DIY Candy Dispensers

DIY Candy Dispensers

You can use these as party favors, a sweet gift to your loved one or even a centerpiece!


  • Cups
  • Hole Puncher
  • Lacy Doilie


To create the basic dispenser.. you need 2 clear cups, and a pink cup (for the stand. Start by cutting the Clear cup down, and you can kinda play with what size to cut to... the finished size is about 2.5"

You will need to punch a hole out of both the cups just in a little bit different place... This punch is like a 1 1/2" - use what you have.

Look closely above (holes are outlined w/ black sharpie, so you could see them for this tutorial) see how the cup on the left has a little plastic on the bottom, this is the bottom cup- the one on the right has an open bottom... this doesn't have to be perfect, and when you play with it, you will see why- but you just have to allow for the candy to come out!

so this photo shows you how this thing kinda functions... stack the cups on each other- you will be adhereing the bottom cup to the base, and then the top cup will spin to 'open' and 'close'

The lacy doilie makes a cute skirt...and it holds the candy up from that bottom of the cup- so it will fall right out! Now a little double sided tape is handy here- wrap the tape around the top edge of this base- so the bottom cup will be secure.. (don't use hot glue, it will melt the cup) Or you can also just use glossy accents, and tombo glue... so whatever you have- make it work!

Fill it with candy!

so you can see here, how the dispenser looks closed... and...

how it looks when it's open...

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