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DIY Super Cute Easter Candy Centerpiece

If you are planning an Easter Sunday dinner – or even if you’re not – you may be thinking about a centerpiece. Instead of paying a small fortune for a store-bought piece, why not consider making one yourself.

This Super Cute Easter Candy Centerpiece will be everyone’s favorite Easter decoration and will make your Sunday dinner so much prettier– so fun and so easy to make.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Instead, turn them into an elegant centerpiece arrangement using our cube vases and bamboo leaf cones. The bamboo leaf cones resemble a nest and look adorable filled with colored candy eggs. Your guests will love your edible centerpieces, and you'll appreciate how easy this DIY Easter candy centerpiece is to create!

Everything you need for an Easter candy centerpiece: 

  • Cube vase
  • Green Easter grass
  • Egg-shaped candy
  • Mini bamboo leaf cones
  • Grosgrain ribbon


How to make Easter Candy Centerpiece - Step by step

Step 1: Fill the bottom of the vase with grass and place three cones inside.
Step 2: Put candy eggs inside each cone. 
Step 3: Cut about 32 inches of ribbon and tie around the vase in a bow. 
Step 4: Place centerpiece on the table at you're next spring soiree! 
DIY Easter Candy Centerpiece | Smarty Had A Party

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For more Easter tablescape ideas check out our Spring Events board on Pinterest! Much Party Love, Smarties! Smarty had a party!

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