Goodbye Summer Party Idea

Drunken Melon Balls Recipe

Saying goodbye to summer is always so hard. But today’s winning party idea is just perfect… Drunken Melon Balls!

Everybody loves fruit cocktail. Especially when it's fruit and a cocktail! So the best way to get your goodbye summer party rolling is with drunken melon balls. Plus, right now is prime time for this boozy fruit bowl because melons are in season and at their sweetest. Once you ball the melons, just soak them in your liquor/juice mixture and serve them refrigerated or partially frozen.

Ingedients to make Drunken Melon Balls | Smarty Had A Party

What you need:

  • cantaloupe
  • watermelon (seedless)
  • honeydew melon
  • tequila
  • pineapple juice
  • vodka
  • peach schnapps
  • melon baller
  • bowl


  1. Ball melons and place in a bowl.
  2. Pour liquor and juice over balled melons and let soak in the refrigerator (or freezer).
  3. Serve with picks, champagne glasses, and cocktail napkins!

Serve drunken melon balls in a champagne glass with a palm tree swizzle stick! | Smarty Had A Party

Boozy fruit is just one of many creative and refreshing ways to combine cocktails with food during the summer! What other fun ideas have you tried?

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