And according to a report, about 62% of adults in the US consume coffee every day. This tells us how often we need it to boost our energy level, either at work or home. 

Apart from the skills to make the coffee, the mugs also affect the taste of the coffee. The design, the aesthetic, and the style of the coffee mug put together everything and contribute to the coffee drinking experience. 

This leads us to the coffee mugs discussion, and this is what you are going to read about. We have composed a detailed guide on the best fancy disposable coffee mugs you should consider when hunting for one. 

Why Disposable Coffee Mugs?

We know while reading this, you might have come up with the thought, "Why only disposable Coffee Mugs?" Well, the answer to this question couldn't be a Yes or No, as many valid reasons make disposable coffee mugs the perfect choice for all time for everyone.

Whether you are running a business or a hard-core party lover who couldn't go without throwing a party after one or two months, the cleanup is the biggest challenge you would face after you are finished using the serving ware. 

The disposable coffee mugs make the cleanup process seamless and take the pressure off the host, as you wouldn't need to clean/wash them; instead, you can easily discard them just like a tissue paper and forget about them if they even existed. 

Moreover, the affordability of disposable coffee mugs is also a critical factor that makes them the perfect coffee serving ware option. The disposable coffee mugs are made of plastic, making them affordable to any budget. 

With disposable plastic mugs, you get the most affordable coffee mugs and the ultimate practicality, making it relatively easier to serve a large crowd without worrying about the cleanup duties. 

Clear Square Plastic Coffee Mugs

These coffee mugs are made of high-end transparent plastic that resembles glass material. The top-notch quality of the plastic makes them look exactly like real glass coffee mugs. 

Whether throwing a celebration party or arranging a casual get-together with friends or family, these are the perfect coffee mugs that come at a fraction of the cost. 

If we talk about their design, the opening is square-shaped, opposite to the conventional coffee mugs, making them prominent and unique serving ware when presented on the table setting. 

Of course, these are designed for disposable use, and the best part is your guests wouldn't be able to spot the difference if they are real-looking ones or the disposable coffee mugs. 

Moreover, these clear square-shaped disposable plastic coffee mugs are made of BPA-free material - meaning no dangerous toxins would be transferred to your hot beverages. They are made of durable high-end quality plastic that ensures the handles stay cool so your guest can comfortably hold them. 

Further, you don't need to be extra careful like you have to be with the glass-made coffee mugs. They are strong and durable enough to hold accidental drops, just like paper cups. The practical capacity of these coffee mugs is 6 oz. 

They are ideal for upscale events, like weddings, birthdays, catered events, and special occasions. You can't just serve the guest with them, but you can also be creative to turn them into a beautiful customized gift for anyone getting married. 

White Square Plastic Mini Coffee Tea Cups

If the clear square plastic coffee mug didn't excite you for whatever reasons, look at these white square plastic mini coffee teacups full of elegance.

They are made of top-quality, durable plastic material, but they look exactly like ceramic or any other premium material coffee mugs with the spectator's eyes. The "Mini" word in the title of these coffee mugs tells the size of the cups is just 2 oz. 

However, these are perfect for serving hot or cold beverages for events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bridal showers, and any kind of function where you want your tableware to shine and glow.

These coffee mugs can also be used for regular coffee serving to your VIP guests or clients in your offices. And forget about washing or cleaning them, as you can always dispose of them and pull out the new ones. 

You can repurpose these plastic-made coffee mugs to turn them into a piece of art through DIY projects. And, since they are made of top-grade plastic material, the customization and personalization would be a piece of cake for you. 

White with Gold Edge Rim Round Plastic Coffee Mugs

Looking for an elegant, sophisticated yet modern touch in your coffee mugs? The white with the Gold edge rim is the perfect set of coffee mugs with a beautiful, sleek profile that's always ready to enhance the look of your table's top. 

Whether it's you, who couldn't compromise on the size of the mug and always prefer the bigger one for your daily coffee consumption or your guests who expect a warm welcome from you on their arrival, this coffee mug set won't just help you serve your guests with style but offer ultimate practically of minimizing the cleanup duties for you and your staff. 

These are made of high-quality plastic material with BPA-free properties. Utilize them to serve your special guests at special occasions like wedding receptions, bridal bashes, baby showers, birthday parties, upscale parties, professionally catered events, holiday feasts, and anywhere where elegance and sophistication are required. 

Moreover, the gold edge rim of the round disposable plastic coffee mugs provides them the unique look to be prominent when presented with the party tableware. 

