DIY Candy Dispensers

Uros Krstic

Today, we thought of sharing some effortless DIY party favor ideas with you. These ideas cost very little and come together in no time.

Our first idea is a DIY candy dispenser. You can use these as party favors, a sweet gift to your loved one, or even a centerpiece at your kid's birthday party! We have given below the only three items you will need to make this dispenser.

Materials needed:

  • Cups
  • Hole Puncher
  • Lacy doily papers

Now that you have the necessary elements let's get started. First, follow the given instructions to make your own candy dispenser. 

Making a DIY Candy Dispenser

Step One: First, gather the cups. To create the essential dispenser, you need two clear cups and a pink cup (The pink cup will act as the stand. Should you use pink cups only? No, you can use any color cup you want. We chose pink because it goes well with our theme)

Step Two: Start by cutting the Clear cup down, and you can play with what size to cut. We cut our cups down to about two and a half inches.

Step Three: Then, you will need to punch a hole in both the cups. The places should be a little different. The punch we used is about one and a half inches. Should you make a hole of the same size? No, use any punch you have. Make a hole that is enough to take candy out.

Look closely at the above-given picture (holes are outlined with a black sharpie so that you can see them for this tutorial) and see how the cup on the left has a little plastic left on the bottom. This is the cup we'll be using at the bottom. The cup on the right has an open base, this doesn't have to be perfect, and when you play with it, you will see why- but you just have to allow the space for the candy to come out!

So this photo shows you how this DIY candy dispenser kind of functions.

Step Four: Stack the cups on each other - you will be adhering the bottom cup to the base, and then the top cup will spin to 'open' and 'close'

Step Five: The lacy doilies make for a cute skirt. And it holds the candy up from that bottom of the cup, so it will fall right out! Now, a little double-sided tape comes in handy here. Wrap the tape around the top edge of this base so that the bottom cup will be secure. Why not use a hot glue gun? That's not a good idea. Don't use hot glue; it will melt the cup. What else can you use instead of double-sided tape? You can also just use glossy accents and Tombo glue... so whatever you have- to make it work!

Step Six: Fill it with candy and enjoy!

Step Seven: Finally, add a ribbon, pearls, stickers, etc., to decorate your candy dispenser. 

So this is how the dispenser will look when it is closed.

And this is how it looks when it's open.

Did you enjoy making the candy dispenser?

DIY Party Favor Idea for a Children's Party

You will need:

  • Three small cups
  • One glass
  • Glue
  • Tape


First, use suitable glue to stick the cups together. The bottoms of the cups should be glued together. After that, turn the glued cups upside down, so the mouth of the cup is on a flat surface. Then you can color these cups to fit your theme. Take the remaining cup, turn it upside down, and color it too. You can use spray paint to do so. Even acrylic paint works well on plastic cups. Let the cups dry. Take the glass into the two glued cups. Tape them together. Fill the glass with candy. Close the glass with the remaining cup and tape them together too. And now get to decorating. It's better to hide as much tape as possible with your decorations. Or you can use decorative tape when taping. The children can remove the tape holding the glass and the single cup to enjoy their treats! 

DIY Party Favor Idea Two

Here's another very quick and simple party favor idea for you. You will need our plastic carafes with a lid and a ribbon. What you have to do is fill the carafes with small treats your guests will love. It can be candy, pens, pebbles, etc. The little things inside can be color coordinated or vary from one guest to another. After filling the carafes with little treats for your friend, put the lid on. Then you can write a handwritten note for them. And finally, tie the ribbon around the container along with the note! Your guests will surely love this party favor for sure. 

DIY Flower Party Favor Idea 

Everybody loves flowers, so why not give your guests flowers as a party favor? Grab some beautiful wrapping paper and some flowers. Baby's breaths, daisies, and freesia are some cheap and all-year-round available flowers. You can use any flowers you want. Yes, you can use wildflowers too! Wrap a bunch of flowers with the pretty paper and tie them with an even more stunning piece of ribbon. And watch how big the smile everyone gets as soon as they get their hands on these.

DIY S'mores Kit 

Honestly, who can say no to S'mores? No one. So, why not make a S'mores kit? Grab a beautiful container. Lay a napkin inside it. Then place the elements needed to make the yummy goodness. The necessary pieces will be Graham crackers, chocolate, and large marshmallows. These party favors are crowd-pleasers. Both kids and adults will love getting these.

DIY Wooden Letters

If you love getting a little crafty, why not decorate some wooden letters for your guests? Hear us out. You can buy wooden letters from any crafts shop for a super affordable price. Then you can decorate them with paint, buttons, stickers, sequins, glitter, or pompoms. Next, you can give your guests the letter their names start with. Finally, your guests can use this party favor to decorate their rooms.

Which idea did you enjoy testing out? Let us know of the party favor your guests loved getting on our page. With love, Smarty had a party! 


Party on Smarties! With Love, Smarty Had A Party!

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