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A Zodiac-Themed Bridal Shower

Even if you don't believe in astrology, everyone has that small inkling of curiosity that can get the better of them when they turn to the horoscope section.

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Art-Inspired Birthday Party

I am super excited about this cheerful birthday party theme. Who would have thought a simple random theme like this could create such a masterpiece!

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The Love Table for Two

A day that decided to plunk itself down right in the middle of February, and proclaim itself as the romance-fest of the year: Valentine’s Day.

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12 Easy Eco-Friendly Party Tips

So many companies are trying to be ecologically minded these days when they put on an event.  They want to leave as small of a footprint as possible.

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Bird’s Nest Favors

Bird’s Nest Favors


Mini Bird’s Nests

Jordan Almonds

4-bar Flat Cards in Butter from Paper Source Hole

Punch Blue Ribbon Tulle, cut in large squares

Bird Stamp and

Thank You Stamp

Brown and Green Ink


1. Buy mini bird’s nests from Beau-coup (3 sets of 12 for a total of about $35). 4

2. Filled them with 5 baby blue jordan almonds to look like robin’s eggs (I got the Almonds off The Knot wedding shop, with regular shipping they are a total of about $20 for two bags or about 200 almonds).

3. Wrap them in tulle (I bought mine at a fabric store, 3 yards at $1.99/yard).

4. Using blue ribbon, (mine was from Paper Source in “bluebell” for about $4 for 10 yards) tie the tulle together.

5. Cut your 4-bar cards into 4, then stamp them with the green birds and brown thank you. Taken From: Style Me Pretty Blog

6. Punch a hold in the corner, then tie the ribbon through. Voila!