Add an extra finishing touch and sophistication to your fancy tabletop with these elegant plastic coffee mugs that come at a fraction of the cost, and get started with a compliment list given by your party guests. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

What Are the Crucial Tips to Consider When Planning a Party?

What Are the Crucial Tips to Consider When Planning a Party?

Whether you want to throw a party for your client or your friend and family it'sit's always the next level of hassle to keep everything streamlined and precisely managed. We all, as a host, have to go through it, but each time after throwing a party, there's a lesson learned at the end of the party. 

The sense of professionalism comes with experience, but if you have proper knowledge about it, you can even change your mistakes into your success story.  

In this fast-paced world, everything is possible, and the hassle-free party. Therefore, we have curated a list of some crucial tips on party planning that'll help you plan, manage and wind up everything professionally. 

Stick to the end of this blog to discover professional ways to make things easier for yourself to manage and your guests. 

Start off by Deciding on the Venue

Before you fully dive into your party preparations/planning, decide whether you want your home to be your party or you want to rent out the one. 

Throwing a party at your home will save you a lot of money, and going with a professional venue will keep you relaxed and stress-free throughout the party -the choice is all yours!

Have your Eyes on Weather Forecast

When selecting the venue, consider the weather forecast of your region and plan accordingly. If you are going to throw an outdoor party, make sure to have an indoor venue as a backup plan. 

Create a Guestlist

Create a guest list for your party to know how many people you will be serving. Once you have got the final guests list, you can quickly initiate other party planning accordingly. Like the seating arrangements, the drink stocks, snacks, and the food menu. 

Determine Your Party Budget

Before creating a shopping list and leaving for the shopping trip, decide where you want to extravagantly and where you want to save money. Then, look for online sales for party supplies. It'sIt's an excellent way to save money. 

Buffet or Sit Down Table Style?

There are two serving styles most commonly followed, the buffet, where the long tables with all of the dishes are laid down, and the sit-down table style; contrary to the buffet, servers are required to serve the guests at the table. 

The buffet is favorable when you are expecting a long list of guests. Also, it's inexpensive, and you can be strategic about the food items that are less in quantity. 

If you have one item of lesser quality, you can place it at the end of the table, as most of the guest's plates are complete at the end of the table.

Follow up on a Party Theme

A party is incomplete without a theme, as it gives life to your party decor and adds aesthetics. So, before the party date arrives, decide what type of party you will be hosting and where the party decor will revolve around. 

For instance, if you are throwing a memorial day party, then red, blue, and white are the colors you should incorporate into your party decor. 

Plan Party Food Menu

A perfect menu will set the mood of your guests and will keep them energized throughout the party. Start planning the party menu days before the party date. Decide what type of food you will serve, whether it will be homemade, or if you prefer to hand over the food duties to the catering services. 

Plan the food menu strategically, so it balances out. For instance, if you have one heavy dish on the menu, make sure to serve light food items or drinks to balance it out for the guests.

Ensure all kinds of serving wares are required while having the meal. Consider using the plastic tableware sets, as the disposable tableware minimizes the party mess and helps you wind up quickly without the hassle of washing dishes at the end of the party. 

We have a great variety of elegant plastic party supplies in various designs and styles. And, bonus, we will deliver it to you at your doorstep. So look around and get the best stylish disposable plasticware for all parties. 

Plan Entertainment

Parties are all about relaxing, enjoying the vibes, and taking a break from regular life. Provide your guests ultimate source of entertainment by planning different fun activities and games. 

If it is a little one's party, you can plan plenty of fun activities and games for them, such as drawing/painting, face painting, an inflatable pool, and plenty of others that you can explore on the internet. 

However, you can turn on their party mode for the adults by setting up a dance floor, music, and lights. Take the help from the internet for more thoughtful ideas related to party entertainment. Whatever fun activity or game you choose, make sure your guests would love it.

Create a Playlist

Creating a music playlist is also a part of party planning that you need to do during the preparation days. Create a music playlist that'll reflect the theme of your party. 

Make sure whatever music tracks you select contain tempo so that it really injects the energy boost into your guests. You can also hire a DJ to take the burden off yourself. The DJs will play the appropriate music according to the room'sroom's atmosphere. 

Create a Photobooth

In the world of social media, where we prefer to socialize online rather than in real life. Consider creating a photo booth to provide your guests an epic spot to pose for stylish selfies and photographs. 

It would also be great to capture the lovely memories of you with your favorite people. So choose an appropriate spot at the party space, and decorate it with the proper decoration to reflect your party theme. 

A day before the party, charge your camera and have some extra battery packs as a backup. You can also hire a professional photographer to turn your party into a beautiful success story and remember it for the years to come. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!