DIY: Rustic Guestbook Table

Uros Krstic

DIY: Rustic Guestbook Table

We love this original vintage, rustic party theme so we decided to let you in on how to do it yourself.

  1. Spread burlap tablecloths over a circular table.
  2. Pile three thick old books in the center of the table.
  3. To give the books a really old feel, take large brown pieces of paper and stain them with saturated teabags (or try using a lighter or matches to slightly fray and burn the edges). Then fold the paper around your books as book covers.
  4. Buy large alphabet stickers to write words such as "Love," "Faith," and "Hope" along the book spines.
  5. Place a wired bird cage filled with a couple of stuffed birds on top of the book pile.
  6. Scatter miniature birdcages and little glass containers filled with egg shaped candies on the table.
  7. Use short brown pieces of paper to make tiny nests underneath the candies and inside the birdcage.
  8. For an even more embellished table, add a vase full of white flowers to the mix.
  9. For the finishing touches, add a gorgeous recycled paper journal with pressed flowers on the pages, some pens, and a few disposable cameras on the table for your guests to use.
That's all it takes to make one awesome looking guestbook table! What other decorations would you use to incorporate the rustic theme throughout the party?
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