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Milena Kukurekovic

The days are becoming shorter, isn't it? Do you hear the unmistakable sounds of crickets in the night and the call of the geese flying above? All these are signs that fall is steadily approaching. While that brings promises of a good time, it's hard to part with the warm summer, is it? Well, all goodbyes don't have to be sad. Here are some fun party ideas to bid farewell to the summer with a smile.


No Party is complete without an invitation. You can use bright colors that are famous in the season for your invitations. Bright yellow, orange, green, pink, and purple are some colors you can use on your invitation. You can also make invitation cards in shapes that are special in summer. For example, you can write your invitations on watermelons, ice creams, lemonades, or even pineapple-shaped paper or draw them on the paper you used for the invitation. 

Tables and Chairs

In our humble opinion, wooden tables or benches can make a tremendous difference for your summer party. That being said, it'll be for the best if the chairs or benches used for the party are wooden too! 

Tablecloths and Napkins

Table clothes in blue, orange, yellow, pink, or floral prints are popular for summer parties. Statement tablecloths are a good choice too. Even the napkins can be of the same color as your table cloth, or it can be a complimenting color. 

Centerpiece Ideas

Fruity Vase

To make a fruity vase, you will need 

  • Pineapple
  • Flowers (we recommend using flowers like sunflowers, lilies, roses, musk roses, daisies, etc.)

Step One: Take the pineapple and cut the top off. (You should be able to hollow the pineapple) You can use watermelon instead of pineapple too.

Step Two: Next, with the help of a spoon, hollows the pineapple out. Don't throw away the flesh. Instead, save it to make delicious pineapple juice for later.

Step Three: Place the flowers inside the pineapple, and you are done. You can fill the shell with water or opt-out.

Beach-Inspired Centerpiece 

Summer and the coast are a combination nothing can beat. For our second centerpiece idea inspired by the beach, you are going to use

  • A clear bowl or vase with a wide mouth (It would be best if they were a little tall)
  • Decorative sand or crafts sand (You can use natural sand, but it won't guarantee you cleanliness)
  • Seashells 
  • Candles (We used blue candles)

Step One: First, takes the container of your choice and fill the bottom of it with sand. We used white sand as our filler. 

Step Two: Then place the candle on the sand. You can also choose to bury a little of the bottom of your candle.

Step Three: Finally, place the seashells on the sand in any way you like. 

Lemon Vase

To make a beautiful lemon vase, you need to find

  • A carafe
  • A glass (which must be shorter than the carafe. You will need to place the glass inside the vase)
  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Lemons. 

Step One: Take the glass and place it inside the carafe. Try to put it in the center. 

Step Two: Then, take the lemons and slice them up. 

Step Three: Place the slices inside the vase and around the glass. Once you place the lemons, the glass should not be visible.

Step Four: Next, fill the glass ¾ with water. 

Step Five: Place the flowers inside the glass, and voilà!

Crockery and Cutlery

You have to choose your plates, cups, forks, etc., depending on the look you are looking for. For example, if you are a fan of classy table settings, you can opt for a white tableware set. You can also mix and match colors. Patterned dinnerware is a popular choice too.

Food and Drinks

Below are some yummy recipes and ideas you can try out at your next summer party.


This delicious goodness will always be a favorite among people. This is how we make our burgers. First, heat some oil in a pan on medium heat. Add minced meat and cook it. Then add in the onions, tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms, too, if you prefer. Season the mix with your favorite spices, cook for a few minutes and take off from the heat. Next, make some meat patties and cook them after topping off with cheese. Grill the burger buns. Finally, assemble the burger. There are many other burger recipes you can try.

Drunken Melon Balls Recipe

Saying goodbye to summer is always so hard. But today’s winning party idea is just perfect… Drunken Melon Balls!

Everybody loves fruit cocktails. Especially when it's fruit and a cocktail! So, the best way to get your goodbye summer party rolling is with drunken melon balls. Plus, right now is prime time for this boozy fruit bowl because melons are in season and are at their sweetest. Once you ball the melons, you have just to soak them in your liquor/juice mixture and serve them refrigerated or partially frozen. Sounds delicious, right? Want to make them? We have given the necessary ingredients below.

Ingedients to make Drunken Melon Balls | Smarty Had A Party

What you need:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon (seedless)
  • Honeydew melon
  • Tequila
  • Pineapple juice
  • Vodka
  • Peach schnapps
  • Melon baller
  • bowl.

Are you ready with the ingredients? Then let's get started. 

Directions to follow:

  • Step one: Ball the melons and place them in a bowl.
  • Step two: Pour all the liquor and juice over balled melons. Place the bowl in the refrigerator (or the freezer) to let the melon balls soak in the liquids.
  • Step three: Serve with pickschampagne glasses, and cocktail napkins!

Boozy fruit is just one of many creative and refreshing ways to combine cocktails with food during the summer!

Serve drunken melon balls in a champagne glass with a palm tree swizzle stick! | Smarty Had A Party


As for drinks, lemonade is a must. As for other non-alcoholic options, you can choose from iced tea, mocktails, and mojitos featuring summer fruits. For alcoholic drinks, some of the drinks we love serving are pineapple and coconut margaritas, blue Hawaiian punch, tropical rum punch, and Blueberry Thyme Gin Fizz.

What other fun ideas have you tried?

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